Actor Headshot Tip | When Is It Time To Break Up With Your Headshots?

Great, standout,attention-grabbing, stop-in-your-tracks, show-stopping actor headshots….

You gotta have 'em.

Every professional actor knows that.

(And of course you want to make sure you're not making one of the 3 classic headshot blunders that drive Casting Directors nuts too.)

But when is it time to get NEW headshots?

What are the exact reasons you would take a hard look at your actor headshots (that probably cost you a pretty penny), throw in the towel and say “Sayonara!”

Well, there are very specific reasons you would (and should) do that from time to time.

In this video you'll find out EXACTLY when you need to break up with your old headshots and invest in some new ones.


In this video, you'll get the answer to:

When Should You Break Up With Your Headshots?


Now that you know WHEN to get new headshots, make sure the ones you get can catch the eye of any busy Casting Director and make them click.

And then what?

That's where your resume comes in to finish the job your headshot started…

What job is that?

To get you in the door for your next audition, of course.

There is literally a step-by-step exact resume format you can follow that easily identifies you as “professional” to any Casting Director (instead of “amateur”)…

I call this the PERFECT resume.

You can literally download my “Perfect Actor Resume Guide” for free here and copy it, so you can be 100% certain yours is PERFECT too.

Unstoppable headshots.  Perfect resume.  More auditions.

You're set!

Your turn! Was this headshot tip helpful?  Do you think it's time to break up with yours? Tell me about it in the comments below… :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

 actor resume headshot tip

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  1. Jenny Robb says:

    Interesting tip on headshots, Amy. I am up to speed on age and look but I hadn’t considered the branding angle – definitely food for thought. Many thanks.

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