3 Steps To Use Other People’s Emmy Nominations For Your Acting Career

The Emmy Nominations came out.  For some of you reading this now, your own Emmy nomination seems so far away.  Others of you can taste your Emmy nomination it like it's happening right now.

Regardless of which group you fall into, today I want you to learn this one important thing:

Smart actors will learn how to leverage OTHER people's Emmy nominations to help their own acting career.

Here are 3 steps you can take right now (TODAY) to leverage the Emmy nominations starting right now no matter where you are in your own acting career:

Leveraging Emmy Nominations Step #1 – Review List & Highlight Your Targets

Look over the list of Emmy Nominations and see if there's either someone you know who got nominated or someone on your list of people you want to work with in the business.

Every smart actor has an acting career plan, based on their specific goals and a targeted list of people in the industry that can help them get there.  If you don't have this yet, get one.

Once you identify and highlight your target list, go to Step 2.

Leveraging Emmy Nominations Step #2 – Reach Out & Congratulate Them

How can congratulating others on their Emmy nomination help your acting career?

It's a great reason to reach out and connect to someone you'd like to have a relationship with in this business or to solidify a relationship with someone you already have.

For example, if there's a Casting Director with an Emmy nomination on your target list of people you want to work with this is a great time to reach out. 

Here's why.

In my experience as a Casting Director, and from what all my CD friends have said, we all prefer it when you reach out to connect when you have either some news or something specific to say.  No Casting Director likes a postcard or a Facebook message saying “Hi”.

Put yourself in the shoes of the Casting Director and imagine what would be useful to them.  When you have career news, it helps them to think of you as a busy working actor.

In this case, it's not your news but THEIR news.  Therefore, you now have a point of connection — A way to begin a new relationship or a way to nurture a relationship you already have.

Reach out and tweet them a congratulations or send them a snail mail note of congrats on their Emmy nomination, etc.  Do something to acknowledge their achievement.  It feels good and it's a lovely way to reach out and connect on a human level without asking for something in return.

Leveraging Emmy Nominations Step #3 – Continue the Relationship

If you're working with a list of people you don't already know, this could be the beginning of a new relationship.

[Tweet “Learning the right way to nurture a relationship can be a HUGE value to your acting career.”]

This is especially true as you seek out new opportunities for acting work or even to get represented by an amazing agent or talent manager.  In fact, why not reach out the the agent or manager of your favorite Emmy nominated actor or actress and congratulate THEM.  People often overlook the work they took to get their actors that job.

It's these tiny little things that add up. …when you do them with genuine and authentic feelings, as opposed to trying to get something out of it…

…Which leads me to this:

emmy nominationCAVEAT:  This strategy is NOT about being disingenuous and saying nice things to get something in return.  It's a way to begin a conversation with someone you'd like to have a real HUMAN relationship with.  If you do this wrong, and with the intention of a quick, self-serving result in mind, it won't do anything but make you look like an opportunity seeker.

As an actor, the stealth move is to create as many powerful relationships in this business that you can.

…Which leads to a wonderful group of influential people in your life.  …Which leads to more opportunities.  …Which leads to more acting jobs.  ….Which can lead to your OWN Emmy nomination.

Decide to treat your ascension in this business as a long game and not a quick fix. >>>Tweet This!<<<

Apply this strategy (and other STEALTH strategies you can learn inside of the “Social Discover Me Master Class” and create a powerful network of awesome influential friends and enjoy a huge, successful career as an actor for a long time to come!

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

P.S.  To learn some quick things you can do right now to begin to make powerful relationships with influential people in the business, register for my upcoming FREE “Social Discover Me” intro class here and also find out more about the Social Discover Me Master Class to take your skills to the next level.

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39 Responses

  1. Lawrence R Brown says:

    Way to go Amy! Valuable info as always. I’m blessed to have some great mentors in my life I’m always willing to help without expecting anything in return. And they do the same for me. I strongly believe in good karma

  2. Oh I do love this. What a good way to make a connection and be truthful too!

  3. Kevin Linell says:

    YES!! The list was made years ago with additions every year! Even my notes are made to revision. THANK YOU AMY!!! Great advice and reaffirmation that I’m going in the right direction!! I look forward to actually seeing you face to face soon!

