Actor Branding vs. Typecasting – Here’s What Wins [Pt. 2 of 3]

branding for actors vs typcasting

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on why ACTOR BRANDING is such an important part of your acting career:

Part 1 – Actor Branding — If You Don't Brand Yourself Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later
Part 2 – [You Are Here] Actor Branding vs. Typecasting – Here’s What Wins
Part 3 – The Truth About Actor Branding & Booking More Acting Jobs

What if it sticks?

“OMG…What if I brand myself and I get STUCK with that role…FOREVER?”

That’s the fear most actors have who don’t understand what actor branding is (and the power you’ll have over your acting career when you deploy actor branding correctly).

Guess what those fearful, unbranded actors have confused branding with?

Yup. You guessed it…typecasting.

Yes, I know — on the surface, and if you don't really know how to use actor branding seamlessly to give your acting career the shot of adrenaline it is dying for, they seem similar…

But are they the same?

Is actor branding just a fancy way of saying “typecasting”?

And more importantly…

Will you boxed in, playing the same role over and over again for your whole acting career if you decide to “brand yourself”?


Okay…take a breath. Relax.  It's all good.

Those are great questions.  You're going to get the answer in a sec…

And, whether you’re ambivalent about actor branding or struggling to figure it out, you’re going to be very glad you decided to watch this video…


In this video you'll get the answer to the question:

“Is branding the same as typecasting? Will I get typecast if I'm a “branded” actor?

Find out the difference between typecasting and branding and what you should be doing in your acting career right now



Now that you've watched video No. 1 and you know what branding is, and you've watched video No. 2 and you understand the whole typecasting thing, is this all beginning to crystallize for you just a bit?

And now that you've started to get it, you're starting to try and figure out what your “sweet spot” is (if you watched the video above, you know what I'm talking about).

That “sweet spot” is KEY.

And as you continue to allow me to guide you down this branding path, so you have the rest of the pieces of this actor branding puzzle and know how to put them together seamlessly, that's when the fun begins in your acting career.

That's when finding your actor brand becomes FUN (and productive, as you'll see in video No. 3)!

So, make sure you check out video No. 3.

Spoiler Alert: The next video will answer the question: “Will finding my actor brand help me book more jobs as an actor?”

If you want to find out, watch the next video now!  See you over there!

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Your turn! Have you dipped a toe into branding yourself as an actor? Where did you get stuck?  Please share your experience in the comments below :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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28 Responses

  1. eric s williams says:


  2. claire says:

    Hi Amy, i very much loved the video. Could you please give an aexample of sweet spots?

  3. Looking forward to video #3!

  4. Jerry Dykeman says:

    Thank You So much Amy.

  5. Michael Andolini says:

    Taking full-advantage of the SweetSpot of my brand?

  6. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    NOW gotta find that “sweet spot” in my wheel house.

  7. Tressielynn Kincannon says:

    This explains so much! I don’t know if I was accidentally branding myself in theatre (badly or not), but it was hard for me to get parts outside of certain theatres! The theatres who knew me gave me parts in that “sweet spot” then quickly expanded!

    Now, that I’ve taken a huge break from acting (life, negative thoughts, the usual) and I’ve come back to it, I can’t WAIT to find my brand and really drive it home to start getting those parts.

    As you said, Amy, being broad is good, but dial in. That’s where my issue was. Typecasting has been a nightmare and fear of mine in acting. I have a HUGE range of what I can do (From age range to accents, to even being a “creature” under tons of make-up!) and I was always worried I wouldn’t get to explore that! Now I know I can!

    Thank you so much, Amy! <3

  8. julia says:

    This is so helpful thank you Amy! :D

  9. What is interesting is when one does typecast themselves and gets known more.. they can them command to be given the chance to expand and also great to develop a fan base too when you break in to what your typecast is. Candice Bergen is a perfect example. Great video/understanding and definitely worth sharing even later down the road. Timeless video that explains very clearly and helpful!

  10. Jiji Hise says:

    My issue is ways trying to figure out the best way to brand myself as a sexy, cury woman, without going to over the top. I have always been warned not to show too much cleavage in my headshots or that your headshots should be more of your face and less of your body, but I do want to make it known to casting directors that I have large breasts. I know full well that there are times when my figure has had a lot to do with whether or not I get certain parts. So I want to be clear to them before I even go in for that first reading.

  11. Excellent breakdown. I understand branding but the way you explained the difference between rage of abilities to type casting was phenomenal. What you bring to the acting community is such a unique opportunity. To learn what casting is thinking and understanding how you process talent is invaluable. Thank you!

  12. kelly joyce says:

    Amy Jo Berman you are the Goddess of Clarity!

  13. Jasper Thomas says:

    The video has helped me. Thank you. I am ready for video 3.

  14. kl417g says:

    Great info!! Thank you, Amy.

  15. Olga Wilhelmine Munding says:

    How do you figure out what your ” brand ” is?

  16. Abby Swaim says:

    That clears up so much for me! Very excited experiment with my sweet spot and really understand my brand. Looking forward to video #3!

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