7 Reasons To Love Self-Tape Auditions


Now more than ever, as the business continues its shift into self-taping as the new normal for auditions, it's time for you to fall in love with the process of self-taping.

There are so many reasons to LOVE self-tape auditions.

Let’s break them down.

Here Are 7 Reasons You Should Love Self-Tape Auditions:

Reason #1  Self-Tape Auditions Can Be Private

Sometimes, when you enter the room at a live audition, it can be shocking how many people are actually in that room with you.

Did you ever think: OMG!  Who are all these people?!  …All while you’re trying to put your best foot forward and WOW them with your talent.  All those eyes on you.  Yikes!

It’s very common to have not only the Casting Director in the room, but a Casting Associate, Casting Assistant, maybe even an intern.   And that’s just for a pre-read.

When you are at a callback, you are often in the room with all of the above, PLUS one or two (or more) Producers,  Directors, Writers…Sometimes even a network person wanders in. (Seriously, I’ve had that happen and it wasn’t even a network test!)

With a self-tape audition, it’s just you, your reader and camera person.  Not 12 sets of eyeballs on you.  Whew!  That’s a lot less pressure and a great reason to love self-taping your auditions.

Reason #2 – There’s No Casting Director in the Room for Self-Tape Auditions

Having no Casting Director in the room can actually be a good thing.  After all, there's much less pressure on you when you don’t have the Casting Director, whom you’re trying to impress, right there, evaluating your every move (or at least that's what you guys always tell me it feels like to you – we're not all that bad really ;)

Let me take this brief moment to remind you of something you forget sometimes:

The Casting Director is actually rooting for you.  They WANT you to be awesome.
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Reason #3 – Do As Many Takes As It Takes With Self-Tape Audition

Does it take you a few takes to warm up when you’re auditioning?  Then the self-tape audition is your best friend.  Do as many takes as it takes to get it just the way you like it!  Then watch them, and if you aren’t satisfied, do some more!

Reason #4 – Control How You Look When You Self-Tape

Many times when you audition live, the Casting Director doesn’t have the most flattering set-up to make you look awesome on tape.  If you’ve never seen the difference in how good lighting can change your look, you need to educate yourself on this.  It’s imperative.  If you’ve watched my online Self-Taping Domination class, you’ve seen the side-by-side examples.  Staggering.

The good news is that when you self-tape your auditions, you are either going into a professional studio with fabulous lighting OR, you’ve created your own set-up at home where you have fabulous lighting.

BTW, this is not hard or expensive and you absolutely should have your own set-up at home to create kick-ass self-taped auditions.

Reason #5 – Self-Tape Auditions – Fast & Furious or Long & Slow

Another reason to love self-taping your auditions is you can either bang one out in a hurry or really take your time and extend the experience.  You work at the pace that’s good for you, not someone else.  What a gift!

Reason #6 – You Control When You Do A Self-Tape Audition

Yes, of course you often get a short turn around to deliver self tape auditions, but sometimes you don’t.  Either way, whether it’s a small window or a few days, you get to look at your schedule and decide when it’s best for YOU, with your life, your family commitments and your day job, to do your self-tape audition.

Reason #7 – Self-Tape Auditions Give You More Opportunity

This is my favorite reason to love self-taping your auditions.  You get to audition MORE.  MORE projects.  Get seen by MORE people.  Work on your auditions skills MORE.  You get the opportunity for MORE jobs that you might never have been seen for were it not for self-taping auditions.

Learn to love self-tape auditions.

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It’s time to celebrate self-tape auditions and what they can do for your acting career if you take the time to do them right.

Which you should.

Trust me – Casting Directors will LOVE you for it.

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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  19. I’ve been excitingly doing self-tapes for the past few months to perfectly practice and for auditions. After reading this my level of excitement just went up another notch! Thank You for sharing Lady Amy Jo of House Berman! Much Love Always!

    Do yourself a great favour and read this blog folks. It makes total sense. Good Luck and have fun everyone!


  20. Rita J. Hight says:

    Just got a gig with a self taped audition. It was postponed due to COVID19, but I hope I actually get a chance to do it.

    Thank you, Amy Jo Berman

    Rita Hight

  21. Rose LaRue says:

    i hated S T at first but realized it was because i feared technology. I have been able to overcome my fears through your Self Tape Domination class. I realized …… if you cant be them ……join them. I want to suceed and I will not let anything….not even technology , stand in my way. Now I LOVE ST

  22. I’m sorry – I still hate self-tapes. As a former casting director, not having feedback from someone who knows what the entire project is about is a real loss. Also, one of my biggest issues with self-tapes (being a technological moron) is that they’re always too big and I don’t know how to compress them.

