Best of the Amy Jo Berman Blog, Facebook Live & YouTube Videos 2017

Holy moly! 2017 was certainly a memorable year…to say the least.

Regardless of how events unfolded this year, the best thing for your acting career is to look ahead.

So…2018…Will it be the best year ever in your acting career?

Well, that's my hope for you EVERY year.

In fact, that's what drives me — what INSPIRES ME to keep creating more training, blogs, videos, live videos, webinars and classes to help you.

As I look back on this interesting year we call 2017, I'm grateful to say that a lot of outrageously good things happened for so many actors I've worked with. 

The results from my private coaching clients and my students have been phenomenal.

Once again, you have inspired me beyond measure.

So, I went back through all the blog, video and Facebook Live content I posted this year and pulled out what I consider the “Best Of” my content in 2017. I heard from you that these are the pieces you loved best, shared most and couldn’t get enough of.

If you missed any of these, now would be a great time to take stock and draw from this content whatever you feel would help you the most in the coming year of your acting career.  Enjoy! >>Tweet This<< 




6 Steps To Find The Perfect Acting Class For You


Finding the best acting class can be tricky. In this 3-part blog series, you'll get a detailed guide on the 6 steps you need to follow to make sure you’re in good hands, with the right acting teacher in the right acting class. (Links to part 2 and 3 can be found easily at the top of part 1).

5 Things Every Actor Needs To Know About Acting Demo Reels


There are several key questions every actor MUST know the answers to when it comes to making a compelling demo reel that gets watched.  In this blog, you'll get the 5 most important ones.

How To Be An Actor Without Limits (Aka How To Awaken Your Inner Lady Gaga In Your Acting Career)


If you're struggling as an actor, here's how to channel your own “inner Gaga” and be an actor who can access the dormant creative power within, let go of limits and become unstoppable. Whether you're a fan of Lady Gaga or not, this blog will light your fire!

7 Truths About Supporting Yourself As An Actor


Supporting yourself as an actor? It can be challenging. Here are 7 truths every actor should know about going from surviving to thriving in acting.

Jobs For Actors – 10 Ways To Support Yourself As An Actor

support acting career


Survival jobs for actors can be tricky. If you'e struggling to find the right actor survival job, this list of 10 ways to support yourself should help.

“4 Steps To Unleash Your Magnificence & Go “Beast” In Your Acting Career In 2018″

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Social Media Tip For Actors: Will having followers REALLY help you get more acting work?

As an actor, have you ever heard this one: “If you don't have followers, they won't want to cast you”? A lot of actors are panicking about this and in this video you'll get the inside scoop on whether this is true or not, and what to do about it (so you can stop panicking!)


Actor Headshot Tips | You Need To Get New Headshots When…

As an actor headshots are a must have. And great ones are a MUST MUST have. But when is it time to get NEW ones? In this video you'll find out EXACTLY when you need to trash the old actor headshots and invest in some new ones.


Branding Tip For Actors: How To Be More Memorable To Casting Directors on Social Media

In this video, you'll get a great branding tip you can easily use to be more memorable to casting directors.


Don't Make This Audition “Pacing” Mistake

This video was inspired by gazillions of casting sessions I've held when giving the adjustment “pick up the pace” (and seeing it done wrong). You'd be shocked at how this simple direction is often misinterpreted by actors in the room. So I wanted to makes SURE that YOU know how to execute this seemingly simple direction.


“4 Steps To Unleash Your Magnificence & Go “Beast” In Your Acting Career In 2018″

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How To Be ‘Series Regular Worthy' This Pilot Season

In this video, you're learning what it means to be “series regular worthy” and 4 things you can do to help you get there.


Mastering Callbacks: The DO's, the DON'Ts and the Oh-No-You-Di’ints

In this Facebook Live you'll learn the biggest DOs and DON'Ts about callbacks so you can master yours!

Perfect Actor Resume: 3 Big Resume Mistakes & How To Fix Them

In this Facebook Live, you'll discover the 3 biggest resume blunders that so many actors make how you can confidently create your professional acting resume so that Casting Directors take it seriously.

Audition Feedback: Why You Get It-Why You Don't-And What It All Means

One of the biggest head-scratchers when it comes to auditioning is wondering what Casting Directors thought of your read. Did they love it? Hate it? Like it a little?…What? Without any feedback it can leave you doubting yourself. In this Facebook Live, you'll learn exactly why they do and don't give you feedback and how to interpret it all.

I hope you enjoyed this “Best of” blog.

Your turn!  Which post did you enjoy? What would you like to hear more about in 2018?  Please share in the comments below :-)  I love hearing from you!  You inspire me :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet,

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  1. Amy Jo Berman is an excellent resource! As much as 85% of human communication is accomplished via non-verbal cues; these cues are generated by thoughts. Amy Jo Berman steers you, and your thoughts, to positive results. Amy Jo Berman teaches the communication skills of Harvard University and other reputable institutions, she helps to put the actor’s ‘ducks in rows’, and provides invaluable insight into the casting process. Much of what I learn from Amy Jo Berman is applicable in all areas of life and not merely for the road to the red carpet. Listen to this wise woman and invest in yourself by taking her courses, you will be better for it!

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