Are You An Actor Who Hates Networking?

Here’s How You Can Easily Create Powerful Connections To Help Boost Your Acting Career (Without “Promoting” Yourself Or Feeling Like A Used Car Salesman)

Have you ever heard that in show business “People Hire Who They Know”?  It's true.

FACT: Actors get hired by Directors, Producers & Casting Directors who KNOW them.

So the question you should be asking yourself is “How can I BE one of the actors who they KNOW?”

If the answer you came up with is “I have to network more”, think again.  Afterall, wasn't your next thought:

“Ugh…but I HATE networking!”

It's okay. In fact, if you feel that way, it makes perfect sense.  “Networking” the way you think you're supposed to network is just…well…


In fact, you've got to STOP doing it.  Stop “networking” (the icky kind) right now!

But, that little voice in the back of your mind tells you that you must network in order to get ahead as an actor.

Quite a conundrum…but an easily solvable one (as you will see in a sec)…

You have 3 choices:

1 – Ignore the little voice that you know is right because you hate networking and you’d rather be doing ANYTHING else on earth.

2 – Painfully slug through it, trying to “network” yourself, even though you have no idea how to do it effectively so you end up taking a lot of action, but getting very little to show for it in the way of auditions, opportunities and acting jobs.

3 – Discover how you can easily create powerful connections with real people in this business who can help you to move the needle and create real results in your acting career …and learn how to have fun doing it, without ever feeling slimy, pushy or self-promotey.

Doesn't #3 sound the most appealing?
Doesn't #3 sound like it creates the best results?
Doesn't #3 sound like the way it should be for you in your acting career?

Then you're in luck…keep reading…

Networking Is Only Painful If You’re Doing It Wrong

If you are trying to network by putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and trying to get the attention of Casting Directors, Directors, Producers & Agents without knowing the right way to make a real connection with them, it can be very uncomfortable.

In fact, if you've ever had a conversation with someone you want to impress, and it didn't go your way, or you froze, or you kicked yourself the whole way home after you thought of 100 awesome things you could have said instead of what you did say, you know exactly what I mean.

That's because you're focusing on “networking” instead of focusing on connecting.

Stop Networking and Start CONNECTING!

Connecting is what creates opportunities.

Connecting is how you create a network.


Connecting is how you make relationships.

You Can Easily Make Powerful Connections With Real, Powerful People In The Business When You Know The Answer To These 4 Questions:


So where will you find the answers easily and effortlessly?


Unstoppable Connector: Networking For Actors Who Hate Networking

Here is what you'll discover in the Unstoppable Connector training:

  • – How to know exactly WHO you should be connecting with so you can laser-target your efforts…
  • 28 places you can meet industry people so you can create NEW in-person real relationships with powerful people who can help your acting career…
  • – Why self-promotion is killing your efforts to promote yourself (weird, right?!) …and what to do instead…
  • 2 ninja techniques to ethically influence people you meet so they feel a warm connection to you in 10 seconds or less…
  • 17 one-line “scripts” you can insert into any conversation so you’re never at a loss for the right words with an important new connection again…
  • – The follow-up question twist that can easily get them to tell you the best way to follow up with them, without them even realizing it…
  • – The stealth conversation closer to end a conversation gracefully and leave them feeling grateful that they met YOU!

And so much more!

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend you attempt to “network” with one more Casting Director, Director, Producer or Agent without knowing the answers to those 4 questions I mentioned earlier… especially if you’ve already tried and felt uncomfortable and weird and beat yourself up over it after, wishing it would have gone differently.

I mean it…

Don’t Have One More Uncomfortable “Networking” Conversation Until You Watch This Training

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