Actor Branding: If You Don’t Brand Yourself Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later [Pt. 1 of 3]


This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on why BRANDING is such an important part of your acting career:

Part 1[You Are Here] – Branding For Actors — If You Don't Brand Yourself Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later
Part 2 – Actor Branding vs. Typecasting – Here’s What Wins
Part 3 – The Truth About Actor Branding & Booking More Acting Jobs

actor branding
Raise your hand if you've ever said:

“I hate all that branding & marketing stuff – I just want to ACT!”

If you've experienced dread or just plain ol' distaste about “branding & marketing” yourself as an actor, that makes total sense.

What creative artist wouldn't?

After all, you were trained to create — to embody a character and tell a story…Not “brand yourself” and do marketing.


But what if you could do both without that icky feeling at all?

That is — be a creative story-telling actor and ALSO effectively figure out all this “branding” stuff, which could benefit you in a major way, with more opportunities to get more auditions, get more jobs and do more of what you love…ACT!

If you could see a direct benefit to your acting career and knew how to do it easily, would that make actor branding a little more…tasty?

Well, that's what this 3 video blog series is all about.

Let's make branding yourself as an actor TASTY!

Getting the REAL skinny on what branding for actors is and learning how to use it to fire up your acting career is something to get excited about!

Let's get started…

In video No. 1 of this series (below), you'll finally get the REAL answer to the question that every ambitious, passionate actor should be asking:


I'll give you a hint.  YES!

But knowing you need something that you don't really understand isn't going to get you very far.

So you  have two choices

You can learn all this branding “schtuff”' now OR regret not learning it later when you're still stuck and struggling (Yikes!).

I vote for learn it now!

Are ya with me?  :-)

By the way, it doesn't hurt, it's not complicated and you can absolutely do this.

See what I mean in the video…


In this video you'll get the answer to the question:

“What is branding? Do I NEED to be a “branded” actor?

Find out exactly what branding for actors is and how it either works for you (if you do it right) or against you (if you do it wrong…or don't do it at all)



Did you get the “message”?  (If you watched, you know what I'm talkin' about)

That “message” is everything and THAT'S why you have to conquer your actor brand NOW.

And, don't worry. I won't leave you hangin'.  I promise to answer the question I left you with at the end of this video in the next video (Part 2).

So, make sure you come back and get it.

Spoiler Alert: The next video in this blog series will answer the question: “Isn't Branding the same as typecasting? AND Will I be typecast if I brand myself?”

Make sure you watch it!

Branding For Actors” – Online Video Training

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Your turn! Have you dipped a toe into branding yourself as an actor? Where did you get stuck?  Please share your experience in the comments below :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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29 Responses

  1. Alan B Cook says:

    I never even knew a thing such as branding existed . This is the first place I’ve even heard of it . How do I thank you for all this really terrific info ? I know this will help me a lot . I know this will cause me to get it done .

  2. Ciaran Walshe says:

    Fab video as ever Amy. Thank you for setting this up. I think from the sound of it, we (Brits) think of ‘Brand’ as ‘Your Casting,’ so your message is what defines you as an actor. Leading man, character, whatever. Its interesting to see how the industry works across the pond.

    Please Keep em coming xx

  3. eric s williams says:


  4. Alfonso Burney says:

    Great Video Amy!

    That took the fear out of the questions. The Video was inspiring and Looking forward to the next one.

  5. Tracey Eman says:

    What if you don’t really know what your message is??

  6. Michael Andolini says:

    Thanks Amy! Loving the branding series. Combined with the mind-set, and applied, I see it being very helpful..

  7. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    Watching these videos to refresh my brain to work harder on my branding message. Such a mind bender to see yourself as one thing when you’re really something else!!

  8. Jerry Dykeman says:

    Tha nk You for this I needed it.

  9. julia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. kl417g says:

    Amy, I LOVE your trainings! They’re spot on reasonable concepts but truths I never would have known about without your vids.

  11. Jasper Thomas says:

    That video has helped me. I haven’t dipped my toe in branding as an Actor.

  12. Thomas Nash says:

    Good and true. See yourself as a product and think about what the CD/director etc. wants to buy for this particular movie/role :).

  13. Aubrey says:

    Yes, branding is absolutely necessary. I totally get that. I guess what I’m not getting is trying to brand myself as a supporting role. For the last 5 productions I’ve been in (1 play and 4 musicals), I’ve been cast as Ensemble. I have always put what character I want to audition for and I have never been assigned a supporting role. I have great auditions, I sing all the right notes, I start strong and I finish stronger. I know this might seem like a silly question, but have you done musicals before or know someone who has been cast in musicals? If so, does it really matter what song choice I sing to get the role I really really wanted? Am I really just paying my dues as an actress at this point in my career? I know it’s a lot of questions, but I really want to be sure I’m understanding your video enough to apply it to my acting career. :)

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      I wish I could say I’ve worked in musicals, but my experience is all film and TV. I haven’t done any theatre casting so I’d hate to offer advice on an area where I don’t have expertise. The branding concepts do work across many different areas though. But if you want to be in musicals, I’d definitely consult an expert in that arena. Wish I could be of more help Aubrey!

  14. Amber Nicolle Gilbert says:

    Thanks for taking time out to give good advice! Means alot!!…

  15. Awesome !!!! I feel branding is as necessary as breathing if you want to make the casting director’s job easy and book those jobs, thanks, looking forward to watching the next in the series :)

  16. Scot Weaver says:

    Can’t wait for the the next video. Thank you!

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