Awesome Talk…What Is It?

I'm excited to announce a brand new feature that I've created FOR you and FROM you.  It's called “Awesome Talk”.

Awesome Talk was created from YOUR feedback.

I heard from a lot of you who were so excited by the results you've been getting from my classes that you wanted more.   You asked me for a way to keep the AWESOMENESS flowing in between the classes.

Websites For Actors: 3 Burning Questions Answered

website for actors

When it comes to websites for actors, we are really in the wild, wild west.

Afterall, it’s relatively new territory when it comes to ways to market yourself as an actor. So, there’s A LOT of “slap-it-up-on-the –interwebs-and-call-it-a-day websites for actors up there. You know – the ones that are there, so you can say you have one, but which don’t really help your acting career in any significant way.

It’s because of this that I will be answering the 3 most popular questions that you may have on websites for actors. Read more >>

Facebook For Actors: Fanpage vs. Profile SMACKDOWN!

When it comes to Facebook for actors, the No. 1 question I get is ALWAYS:

Should I have a Fanpage?

In order to answer that in a way that’s useful and gives you actions to take that will get you to The Red Carpet, we must first understand what you’re doing on Facebook – what your GOAL is for being on Facebook.

Facebook For Actors

Usually actors who are on Facebook are on it for one of two main purposes: Read more >>

Twitter For Actors Who Would Rather Act Than Tweet

twitter for actors

Twitter for actors can be baffling.  Twitter for actors can be fun.

But the most important thing that you might be overlooking is that twitter for actors can be CAREER-CHANGING…if you do it right.

In my last social media for actors tip, you learned how to avoid being one of “those” actors on Facebook (the ones that make you roll your eyes and want to un-friend them because of over-posting.  Read more >>

Social Media For Actors: How To Get Casting Directors To Like You On Facebook

social media for actors facebook for actors

In the beginning, social media for actors was not really necessary.  After all, you had snail mail and you could get in touch with Casting Directors by dropping postcards or doing mailings and such.

But these days social media for actors is a MUST.

Well, at least if you want to create more opportunities to audition and book acting jobs.  Read more >>

Killer Acting Tips & Beyond: 4 Reasons To Visit This Blog Often

acting tipsKiller Acting Tips…

…Yes, you will get them here. In fact, you will be getting a whole lot more than killer acting tips and audition tips when you visit this blog often.

But, before I get into all that, WELCOME.

Afterall, this is my very first blog post on my new website.  The least you deserve is a big fat WELCOME :-D

So, whether you are an actor here just for acting tips, audition tips etc or you are one of my other colleagues — Casting Director, Producer, Director, Writer, Studio Exec, you are welcome here. Read more >>

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