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Actor Headshot Tip | When Is It Time To Break Up With Your Headshots?

Great, standout,attention-grabbing, stop-in-your-tracks, show-stopping actor headshots….

You gotta have 'em.

Every professional actor knows that.

(And of course you want to make sure you're not making one of the 3 classic headshot blunders that drive Casting Directors nuts too.)

But when is it time to get NEW headshots?

What are the exact reasons you would take a hard look at your actor headshots (that probably cost you a pretty penny), throw in the towel and say “Sayonara!”

Well, there are very specific reasons you would (and should) do that from time to time. Read more >>

Actor Headshots: 3 Things Most Actors Get Bass-Ackwards

actor headshots

What you think about your actor headshots is irrelevant.  In fact, most of the time, you’re looking at the whole actor headshot thing bass-ackwards.

A bold statement but a true one.  Let me explain. Read more >>