From Surviving to Thriving [Part 2]: Jobs For Actors – 10 Ways to Support Yourself As An Actor

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This is Part Two of a two-part series on jobs for actors aka how to go from surviving to thriving in your acting career.

Part 1: 7 Truths About Supporting Yourself As An Actor
Part 2: [You Are Here]  10 Ways to Support Yourself As An Actor

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Two words every actor should take seriously…


Arnold. Schwarzenegger.

Here’s why…

From Surviving to Thriving [Part 1]: 7 Truths About Supporting Yourself As An Actor

supporting yourself as an actor

This is Part One of a two-part series on supporting yourself as an actor or how to go from surviving to thriving in your acting career.

Part 1: [You Are Here] –  7 Truths About Supporting Yourself As An Actor
Part 2: 10 Ways to Support Yourself As An Actor

actor branding
There’s a big ol’ LIE you’ve been told about acting…

And you might have even bought into it!

Here it is:

“To be a successful actor, you have to devote yourself to it 100%.”

You’re told that if you’re serious about it, you must make the pursuit of acting your full-time career.

But how are you supposed to survive this way? Read more >>

3 Steps to Transform Your Acting Career with A Simple Mindset Tweak

transform acting career mindset

Do you feel like you have the “acting career from hell”?

Where you feel like you’re doing so much, yet getting so little in return…

And all you want to do is ACT, but you can’t seem to make it happen.

And you just feel stuck and deflated…

The wind is definitely NOT beneath your wings right now.

Can you relate?


The question is: are you ready to do something about it?


Social Media For Actors: 3 Tips to Boost Your Acting Career (Without Self-Promotion)

social media for actors stop self promoting

We all know “that actor” on social media.

You know, the one who is always posting the links to their shows, their headshots, their demo reel, their self-promotional EVERYTHING!

You’ve probably been tempted to hit that “unfollow” button – if you haven’t already – or maybe even the “unfriend” button (GASP!).

The truth is, you’re sick and tired of your “friendship” being used as a promotional stage for someone else’s acting career.

Can you relate?

Don’t get me wrong…

Social media can be an incredibly valuable platform for your acting career, IF you use it the right way. Read more >>

How to Light Up The Audition Room With Just One Line (And Get Asked Back For Bigger Roles)

Forget everything you’ve learned in acting class.


Yup, don’t erase it; just push it to the back of your mind for a minute.

Because when we’re talking about small role auditions, you need to forget what you’ve been trained to do when it comes to creating a character, a backstory…

Forget all of it.

Because for small role auditions, 99% of the time, none of it applies. Read more >>

How To Be An Actor Without Limits (aka How To Awaken Your Inner Lady Gaga In Your Acting Career)

How To Be An Actor Without Limits

It’s time to awaken your “inner Gaga”.

Yup.  You have one.

If you’re an actor, you have an “inner Lady Gaga” dying to bust you out of “struggling actor prison” and guide you to the red carpet…

And, by the end of this blog, you’ll know exactly how to access that dormant creative power and truly be limitless in your acting career. Read more >>

Cracking The Casting Director Code: 28 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Part (And What To Do About It)

casting director

“Nailed it!”

You know that thought you have right after you totally rocked your audition?

When you are just radiating excitement  (maybe the Casting Director even  gave you feedback about what a fantastic job you did). You walk out of the room with an unwavering confidence, leaving an aura of creative genius trailing after you.

You think…”Yeah, I got this!”

And then…


…You find out you didn’t get the part.

Your mind starts racing, wondering where things went wrong, and what you could have done differently. You feel the tortured claws of rejection grasping at your throat, and you can’t help but wonder:

What did I do wrong?

Don’t worry, you’re gonna find that out in just a sec… Read more >>

Best of the Amy Jo Berman Blog, Livestreams & YouTube Videos 2016


What a crazy year 2016 was!  Wowza

So…2017…Will it be the best year ever in your acting career?

Well, that’s my hope for you EVERY year.

In fact, that’s what drives me — what INSPIRES ME to keep creating more training, blogs, videos, livestreams, webinars and classes to help you.

As I look back on this crazy year we call 2016, I’m grateful to say that a lot of wonderful things happened for so many actors I’ve worked with. Read more >>

What I Know For Sure About Actors

In the back of every The Oprah Magazine, Oprah Winfrey writes a little article called “What I Know For Sure”. I love these pieces because they are from her heart and they speak her truth.

So, since this is a special time of year, I wanted to take a moment to share with you what I know for sure about actors…about YOU and hope it inspires you… or at least brings a little smile to your face.


Having worked with thousands of actors like you over the years – from brand-spanking new to working actors to household names and beyond – there are some things I’ve become keenly aware of about YOU…even some things that you don’t notice about yourself, so I thought I’d share them here. Read more >>

Breaking Out of Co-Star Jail: 3 Tips to Level Jump from Co-Star to Guest Star In Your Acting Career


Uh-oh… You’re stuck in “Co-Star Jail!”…

You know, that feeling when you see another two-line audition come your way and you think…

  • “I’m better than this!”
  • “I didn’t train for so many years to do two lines!”
  • “Ugh…I just can’t look another small role in the face and feel good about it!”

Can you relate?

It happens to every actor at some point….

At all levels of the business…

Not just Co-Star.