Social Media For Actors: 3 Tips to Boost Your Acting Career (Without Self-Promotion)

social media for actors stop self promoting

We all know “that actor” on social media.

You know, the one who is always posting the links to their shows, their headshots, their demo reel, their self-promotional EVERYTHING!

You’ve probably been tempted to hit that “unfollow” button – if you haven’t already – or maybe even the “unfriend” button (GASP!).

The truth is, you’re sick and tired of your “friendship” being used as a promotional stage for someone else’s acting career.

Can you relate?

Don’t get me wrong…

Social media can be an incredibly valuable platform for your acting career, IF you use it the right way.

Social media can create amazing opportunities for actors, when it’s used the RIGHT way.Click To Tweet

In fact, I can tell you with 100% certainty, there are specific things you can do on social media—regardless of how tech-savvy you are (or aren’t)—to help you get more auditions and boost your acting career.  

Here are three of them…

3 Simple Social Media Strategies To Boost Your Acting Career Using Social Media


Okay, what is branding? And why do you need it as an actor?

In order to use social media to boost your acting career, start thinking of yourself as a brand.Click To Tweet

Your brand is basically your message as an actor.

It’s what helps a Casting Director decide whether to bring you in for an audition or not.

This branding message is essential to your acting career.

You see, when a Casting Director is looking through submissions, they have a really specific idea in mind, based on what the director, the producers, and the studio have said they’re looking for.

Your visual branding message has to align with what their Casting Director intuition tells them is the right fit for this part.

And if it does, that’s when they look at your headshot and resume and say, “You’re exactly what I’m looking for!”

social media for actors branding hitting the target

Those are magical words you’d like to hear more of, right?

If you’re not hearing them enough, you’re probably facing one of two issues…

A. Your branding has no message.

You’ll know this is you if you get this feedback from Casting Directors:

“You’re great, but I don’t know what to do with you.”  

This is one big reason you get fewer auditions and bookings.    

Why? Because the Casting Director can’t match their vision of the role to a branded message that doesn’t exist.

Here’s another common branding challenge…

B. You have the wrong message (or a mixed message).

For example, perhaps you think of yourself as a leading man. Maybe you always got the lead in the school play, people always tell you you’re very good-looking, etc..

So you go out and get leading man headshots, and you’re auditioning for the leading man roles…

When in reality, your brand is actually a better fit for the best friend of the leading man.


The Casting Director is looking for the leading man, and they come across your branded “leading man” type headshot. But something feels “off” to them, and they can’t put their finger on it.

They’re so busy that they don’t have time to ponder it. They just move on.  

They pass right by you because you don’t FEEL like a leading man to them.

Just like that, another missed opportunity.

social media for actors branding misfire

So, how do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

Actor Branding Tip: Put yourself in the CD’s shoes and look at your branding through their eyes.Click To Tweet

Ask yourself important questions, such as…

  • How does the Casting Director see me?
  • How would they cast me?
  • How are they casting me now?
  • What consistent feedback messages do I get?

This is one way to help you determine your brand as an actor.

Once you figure out what your brand is, tailor your social media presence to reflect it.

If your brand really is “the best friend”, align all of your visual marketing to match this message.

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Speaking of visual marketing, let’s move on to the next tip…


Before I show you the Under The Radar Self-Promotion Trick, you need to understand a few key things about HOW people use Facebook.  

Facebook has been, is, and will always be a social media network, meaning it’s a place for being social.  

The reason people are on Facebook is to connect with their friends, share news stories, rant about things they’re passionate about, watch adorable puppy videos, etc…

Casting Directors are no different.

Put yourself in the shoes of the Casting Director for a sec…

Why are they logging in to Facebook?

Most likely for the same reasons you are: to rant about politics, to procrastinate what they should be doing by scrolling through other people’s rants, to look at pictures of their adorable nephews, or to kill time by taking quizzes to see which Hogwarts House they truly belong in…

Guess what they’re not doing on Facebook?

Searching through their newsfeed or their inbox for submissions.

Facebook isn’t about reaching out to Casting Directors to send your links and headshots.

That’s considered spam.

If this has been your approach in the past, it’s okay, don’t beat yourself up about it. But it’s time to change your strategy.

Facebook Tip for Actors: Stop trying to convince CDs to cast you. Build relationships instead. Click To Tweet

Here’s your chance to redefine what it means to be a Facebook friend.

The “Under The Radar Self-Promotion Trick” For Facebook

Instead of constantly posting self-promotional stuff about your acting career, use the Under The Radar Self-Promotion Trick…

For every 10 posts you share on Facebook, promote your stuff in one. 

