Amy Jo Berman - Acting Coach

It was December 12, 2009.   I was sitting in an audition session in my tiny little audition room at HBO (why do they always give Casting Directors tiny little spaces?).  Anyway, there I was, auditioning a billion awesome actors for a few great roles on an HBO series.  And, as I said goodbye to another awesome actor and closed the door, I glanced at my assistant, Elsa, and began to write a note about the Absolute Audition NO NO this actor committed.  Even though I gently corrected her, my heart just sank for her.  She was talented, but like so many gifted, creative actors (like you!) she didn’t realize she just killed her own audition.


And that’s when it happened.  BOOM!  Just like that.  The seed of my first YouTube video was born.  In that moment, my mission to help actors all over the world to be better, to nail their auditions and to book more acting jobs sprung to life.

I went home that night and made my first “Tips On Acting” video and vowed I would continue to make videos, write articles, create webinars and shout from the virtual rooftops to share all of my knowledge and experience from my 20 years as a Casting Director, from those 14 years at HBO as Vice President of Casting, from the countless casting sessions, auditions, pre-reads, producer sessions, network tests, screen tests, set visits, production meetings, agent and manager meetings, lunches, dinners, Emmys, Golden Globes, screenings and premieres.  I was determined to give it all to you.

So here we are.

I created this website for you.  This is your home, a portal of sorts to help get you to that place you want to be – the RED CARPET. A place you deserve to be.  A place you dream of being.  The RED CARPET –  your walkway to that golden statue, to that acceptance speech you’ve practiced a million times in front of your bathroom mirror.  The RED CARPET that you walk and see the flashing camera lights and hear reporters shouting your name with microphones held out to you –  wanting to be a part of your life because you have touched people with your gift.  You have moved them.  You have inspired them.

My dream is to help you get there.  To give you everything I’ve got to show you how.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?  I get to live my dream helping YOU live yours.

How does it get even better than that?

Watch the videos, take notes, take action.  Bam!  Read the articles and let them inspire you and take action on what you learn in your next audition.  Take my online classes, download the MP3s.  Do what feels good to help you get where you want to go.

Take it.  Run with it.  And get there. …

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!


P.S.  I know the “About Me” page is supposed to have all kinds of bio info about me but I’m a bit of a rebel and I made it “About YOU”…Is that so wrong?   :-p

P.P.S.  But in case you just really want to know more…Here’s some fun facts “About ME”.

  • I'm not a casting director anymore or involved in the production of any projects, which allows me the time to do what I really love…be an advocate, inspiration and a fountain of knowledge for you, the actor!
  • I’m originally from Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • I fell in love with acting in 7th grade when I got to play Sandy in our middle school production of “Grease” and then went to see it on Broadway (my first Broadway show!)
  • My first casting job was as a casting intern on the show “Dave’s World.” The first feature film I worked on was as a casting associate on the film “Primary Colors” and I found out as I watched the credits roll at the big premiere that they got my credit wrong.  I cried.  Seems funny now.
  • Both my parents were teachers so the teaching and communication “gene” comes from them. I taught Intro to Theatre to non-theatre majors at Kent State University while I was studying for my masters in Theatre History.
  • I have an awesome family (husband, son and stepdaughter) and we live in Los Angeles where I never thought I’d end up but absolutely LOVE.
  • My favorite color is RED (can you tell?)
  • I like to write epic About pages.