  23. Deborah Andrews says:

    Thank you for that tip. I am a comedian and I need to start recording my onstage open mics. But that was very informative because I’d also like to get into commercials, and acting as well.

  24. THANKS ONCE AGAIN, Amy, for a perfect piece of advice at the right time!! And for your passion and love for actors! I always appreciate everything you pass on from your longlasting CD experience!

  25. andrew says:

    this kind of stuff is the puppies nuts

  26. Iain Tingley says:

    Amy your tips are very welcome thanks for your help with my art

  27. Sherie says:

    Another thing I love about self tapes is because useually you send an unlisted link you can go back and see how many times it’s been viewed which has been really ecouaging to me because I can see if there are a lot of views that I got a long ways in the process even if I didn’t book! Since we rarely hear anything back unless we book I love having this little confidence boost

  28. This is getting more and more timely with each passing day. A lot of CDs are preferring self-tapes as a way to streamline their workload.

  29. Matt Nolan says:

    I love Self Tape, and have booked Guest Stars and Recurring Role off Self Tape. However, I PAY to go in and do it professionally, w/ a Reader. It’s a Professional atmosphere, and has made me more confident when I audition for Producers in person.

  30. Stan from ThunderBay says:

    Hahaha But seriously! Great advice, I am going to work on a Self Tape Audition today! I was going to pass on it. This is why I keep coming back for more! There is so much to the Amy Jo Berman Website

  31. Stan from ThunderBay says:

    To think of all the Casting Directors and Agents out there I had to sleep with to get where I got! And this whole time Amy Jo Berman was helping people with her tips and videos!

  32. Bobo Chang says:

    Great points, i do indeed love all those things about self-taping! I have a question though for after all this–how much, if any, post “work” should you do? Would a simple Headshot/agent/contact still slate at the beginning and the end be recommended? Or any color correction?
    Also, what platform is best for viewing? YouTube? Vimeo? A direct file?
    Finally, i’m pretty sure a couple times when i’ve self-taped, per casting’s request, they weren’t viewed at all (i could tell by the view counts!), why do you think that is?

  33. I didn’t know casting directors actually cared. I always thought they saw me as another number, next!!! Thanks Amy kiss X

  34. Lauren says:

    I’m new to the mailing list & so appreciate all of these greats tips! I especially relate to #1 & 2.. I am still fighting nerves in the audition room, so self-taping will be a nice way for me to get the experience of auditioning while working on confidence.

  35. DeeC says:

    Great advice… i will now start working on one I didn’t think I needed

  36. Edd says:

    Great post, Amy. Self taping also allows you the freedom to use cue cards!?!?!?

  37. Lori D. Brickman says:

    Great info. Thank you, as always, for valuable advice. Just a simple suggestion with eyes on or away from camera. GTK. (Good to know) Thank you, Amy!

  38. Suze Lanier-Bramlett says:

    You have no idea how much I appreciate all of the information that you share and the way that you do it. I always look forward to the next one.

  39. “The Casting Director is actually rooting for you. They WANT you to be awesome.” Some of the best advice Amy Jo! So many of us need to hear that, believe it, and ACT on it! Thank you.

  40. AtlantaTerry says:

    … or just hire a professional. You would not send in a “selfie” as your headshot, would you? No, you would hire a professional headshot photographer. So why send in a badly produced video selfie?

    Often forgotten is audio. Many video auditions I have seen sound as though the person was talking into a coffee can, the room echoes are so bad. If you insist on doing your own audio auditions, invest in a clip-on lavalier microphone that has a wire long enough to reach your camera.
    One final thought: if a dozen pairs of eyes bothers an actor doing a video audition, how are they going to react when the pressure really is on during the actual filming of the production?
    Terry Thomas
    Headshot Photographer
    Atlanta, Georgia USA

  41. Why must you convince me to love self taping? lol Just kidding. Thanks for the advice. Now let me go grab my HD cameras and get to work.

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      LOL. But seriously Eric, you wouldn’t believe how often actors hate it and do it badly either because they hate it or because they have not been educated on EXACTLY how to do a self-tape that Casting Directors will actually watch and consider.

  42. Jasmin Egner says:

    Great advice! Thank you, Amy. I’ve just started to finally make use of my YouTube channel and record a few duologues. I’ve also started a Vlog about my acting studies in NYC ( course starts next Monday). Being interested in photography really helps understanding the importance of good lighting! It makes SUCH a difference.

  43. lizellie says:

    Super great tip Amy, I just had to do a self tape audition for a commercial and taped exactly this way. Thanks for the tip.

  44. David Robbins says:

    Again, a perfectly timed piece of great information! I just spent a week self-taping, examining and adjusting myself for an audition.

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