The Easy-As-Pie Fix For The Sneaky Audition “Pause” Trap

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I'm going to tell you something important.

Something nobody's had the guts to say to you.


You  have spinach in your teeth.

Metaphorical spinach, that is.

You know what I mean…It's that thing that's right there… But you don't see it.

And yet, that thing is making a huge impact on how the person you're talking to is receiving what you're saying.

You see. the spinach in your teeth that I speak of is just like an audition trap.

It's there.

You don't know it's there so you just keep going.  Yet, it's messing up the way the Casting Director is receiving your audition.

The subtle, sneaky trap I speak of is easily fixable once you know it's there (which you'll see when you watch the video below).

It has to do with a pause you don't know you're making in your auditions and why you're doing it.

And, most importantly, how it messes up your audition.

Watch this video so you will know what this trap is and the easy-as-pie fix for it too…


In this video, you'll get the answer to:

Are You Falling Into The “Pause” Trap In Your Auditions?


WARNING: This particular audition trap is so subtle that you may not take it seriously.  Don't do that.  Because I guarantee you've done it and not realized it.

Not because you're not a great actor or a great auditioner.

But because 99.9% of all the actors I've auditioned or coached have fallen into it at one time or another.

It's no sin.

But it would be for you to ignore it.

So, remember, next time you get your sides, cruise through your dialogue and look for this trap.

Then make the easy fix you learned in the video and…BOOM!  Trap annihilated!

Now you can focus on all the other rich, juicy details and specific choices you can make in your audition so you can NAIL IT!

Your turn! Was this audition trap tip helpful?  Do you think you might have fallen into it without knowing? Tell me about it in the comments below… :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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12 Responses

  1. Glad I got around to watching this finally. Great point to make. Curious wouldn’t a highlighter be just as well as effective? Personally I would rather aim to be off book as I find I do better and am more freer.

  2. Donald W. Flake Jr says:

    Looking forward to watching video but everytime, I click on the video it gives me a message “UH OH, this video can’t be played with the current setup”. Wht could be the cause of this?


  3. kelse house says:

    I am doing a video audition for a part of a receptionist. Very small part but big to me, but unsure how to put it on camera. The last line of the scene before the break is the other character “correcting” me for pronouncing her name wrong- “it’s Ms. pickens, I’m not married.” Then straight to a stage direction of that character following me to an office … Then the next side is me stating “Ms. Harper will be with you shortly”

    Since there is a long action in between lines and room change, do I still break for the video auction or continue immediately after onto the next line of “Ms. Harper will be with you shortly?”

    Also- I was going to ad-lib a line after the other character corrects me By saying “My mistake, please follow me.” But unsure. Your insight would be helpful!

  4. Thanks for the tip Amy! I’ll remember this one for next time

  5. John Culver says:

    Great tip. Thanks!!

  6. Aaron Trumm says:

    this is great – I would say to retype your sides in a way that flows the way it should sound and memorize it that way. Related that is to understand that 90% of the time there is ONLY ONE WAY to properly speak a line. :) thanks for the vids Amy!

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      Interesting point of view Aaron. Actually I think 100% of the time there are INFINITE ways to properly speak a line.

      • Aaron Trumm says:

        Well I’d say that too – little bit of a paradox ;) I think what I mean is, it’s helpful to really look at the context in the writing and find the intention which will look like there’s no other option. I think this is helpful for beginners especially because I’ve seen a lot of actors playing with emphasis and such in ways that aren’t grammatically correct, which sounds really unnatural or “acty” – so I end up thinking of it like “this is a person saying THIS – and you can’t screw around with the words just for fun” – I think that really helps things sound natural.

  7. Justine says:

    Thanks :)

  8. Joey D. Aliano says:

    That was another exactly what I needed.
    Thanks Amy..Awesome!!!

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