Talent vs. Social Media: Does Having Followers REALLY Help Actors Get Cast?

You've heard it:

“If you don't have followers, they won't want to cast you”…

And, if you're like most actors, you had a small (or large) flicker of panic.

But is it REALLY true?

Will having followers REALLY help you book the role?

In these 2 videos you'll get the inside scoop on whether this is true or not and what to do about it…


In video #1, you'll get the answer to:

Will Having Followers REALLY Help Me Get Cast?


So now you know the REAL answer and you can stop panicking.


The next question you need to answer is…

What on earth do you say when they ask you how many followers you have when you're in an audition?

You're in luck.

That's the subject of the next video…


In the video #2, you'll get the answer to:

What Should I Say When They Ask How Many Followers I Have?

From watching this video you now know 3 important things:

  1. You know what the REAL question behind that question really is…
  2. The secret to seamlessly answering this question without hesitation, and…
  3. You know the most important quality that your answer should have.


Your turn! Were these quick social media for actors tips on followers helping you get cast helpful? Tell me about it in the comments below… :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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12 Responses

  1. Amy Jo,

    I saw a SAG actor on FB post his self-taped audition for a Disney sitcom pilot saying, “Since the Disney sitcom pilot I just auditioned for as a series regular Dad didn’t get picked up, may as well share my audition tape”. He says, “I do what I want and have done this hundreds of times”. That CAN’T be authorized or good business practices by any actor. That material he’s using is the sole property of Disney. Am I wrong?


    Stephen F. Austin
    Colorado Springs, CO

  2. Belinda Delaney says:

    Just spotted this one and – great! I’m a social media goofus! Part of my 2018 goal is to get social media savvy! But – I can certainly be proud of my 2 when in a casting!

  3. David Nathan Schwartz says:

    awesome!!! Starting to join the 21 st century and social media, it’s fascinating and a new avenue to explore…Thank you!

  4. Jill Nissen says:

    This series of tips and the webclass are so timely. I will be watching with my daughter, who is also an actress!

  5. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    Will definitely take this to heart. I might shoot back at them, “Which platform? FB, Instagram or Twitter?” Mine vary by plarform. :-D

  6. Don Wilson says:

    All your “tips” are helpful because they give actors more confidence as well as useful information. People are social creatures, and if we feel insecure-scared, so do the people responsible for casting us. Confidence is a must and all your great advice will certainly aid ANY actor, even the more experienced ones. Thanks!

  7. Archie Cogollos says:

    Interesting….I heard about it….that talent was as necessary as marketability due to followers or friends on facebook…hahhah oh well ..that’s showbiz….but i’m with you ..it;s you…not the social media…but …it’s also a factor……thanks…

  8. holly adams says:

    fabulous! I have conflicts with the webinar times, but I look forward to future offerings!

  9. Jonathan Gunderson says:

    Amy is so cool!

  10. Tom Antonellis says:

    Very very helpful. There is nothing like a teacher who demystifies. Thank you AJB!!!

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