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Hi, I’m Amy Jo Berman. Welcome to your new home for anything and everything to help you get more callbacks from your auditions, book more jobs and create your phenomenal acting life. This website is a training and information platform designed to be a community for you – the actor. A community where you will find tips for auditions, lessons on acting and casting director secrets that will give you insight and help on how to be a better actor and book more jobs. Let us elevate your skills and take your acting career to a whole new level. Here's why you should bookmark this site now and feel excited to come back again and again.  There are hundreds of acting-oriented websites with millions of things for you to try, buy and do, with page after page of head-spinning tricks and tactics pulling you in a million directions. As a former casting director with 20 years' experience in the industry, what I’ve created for you is a targeted approach to being a professional working actor and helping you find the success in the world of acting, whatever your goals may be.

18+ Years of High-End Casting Director Experience

Working as Vice President of Casting at HBO for more than a decade gave me extensive experience in the audition room. This gives me the unique ability to pass along the best tips on auditions that are proven to work when you get in front of the Casting Director. It has also given me extremely valuable studio experience you may be missing to help groom you for the big picture parts of your career as an actor.

A-List Acting Coaching and Audition Coaching

When actors like you search for experts who coach actors, you’re looking for something more than just a great acting teacher. Whether you’re looking for acting coaches in Los Angeles or any other part of the world, you want the best one – with the knowledge of what goes on inside that audition room from first-hand experience, not just theory. You also need an acting coach who is skilled in the politics and nuances of show business, otherwise it's like learning your craft in a vacuum.  Your acting coach must also be a brilliant communicator whose words speak to your soul as an actor.  You need all of these things, and if you’re missing even one, you are missing out on the essentials for an A-list career.

Expertise in Hollywood Connecting

Once your audition and acting skills are sharpened, what then? How do you get in front of powerful people who can cast you in your dream film or television project? As a former executive for one of the most successful and creative studios in Hollywood, I’ve made many powerful connections, colleagues and friends in the business.   I will guide you on developing those same connecting skills and show you step-by step how to make powerful and influential friends in Hollywood.   I will show you how to make networking and connecting fun, easy and successful, both in person and through social media. I will give you all of the tools necessary to expand your network and connect with Hollywood's elite movers and shakers.

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Click here to download your Level Jump Guide