Social Media For Actors: How To Get Casting Directors To Like You On Facebook

social media for actors facebook for actors

In the beginning, social media for actors was not really necessary.  After all, you had snail mail and you could get in touch with Casting Directors by dropping postcards or doing mailings and such.

But these days social media for actors is a MUST.

Well, at least if you want to create more opportunities to audition and book acting jobs. 

And every passionate actor (like you) wants every opportunity they can get their hands on to work as an actor, right?

There are many ways to create rabid fans and loyal friendships with some of Hollywood’s most influential peeps (Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, Writers, Agents, Manager…etc.) by using social media.

I'll show you one way in the VIDEO below.

It’s just that because they don’t teach you this entirely different skill in school or in acting class, you might not know the “right” way to use it – at least not to create powerful friends in the industry anyway.

To get more auditions and opportunities, social media for actors is the new BLACK.

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Today, let’s focus on Facebook.

Facebook for actors is a fantastic playground filled with so many juicy opportunities that most actors miss. 

And the No. 1 reason you’re missing them is simple.

If you don’t know this one thing, it doesn’t matter how good your demo reel is, how talented you are or what you’re capable of giving on set when you book that big Steven Spielberg movie.  You won’t get the opportunity if you’re making this blunder.

In this video I explain the biggest mistake that most actors make on Facebook while trying to create fans, get auditions and get noticed.

Watch The Video Below



The trick to mastering social media for actors is not in mastering technical mumbo jumbo.  It’s in connecting.

That’s where most actors go wrong.  It’s not about getting your links out there as much as possible (aka throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks), it’s about being SOCIAL.

Afterall, it is SOCIAL media for actors we’re talking about…Not  PROMOTIONAL media for actors, right?

Remember, Casting Directors, Producers, Directors…they are all PEOPLE…social, regular, normal (well, sometimes ;-) people.  If you act like a regular, social human being, and not an overly promotional actor-being, you can begin the process of making powerful relationships with people that have the power to hire you as an actor.

It's so simple, but absolutely foundational and so very important, if you want to get results on social media for your acting career.

Once you learn how to master the art of using Facebook and other social media networks to actually be social and connect with powerful people, that’s when the opportunities start rolling in.

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

twitter for actors

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71 Responses

  1. Tiana says:

    I always wanted to become an actor and I am doing so much practice for that. Your tips are priceless for me, that motivated and taught me a lot. I will follow them.

  2. Shelise says:

    Hi! Maybe I missed it, but do you have a list of casting directors on Instagram?

  3. James Mallon says:

    thanks Amy, I’ll try not to use as much salt. (heck at my age I don’t even buy green bananas any more) ha ha. Anyway I always enjoy reading your tips, Jim.

  4. Hilary Afshary says:

    Thank you!

  5. Joey DeSimone says:

    less is more…..this is a golden principle that i have seen in other area;s of life ..connecting is key…..amyjo your the bomb babe”hope you have a great day…inspiring actor/writer joey Boston ma

  6. Kosha Engler says:

    Great tip, and agreed. I know it varies on different social media sites – but on Facebook for example, what sorts of things SHOULD one post in between the sparing self promotion? I find it hard to gauge that.

  7. Jennifer East says:

    Hi Amy – Great advice! The perfect tip to keep in mind when posting. Thank you! Have you heard of ACT Magazine? Your message is exactly what we look for to include in our line up of amazing contributors. Please contact me at actdancemodelsingmagazine@gmail.com. I would love to send you an issue for your review and discuss possibly showcasing your work. My name is Jennifer, I hope to hear from you! Thanks again.

  8. Ron Smoorenburg says:

    Good one !

  9. Christine L. says:

    Great information, thank you! I am wondering how this applies to child actors, when parents are doing most of the work. My daughter is only just turning 13 in August. Do I create accounts in her name and manage it that way or do it from my own accounts?

  10. Holly Anderson Storey says:

    This makes absolute sense! I do agree

  11. Amanda Nicole Thomas says:

    So happy to just have watched this. I don’t think I was doing that but now I definitely know the ins and out of creating a healthy fan page. Thank you Amy. And thank you for the spunk in your video it made it great to watch. It’s always good when you have someone only looking to help your career and help out rather then just sit back and watch!!

  12. LV says:

    Great tip! It’s like watching your favorite show on demand: you get the great content you love, with less commercials. We have to always keep that in mind – less is more. Thanks for this!

