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How To Be An Actor When “They” Don’t Support You

how to be an actorKnowing how to be an actor — an actor who is happy, an actor who works and has a life — can be challenging enough.

But when you have people in your life who don't support your choice, it can be even more challenging….IF, you don't have some strategies in place to help you.

The first thing you must do

3 Acting Lessons I Learned From Robin Williams

Acting lessons come from many places.  And I keep asking myself how can we make sense of the seemingly senseless loss of a great talent like Robin Williams. My way of dealing with tragedy has always been to first acknowledge its innate sadness, then let it go and THEN to find a way to FEEL GOOD when I think about it.

And then I thought of you.  So here are 3 acting lessons you can run with from the great performances of of Robin Williams.


How To Be An Actor Without Getting Scammed

How to be an actor without getting scammed…It's something every new actor should know.  There are many unscrupulous “Hollywood” scammers out there.

how to be an actor

It's tough enough trying to figure out how to be an actor, you certainly don't want to get burned in the process.

Here are some important tips to allow you to identify and avoid “Hollywood” scams.  Read more >>

6 Reasons Becoming An Actor Was the Worst Decision of Your Life

When it comes to becoming an actor, you are quite literally inundated with an unlimited supply of obstacles from others on what can and will go wrong.

Whether it’s the odds being stacked against you, Read more >>

3 Steps To Use Other People’s Emmy Nominations For Your Acting Career

The Emmy Nominations came out.  For some of you reading this now, your own Emmy nomination seems so far away.  Others of you can taste your Emmy nomination it like it's happening right now.

Regardless of which group you fall into, today I want you to learn this one important thing: Read more >>

Casting Director Mind Hacks – Choosing Great Audition Material

Casting Director Mind Hacks…What are they?

casting director mind hack

First let’s talk about “hacking”. What is it ? Well, the modern version, according to our good friend “Google”, defines hacking as:

“use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.”

So, then, what is a Casting Director Mind Hack? Read more >>

Tips On Acting | Why Most Actors Fail

When it comes to tips on acting, the biggest void that exists is actor training on belief. Yes, belief.

As an actor, you need to train yourself in how to maintain your belief in order to succeed as an actor, so you can land squarely on that red carpet where you belong.

Of all the tips on acting I share when it comes to helping you be better and book more, my absolute favorite thing to discuss is in the area of belief, largely because there is such a void.

What I’ve found is

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