Are You Frustrated By Your Lack Of Audition Opportunities & Wish You Could Have More?

I don't blame you! That frustration is real and actors who aren’t getting auditions are like a beautiful piece of art hidden in the basement.  Or a wonderful, gourmet meal nobody gets to enjoy. You have talent, passion and drive and nowhere to put it because you can’t get in enough audition rooms!

And you’re not alone…

TRUTH: Most Professional of Actors Feel They Don’t Get Enough Auditions

And that’s because they don’t.

Acting is one of the most competitive professions in the world. You could be the most talented actor in the world, but if you can’t demonstrate that ability by getting auditions for films, TV series, pilots, web series, plays, then your acting career may never take off.

Even if you have an agent, you may unintentionally be sitting out this episodic season or this pilot season, etc. because you simply can’t get access to opportunities — even if you have an agent.

And, if you don’t have a contingency plan to get more auditions or a way to supplement what your agent is doing to get you in more rooms, then your acting career is at a standstill.

Until now…

Introducing “Audition Magnet”:  

Your Ultimate Resource To Find, Create & Attract More Auditions

In this video class you'll discover:

  • RESOURCES To Find More Audition Opportunities
  • A GAME PLAN For Creating More Auditions From The Opportunities You Find
  • A STRATEGY For Attracting Even More Auditions To You From A Simple Shift In Your Beliefs

In my 20 years’ experience in Casting for TV & Film (both as Vice President of Casting at HBO for 14 years and beyond), I’ve held A LOT  of auditions.  I’ve auditioned actors for everything from student films, to network episodic TV, to HBO pilots and award-winning films and giant studio features.

And, as one of the most sought-after career experts for actors, I’ve shown thousands of actors around the world how to find auditions and leverage my knowledge and experience as a Casting Director, to know what kind of submissions appeal to Casting Directors.

Piggyback On My Casting Experience – Access All My Resources

The scope of my work in casting across multiple platforms is the lens you get to look through when you access all my resources on finding, getting and attracting more auditions to you on the  “Audition Magnet” video class.

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Frustrated By A Lack Of Auditions? Here’s The Ultimate Resource To Find, Create & Attract More Auditions To You Like A Magnet


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