The Truth About Actor Branding & Booking More Acting Jobs [Pt. 3 of 3]


This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on why ACTOR BRANDING is such an important part of your acting career:

Part 1 – Actor Branding — If You Don't Brand Yourself Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later
Part 2 –  Actor Branding vs. Typecasting – Here’s What Wins
Part 3 – [You Are Here]  The Truth About Actor Branding & Booking More Acting Jobs

actor branding
“Branding won't work for me because…”

Have you ever had that thought?

A lot of actors who haven't watched this video series (especially video No. 3) have.

Here's the truth about branding …

Branding “works” if you work it.

The truth is it requires a wee bit of effort on your part.  Which I know you get…after all, you're an actor.  You know it requires effort. That's a given.

Branding, like any other smart, cutting-edge strategy, is not some magic pill that you swallow and POOF, you're branded and the avalanche of offers come rolling in!

While the results may feel like that when you do branding right, there's no magic wand involved.

Any actor can do this (and change the trajectory of their acting career dramatically) with a little bit of branding effort and strategic action-taking.

And the good news is you've already made the decision to find you brand and “work” it.

How do I know this?

You've proven it.

Because you've spent time watching video No.1  and video No. 2 and you came back for video No. 3, which will tie it all together for you so you know what to do next.

You KNOW actor branding is important for your acting career and you KNOW it works.

And it can work for ANY actor who takes the time to learn it and apply it.

You are reading this now because you're super passionate about acting and you want to do it as much as you can. And you'd like to do it and get paid for it, as a professional…even make your living at it.

So you're already committed.

That's why this is so exciting!

Once you dial in your actor brand and APPLY IT, it has the ability to supercharge all your efforts and hard work and show you how to get way more opportunities to act professionally.

Putting it all together is the key.

And that's the subject of video No. 3…

Because of the shift you've already begun to make in getting this foundational branding information percolating in your brain, you've set yourself up for a great upswing in your acting career.  Cool!

Let's dig in and get some more of your branding questions answered…


In this video you'll get the answer to the question:

“Will my actor branding help me book more acting jobs?

See how this all starts to come together and what it looks like when you apply actor branding to your acting career



Now that you've watched, you can see how applying a kick-ass branding strategy has the power to get your links clicked on, get people of influence in the industry to see AND REMEMBER YOU so you can create an unforgettable presence in their mind.

That's power!

And now that you understand this concept, you're going to want to get started finding your brand right away.

Go for it!

Branding For Actors” – Online Video Training

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Your turn! Have you dipped a toe into branding yourself as an actor? Where did you get stuck?  Please share your experience in the comments below :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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15 Responses

  1. Alan B Cook says:

    Ok so could my message be ” This character is very serious , laser – focused , confident , certain about himself , interesting , intense , powerful — usually right about predicting things , as well as is very charismatic and likable ? “

  2. eric s williams says:


  3. Brian Cutter says:

    I’ve had my brand for a couple of years now, and now I have to figure out how to make my social media match my brand. That’s where I’m stuck.

    I was also told by a momager (so, not even an industry professional) that “branding is for cattle”. LMAO. I’ll say this; branding is working a lot better for me than not branding is working for her son. Of course, based on her comments, she doesn’t understand branding AT ALL.

    I find it also helps to come up with a brand statement to help lock on to your target brand. For instance, my brand is the “unforeseen twist”. Basically, I’m the guy who you think is out of the fight, but who comes back from out of let field.

    My brand statement is “If you throw me to the wolves, I shall return leading the pack.”

  4. Michael Andolini says:

    Loved it, third one’s the charm. I got my head around it now, thanks Amy. Now I’m a booking-machine, lol! Loved that part. But I am ‘Branded, With a MindSet To Go With It’☝?..✔!

  5. Jerry Dykeman says:

    I really enjoyed this Thank You Amy

  6. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    These 3 v-logs are like a pyramid building on each layer of info shared.
    I’ve heard basically this same message from others but yours is the ones that stuck.
    Gonna go check out my media pages to see what I’m “broadcasting”! Fingers crossed. :-D

  7. julia says:

    Thank you soooo much for sharing your knowledge! its is immensely appreciated! You’re amazing! The Amazing Amy :)

  8. monie lee Perez says:

    Your videos always give major bursts of energy. Thankyou for everything you share with us. :D

  9. Gopal Aryal says:

    Good one ! Liked it ! Thanks for uploading !

  10. Jasper Thomas says:

    Great video!

  11. Scot Weaver says:

    Very good information! Great explanation! :) Thank you!

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