How To Be An Actor When “They” Don’t Support You

how to be an actorKnowing how to be an actor — an actor who is happy, an actor who works and has a life — can be challenging enough.

But when you have people in your life who don't support your choice, it can be even more challenging….IF, you don't have some strategies in place to help you.

The first thing you must do is understand why this happens.  If you can put the origin of it in its place, sometimes this alleviates your need to feel bad, get defensive and spin out of control with “monkey mind” thoughts that don't serve you.

Once you have that in place, choose a strategy to get you out of that potential rabbit hole BEFORE you fall in.

In this video, I share 1 very common reason why “they” say these unsupportive things to you and my favorite, seemingly simple but oh-so-powerful strategy for dealing with this potential mine field.

How To Be An Actor When They Don't Support You

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Did that give you some relief and a new tool in your arsenal?

Remember, it's a good idea to rehearse this skill and/or visualize this conversation using your new tool so that the next time this situation happens, you don't REACT the way you did before and fall down the rabbit hole.

The easiest way to combat dream stealers is not by changing them, but by changing YOUR reaction to them. >>>Tweet This<<<

This is the STEALTH move that will provide you with more relief than you ever imagined.

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18 Responses

  1. Melissa Thompson says:

    I have done that naturally, so only talked acting to my acting friends re acting things. Then had to stay at my cousins for a week, so told her a little about my acting while I was there, and she went and told my mother she thought I was delusional/insane. Luckily I got a national tv commercial recently, so she can see me on tv everyday and rethink her comments.

  2. Marc Peurye says:

    You are an angel…thank you so much…

  3. WayneJohnson says:

    True to what you said

  4. Bruce Clifford says:

    Thank you Amy for a nice tip. I find that a lot of people that question creatives are just putting their own fears onto that person who is living and striving and doing their best at a creative joy fulfilled life. They like to put their own limitations and fears on them because they believe they could never do something like that, when the reality is we are all artists. And we as artists can not let the negative people get into our skin. We have to be vulnerable and let our true selves keep chasing what we love, whether or not other people agree with us.

    Made me feel good to watch the video and made me feel good to write that out.


  5. WOW! This hit the nail right on the head! A year ago, I decided to leave my position in education (my career) to pursue acting (my true passion), I didn’t share it with my family (parent, siblings) at all because I knew how that conversation would go and I did not want any negativity during my transition. I do not live in the same city, so it’s easy for me to not bring it up in conversation. My Husband and Children have my back and I have them to share the excitement of this journey! I will just let the rest see me on “The Red Carpet” ;-) Thanks so much for your encouraging words!!

  6. Rob Novakov says:

    My friends are supportive, but my parents are another story. My father once said to me, “you need to have talent to be an actor” but had never seen me perform, and my mother often said, “how can you be bothered”. I just accept the fact that they had a conservative upbringing and don’t get it. On the flip side, the first time I did something on TV, my mother was glued to the set so she could see me. We can’t stop being human, just keep doing what you love.

  7. Amy Akins says:

    Awesome once again! Just this week I went through this with my mother, and this was the realization I came to. Just don’t engage. Thanks so much, Amy!

  8. Wade Dienert says:

    Thanks for the company Amy, if only for a few minutes. Great advice as always!

  9. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    I am so blessed to have several friends who are totally supportive! The few nay sayers I know, I limit my exposure to & do what you suggest. Thanks for reinforcing my gut knowledge!!! :-D
    Always a joy to get your posts & vlogs!!!

  10. staceystallard says:

    Great tip! Thanks again AJB!

  11. PioneerGirl says:

    I will not listen to any negativity family and friends are funny right now, I’m so positive they don’t know how to react or act… Lisa (Gisele)

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