  13. There is this 80/20 rule that I heard when it comes to posting. Also I choose to post positive things. Think about what it is you’re posting too.

  14. I am Silvia Manning says:

    LOVE it!! You are so practical and real! I cringe at the idea that I have been guilty of this at times, though thankfully not as a matter of course. Now I will be so much more aware. Everytime I connect with you I feel that I am better for the experience! Thanks Amy!!

  15. Lori Titus says:

    In corporate business, the number thrown around is 20% advertising, 80% social. When people have that personal connection, they are much more likely to become customers. And the acting profession is soooo much more social than the corporate world, I can see this advice being even more important!

  16. mandy june turpin says:

    Its funny, you read so much about social media and how important it is to our careers. Then you realize its a very fine line between doing it right and doing it very very wrong. Thank you for, yet again, excellent advice. We always hope our resumes will get us the jobs, but as we know, it’s the total package! We just have to keep saying “I’m enough”….. xo

  17. Paul Vincent Blue says:

    Thanks Amy always wondered what was too much … so I erred on the side of not posting at all … from what I understand Moderation is the key

  18. Arjun Kolishetty says:

    Thank u very much ma’am

    very useful info

    have a nice time ma’am

  19. Jermaine Rivers says:

    Great tip Amy!! I think in general you have to be careful and learn how to find a balance when marketing yourself or creating a presence online via social media. Very few actors especially those trying to break into the industry know how to maintain that balance.

    I commend you on bringing this topic to light, it’s very seldom that you get this kind of insight from a casting director. Let’s face it, this is a business where people’s immediate impulse is to be heard and seen but the caveat to this is doing it in apropriate doses… “Less is Best.”

    There are allot of taboo’s like posting specific details about recent auditions for high profile films or TV shows… even taking selfies on set where forbidden, then blasting it out on every social media platform known to man.

    It becomes even more precarious when you attempt to friend casting directors and invite them into your virtual world and they get to see you doing this type of reckless behavior. You probably won’t get many audition invitations this way.

  20. Karita says:

    Needed to hear this . I am totally the person who needed to read this

  21. Elias Jo'el says:

    Thank you Amy Jo, as always I enjoy all of your tips and this one was extremely helpful. I will start using my Facebook like a normal teen and show the more social side to my life and avoid over kill…;)

  22. Tyler Bowe says:

    Great advice :-).

  23. Dorothy L. says:

    LOVE this.

    Social media is so intimidating – it’s so hard to find properly knowledgable advice on getting it right. Thanks AmyJo!

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      I really hope you attend my free training next week Dorothy. It will take some of the intimidation out of it all.

      • Betty Lopez says:

        Hi Amy JoBerman,

        My name is Betty Lopez, I’m new learning on what to do and Not to do on a audition and the acting industry.
        I read you are having a training next
        week? Where are you going to held this training? Is ironic bc I bumped into one of your videos today in the morning and now again in a friend’s wall. It would be very helpful to learn more. Thank You!

      • Dorothy L. says:

        Absolutely I’ll be there. Thanks a million!

  24. Berti Moso says:

    I love this topic Amy!! You are rock!

  25. viet says:

    I absolutely agree. Well said!!!

  26. Courtney S. Bunbury says:

    So true, actors who over -advertise are basically needy. Instead of the actor who has a full life, isn’t needy but rather adds to his/her environment and atmosphere wherever they are.

  27. Peter Speach says:

    Amazing tips and in-depth information for the actor AmyJo. WOW! Thank you for all you do! New actors and seasoned actors need what you have.
    Social media marketing is the next bridge to branding oneself! Thanks again.

  28. Tempast Wulf says:

    I agree. I used to enjoy going into acting groups so we could inspire each other or wish each other well. Now it is all about liking the IMDB page.

  29. Malena Castellano says:

    Thank you Amy!, very true… as a beginning actress I always wondered about the impact of this information in the social media … very good point, Gracias!

  30. Lisa Ristau says:

    Hi Amy, Although I am on facebook, I don’t use it to promote my daughter, though I do follow some of the industry on it. I feel facebook is my connection to family and friends and most of them don’t get the acting/modeling thing – and many may think I “boast” about it (which I clearly do NOT)

    But I did set up a twitter account with me as the name promoting my daughter. I’ve had all sorts of people friend me and many actors especially want a link to me as I do to them. It’s the OTHERS who worry me. People with names with 25 letters and never sent a tweet, or those who post sentences with links to who knows what at least 200 times a day! I also don’t care about your quote of the day which can be every hour or more of the day!