This is how you avoid being one of those “actors” who makes everyone on Facebook cringe.

If you post nine non-promotional things and then slip in one piece of self-promotional content, nobody will cringe, unfriend or unfollow you.  

They might even be excited to see it.  

That’s because you posted so many other things that weren’t promotional, and this allows them to see the real you, and feel a real connection with you.

Of course, Facebook isn’t the only relationship-building platform out there…

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When used correctly, Twitter can bring you even more opportunities for connection.  

But have you ever thought:

“I don’t know what to tweet!”

If you’ve had this happen to you, here’s a strategy that’s going to take a big weight off your shoulders and totally light up your Twitter feed…

You don’t have to be original.

Nobody said your entire Twitter feed has to be your original thoughts.

Of course, if you love to write and you’re prolific, or a regular Ricky Gervais, have at it.

But most people aren’t.

So, when in doubt, or facing a dry spell, retweet.

social media for actors using Twitter

Curating interesting and inspiring content created by others is a great strategy to give your Twitter account some spice and interest.

If you retweet cool stuff, people will think you’re cool for sharing it.

Not only that, but retweeting someone is a great compliment and a terrific way to get on the radar of someone you want to connect with.

In fact, why not take it to the next level by adding a personal reply?

REMEMBER: The way you engage on social media is just as important as what you post, or how often you post.

Can I make it even easier for you to use Twitter?

Here’s How to Double Your Twitter Content in 30 Seconds Flat

Repurpose old tweets.

Did you know each of your tweets has an average shelf life of 7 to 18 minutes? (Unless you’re already a celebrity or have a huge Twitter following).

This means that only your followers who happen to be scrolling through their newsfeed within this timeframe will even see your tweet.

And then just like that, it’s gone from the Twittersphere.

The good news is, nobody will notice if you repeat a tweet.

Twitter Tip for Actors: Recycle your best tweets at different times throughout the week. Click To Tweet
Suddenly, by repurposing tweets at different times of the week, you’re reaching an even wider audience with the same piece of content you already created.

Congratulations! You now have twice as much content to Tweet, without having to do any extra work.

It really is that easy.

Remember, your social media strategy all comes back to what your branded message is, and how you connect with people.  

Stop trying so hard to promote you, and just BE you.

To discover 3 Surprising Ways To Use Social Media For Your Acting Career, Connect With The Right People & Get More Auditions (Without Self-Promoting), join me on my upcoming free training “The Social Media Switch”.

Your turn! Were these tips on branding and social media for actors helpful? Which tip was your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments below… :-)

You DESERVE the Red Carpet!

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  1. Belinda Delaney says:

    All 3 were very helpful!

  2. Nice post! Even though I’m not an actor, this is still really useful in creating my own brand image without falling prey to oversaturated self-promotion.

  3. James Mallon says:

    ‘luv’ it.

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    Thank you Amy! Hopefully this social media course can help me reach across the waters to important Hollywood folk from here in Oz ;)

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    Heading into the webinar room but quickly wanted to mention how much of the wisdom expressed here also translates to face to face meetings. I’m about to make the general meeting rounds and this information is written in bold. Thank You Amy Jo.

  7. Pablo Cotter says:

    Amy Jo, I love this. I have spent so much time trying to be EVERYTHING I’ve forgotten to concentrate on being the best (and most “brand-able”) me.

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    I loved the suggestion to retweet again. I never thought I could do that. Thanks for the tip. I’m signing in at 7:20 CST. Maxine

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  12. Evette Murphy says:

    This is amazing information, Amy Jo! Thank you! I’m having trouble branding myself. If it was the old fashion cow poke way I’d have no trouble (although very painful). However, I don’t think I know who I am. I’ve only done independent and student small projects. My casting is all over the map with those. I’m pretty certain I’m a character actor. I don’t know how to brand that. I’m not hilariously witty, but I can be funny. I am also good with drama. I get confused in all of it. I can’t wait to hear all you have to say on the webinar! Thank you for offering it for FREE! You are amazing!

  13. Great info as always, to remind us of the basics no matter where we are and other valuable useful information to develop ourselves further in our beloved craft “)

  14. Sherri DeMarino says:

    Really useful information! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the tips. Especially the branding and stuff about twitter. I have twitter but rarely use it. Now I know how to use it?

  15. Great stuff Amy. Very useful for actors starting out who might be intimidated by social media. And a good reminder for the over promoters :)

  16. Monica Steuer says:

    Very useful! Thank you, Amy :)

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    Good to know, def gives you a diff outlook!!

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    Great advice for actors! I especially like the twitter feedback.

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