Lisa Roumain

“Just booked the lead in a film, playing the kind of role I've been dreaming of! Overjoyed with gratitude! Thank you Amy Jo Berman for helping me unleash all that has been brewing inside of me. Your insight has made me enjoy and embrace every moment, making me feel so creatively free.”


Tonya Pinkins

“I appreciate Amy's positive, proactive approach. Her scene notes are always very specific and they inspire me to look deeper and to think more specifically about the choices I'm making in the scenes…I've found working with her very helpful. I have recommended her to all of my friends. She has definitely helped me get my career on track to building the future success that I desire.”


Rick Calvo

” ‘Discover Me Blue Print' has given me an excellent start to create a plan of actions that I can follow and keep me on track of my career.  Amy Jo's classes and positivity have given me the confidence that I need to pursue my dreams and make it a reality.  With these classes, live webinars and encouraging messages that Amy Jo is continually sending, it keeps me going and believing that what some tell me is impossible, is actually possible!  I have booked four plays in the last two months using the things I have learned in this class.  Thank you Amy Jo!  You are the absolute best!”



Andrea Gabriel

“Da-dang, this Shis-nit really works. Breathtaking…With the energy shifts and adjustments in mind set and meditations with [Amy's] course, I just booked 2 Broke Girls for a possible recurring…I am amazed, excited and expanded and thrilled! This has SO been the missing link. So much love. Thank you Amy!”


Minerva Mohabir

“Amy Jo’s techniques…made my auditioning experience so much lighter and more pleasant. In just 3 weeks I booked 3 commercials! Thank you Amy! :)”


Val Lauren

“This amazing lady speaks the truth. Amy single-handedly championed me through 9 months of auditioning and was instrumental in getting me cast because she believed I was the one. I'm a believer for life Amy!”


Latarsha Rose

“Amy Jo Berman is so generous and she offers such a wealth of knowledge, insight and tangible tools. Working with Amy and her PSD webinars is like upgrading from SD to HD. She has helped to fine tune my POV and lightened my experience with my audition/work process. And when I feel as if I'm getting out of whack, the tools I've learned help me to refocus and stoke my fires. Amy is such an inspiration!


Kevin Kenneth

“Just finished Amy's Class No. 2 of Audition Rockstar 2.0 and I got to say – outstanding! Having been an actor on and off for 32 years and thousands of hours of classes learning how to act, NEVER has any coach taught me the art of auditioning like Amy does. It's great learning the art of acting as most of us have…but actually getting the part via the audition process is a whole different ball game and that is where most of us stumble. Once we get the part – the rest is really kind of easy. Can't wait to rock the house on my next audition! Thanks Amy.”


Alexandria Odekirk

“After listening to your Auditioning Nerves webinar and then using the audition room and morning after audios, I was floored with how awesome I felt. I had an audition for a talent agency which I was surprisingly calm for. I rocked it and got great reviews from the agent after my audition…Your webinars came in at the perfect time in my life…You are making my dream a more tangible possibility than I ever thought possible.”


Melissa Tejada

“Since I started listening to Amy's acting tips and webinars, I have seen this tremendous shift in me as a person and in my acting career. She has made me realize the things that were holding me back, especially when it came to my mindset and knowledge about the business. I am very grateful for you Amy and your passion to help actors, because it truly has changed the course of my career and my life.”


Jessica Sharples

“Your coaching helped me book my first co-star role! You Skype coached me for a class I was taking with the CD from Law and Order: SVU. Months later, the CD liked me enough to call me in and today I got the call that I booked the co-star role! … So thank you so much for coaching me in the right direction and helping me book my first (of many) TV roles!”


Karole Foreman

“Amy Jo's enthusiasm and her process has been just the thing I've needed to not only reignite my career, but also my love for acting. I booked “Jane the Virgin” and a role as a judge on “The Grinder”. Your classes and the terrific info you have so generously given had been a Godsend! A very heartfelt thank you!”


Joshua Kovalscik

“Hey Amy, I’ve been exercising the mental side of Positive Universal Action you talked about and what I’ve heard your students mention, soooooo I put it out there, and BOOM!: Commercial Audition this Friday!!!”


Patricia Bethune

“Knowing Amy through her casting work for years, I was aware of her dedication to her craft and her respect for actors when I asked her if she would share her Audition Domination techniques with the Performers Peer Group at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. A huge success, the performers left inspired and refocused on their individual gifts and the joy of pursuing their dream. Personally, I went on to write a pilot and two full length features, produce an acclaimed event and book some great acting work. Priceless for a new actor, her coaching is a welcome energy tuneup for those of us who have been around awhile.”


Debra J. Mincy

“Amy Berman, you are just incredibly generous and beyond awe-inspiringly awesome!!!! I can’t thank you enough for your insightful webinar and coaching of us all.”


Debra Christofferson

“I've had five auditions in the last six weekdays! As long as I've been doing this, I've never had that happen before.”


Henning Fischer

“Wow, have had more auditions than ever and I am having fun, or more fun than I used to. Booked a great web series, Thank you Amy.”


Michelle Azar

“I am pleased to say since starting your Creating Fame & Fortune course, I booked two really good guest stars, and finally am back to my top of show roles which had been some time in coming. I tell everyone about you and feel so grateful to have said YES to you and your practices!”



Annegret Reinhert

“MAMA MIA, what a ride! I just finished watching another webinar with the Fantabuloussmartextraordinarygreatawesometastic Amy Berman (YES I just invented a word, it had to be done!) I am exhausted and soo happy!!!”


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