    I try to be sensible and keep some people who I feel are interesting or beneficial on twitter – as i do want my audience to grow, just not in the direction it was not planned! This is not social for me, this is NETWORKING!

    So on to today, this morning a Talent Mgr connected to me on Twitter – immediately I connected to him and sent a personal message asking about where he represents – as my mgr just doesn’t do much of anything. He pretty much spent a good portion of the morning analyzing my situation and giving advice – and even showing me some things I never know any manager would do – because I guess my manager just isn’t into it or me for some reason!!!! I”ll sum it up by saying I am extremely grateful to this connection, and how he found me who knows! But it does pay to open up some, watch the tweets for a few days before deciding who to keep or ditch, and you just never know when that one person will make a difference in your life!

  31. Reaghan Reilly says:

    Thank you! I love your tips. You’re training me to be a better at the business side of acting! :D xx

  32. Mary Suzanne Ordonio says:

    Thank you Amy for this tip! I am glad that I don’t post stuffs every day! I know that it is annoying sometimes.

  33. Tenaya Cleveland says:

    Thanks, Amy. I do have a question about this – are you talking about personal pages or Fan pages or both? I very seldom self-promote on my personal page, but I primarily self-promote on my Fan page because I assume that’s what it’s for & what people want! I purposely keep these pages separate (and my main profile private) so that friends get friend stuff & fans get mostly career-related stuff… Would love to know your thoughts.

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      It really depends Tenaya. Working a fan page is a very advanced strategy and if you just post self-promotional stuff, you might be doing yourself a disservice. The way you can tell if what you’re doing is working is by looking at the engagement you get on your page posts. If you are getting minimal likes, shares and comments, then you are self-promoting too much. Hope that helps.

  34. Alan Pietruszewski says:

    Amy, I subscribed to a few CD’s business FB pages and could not believe how 90% of the action there is actors posting their links on the CD’s BUSINESS PAGE wall, and 10% great posts from the CD. It’s kind of out of control.

  35. lizellie says:

    Hi Amy: Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you once again for the time and energy you take to inform us Actors. You are sooooo cute and I love, love, loooove, watching and listening to you. Keep up the good work and thanks once again. :-)
    P.S. I believe social media is a great tool that can be utilized to book jobs, however, for me, I prefer to stay away from that arena as it can also be super destructive. There are too many haters out there that work at sabotaging you. So for those of you who are using FB, Twtr, etc. be forewarned and careful of what you post. Sending you hugs and kisses.

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      Yes, it can be funky out there if you don’t know how to work it LIzellie. Every strategy takes skill. And there’s definitely a skill to be learned when it comes to using social media the right way.

  36. Jackie Penn says:

    Hi Amy. Thank you for giving us this post. Recently, I met a lady who packed up her car and came to Los Angeles to “become an actress”. This morning she mentioned printing her head shot, taken with a camers phone, on copy paper. I almost yelled at her in my opposition to this idea. This post gives me something else I can share with her in an effort to save her from some of the horrible mistakes I made when I started… and had no one to help me.

  37. Sidney Kean says:

    I used to be one of the latter then got involved an became one of the former now after this wonderful tip going to hang back and become what I was. Thank you Amy.

  38. Mark Garrison says:

    Hi Amy, great tip! Question, should I post my headshot on FB? Thanks
    Mark Garrison

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      Usually I recommend using your headshot (as long as it is EXCELLENT and is the right BRANDING) as your FB profile shot.

  39. Alan Cassman says:

    its called overkill…if I see anymore imdb-like me! visit me! ill visit u if u visit me….reminds me of a hamster in a cage…always leave w/ them wanting more….

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      The hamster image is so powerful Alan. I think a lot of actors feel that way…running, running, running and getting nowhere. There IS an antidote for hamster syndrome! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  40. Susan Stewart says:

    Yes!!! Totally agree…its about being real!!! Just be you, and share your personality…not a resume!!! We are human as well as spielberg,,, and in this dark tough world we live in being superficial is NOT a option! Warmth, joy, and humor go a longgg way.

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