  4. lisa marie says:

    very helpful indeed! now if I only knew the proper way to contact these CD’s without feeling like a stalker!……..

  5. J Nycole Ralph says:

    Wow! This is great! So true and simple! I shoulda thought of this! Plus, it’s just nice to be nice…and be known for being nice! AND, this advice can be used for Oscars, Tony’s, even Google Alerts!! Thank you! :-)

  6. Rebecca says:

    Fantastic advice as always! Thank you!

  7. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    Hey Amy! Thanks so much for these tips. After readimg the comments & your replies, my questions were answered.
    You always seem to send a post like this just when it’s needed for me & all of us!! Have you thought of being a psychic medium on TV? LOL Thank you again & as we all feel, YOU ROCK IT!!

  8. Reaghan Reilly says:

    Thank you, Amy! And thank you for sharing with us a link straight to the list of nominees. You’re so good to us! I really appreciate your help :D xx

  9. Verónica Sánchez St says:

    Amy, you have no idea how much you’ve helped me. Thank you. Really.

  10. Jeanne Young says:

    Thank you once again Amy:) You Rock!

  11. Nathalia says:

    Thank you Amy! Some times I feel like I can’t get to really be a working actor since a currently live in Melbourne Fl where is no action for scenic arts! Although I do want to learn how to do to actually get jobs because I been taking classes to learn how to act but I have only been involve in one project so and haven’t try to get into more for lack of money to reach to those places! Any how I keep up reading you and acting here at home! Soon I will be able to act more for projects! Thanks Amy for helping us! You are awesome!

  12. Dwight Ireland says:

    Great tips…your only as strong as the alliances you make…

  13. Berti Moso says:

    Amy, to congratulate the agents and managers is such a great idea! They deserve it as well and they expect it the least. Genuine gesture! I’m on it :-) Thanks!!

  14. WendyWilkins says:

    Thank you Amy great information as usual for actors, you rock!

  15. Richard Allan Jones says:

    Good Advice. Takes a little research to find out the casting director’s name & email (Or you may luck out and they have a Facebook or Twitter account), but if you can, it’s gold to build a long term relationship. I’d concentrate on those actors/movies closest to your niche…i.e. drama, comedy, horror, etc.If the CD can’t get the award-winning actor or is on a budget…there you are!

  16. Ronald Patrick Thompson says:


  17. Ero Lefa says:

    Amy hi! Love your advice. My question is if we do sincerely feel like congradulating a casting director or an agent what is going to stop them from thinking we are acting as oportunists? Is that an unavoidable risk or it there a way to stand out from the plethora of actors that will do it only to serve themselves?

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      Great question Ero. And probably bigger than I can answer here but I’ll try :-D First, you can’t worry about what others do and how they’re perceived. You are not trying to stand out in this particular action. You are focusing on connecting. It doesn’t matter what others do and what their motives are.

      And you also aren’t doing this one gesture of congratulations in order to get a result. The magic happens in developing a relationship over time. This is one small way to reach out and share some genuine kindness. The gesture in and of itself will not make you a friend for life.

      But if you start to see things like this as an opportunity to connect, you will notice more opportunities to connect. And, as you take those opportunities over and over again, while maintaining your genuine kind attitude, you will begin to stand out.

      Does that help?

  18. Conlon O'Deorain says:

    Good stuff Amy. It’s the perspective especially, that is most helpful. The how, why, when… I’ve yet to create one, but you’re advice (and again perspective on why, how, when- to utilize social networking) has me actually excited about creating a FB page. Never thought I’d do it.


  19. Michael Patterson says:

    As always, great and very important information Amy! Relationships are key…encouragement is too. God bless

  20. Wade Dienert says:

    Good stuff as always Amy! Thanks for the tips & advice.

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