Killer Acting Tips & Beyond: 4 Reasons To Visit This Blog Often

acting tipsKiller Acting Tips…

…Yes, you will get them here. In fact, you will be getting a whole lot more than killer acting tips and audition tips when you visit this blog often.

But, before I get into all that, WELCOME.

Afterall, this is my very first blog post on my new website.  The least you deserve is a big fat WELCOME :-D

So, whether you are an actor here just for acting tips, audition tips etc or you are one of my other colleagues — Casting Director, Producer, Director, Writer, Studio Exec, you are welcome here.

This website and blog are the culmination of my decades in the business as a Casting Director and Casting Executive at HBO and as a conduit for any and every piece of information and experience I have had that can help actors be better and book more jobs.  So, if ya wanna call that acting tips, then so be it.

But here's the thing…

There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to acting tips and programs designed to help actors.

Some are great and some are total scams. So why this one? Why should you, as an actor, visit is blog often and get your acting tips, audition tips, and acting career advice here?

Good question.  To that end, here are 4 reasons to visit this blog often:

1. Acting Tips

All acting tips from me come DIRECTLY from my experience in working with professional working actors — not theory.

2. Audition tips

All audition tips you learn from me come DIRECTLY from my experience in the audition room and from the perspective of a Casting Director who KNOWS what Casting Directors are looking for.

3. Acting Career & Marketing Tips

Any acting career & marketing you learn from reading my blogs and watching my videos are not just cool ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd…but rather acting career and marketing tips that will make you stand out in a way that CASTING DIRECTORS and other industry professionals will actually LIKE.

4. Feeling Awesome

Visiting this blog will make you feel empowered and awesome and full of possibilities…which is the way you were meant to feel and meant to live your life.  Wouldn't it be awesome if that were your reality?

Seriously, that is what I'm all about, showing you how to be the best of you as an actor and live the glorious, creative, inspired and awesome life you were meant to live, as an actor and as a human being.  If you want to feel frustrated and like pulling your hair out over your career, you'll have to get that somewhere else.  :-p

Excited for what's to come from us to help you become an UNSTOPPABLE ACTOR?  Share this with your actor friends and please comment below if you think they will benefit from it!

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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  1. Christophe Lombardi says:

    Really excited about your new blog. It promises to be a worthy addition to a long list of inspirational tools and technique. Your timing is also uncanny as the arrival of your new website coincides with new decisions regarding my own career as a performer. May they both flower into something memorable!

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