Actor Headshots: Why Size Really Does Matter

When it comes to actor headshots, size really does matter.

actor headshots size matters
As actors, most of the time you're focused on understanding how the biz of Hollywood works from your own perspective.  But truthfully, you'd get much better results if you understood how Hollywood works from the perspective of the person from whom you want something.

And this is so true for your actor headshots.   And this is why you MUST understand the Casting Director point of view about yours.   In today's video,  I give you an important glimpse into one VERY SPECIFIC thing that Casting Directors need from your actor headshots in order for you to be the needle that actually gets pulled out of that haystack of thousands and thousands of actor headshot submissions.

Click below to watch this video on why SIZE MATTERS with your actor headshots now:


Your turn!  What challenges have you faced in getting your actor headshots noticed (in the right way)? Did this insight help you? Please share it in the comments below :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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18 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    It’s difficult to ignore it when someone is massaging you without your consent while your photographer is trying to take photos of you and you are trying to not get blown up . Microwaves are invisible . McFly and MadDug Tannen had a similar issue , but different causes . But I know what you mean .

  2. dan says:

    A couple of examples of good and bad headshots would have been even more helpful.

  3. appreciate the info
    thank you very much

  4. Christopher K Johnson says:

    Thanks this is great advice, something one generally does not hear!
    These are the ones I use. Love to hear some feedback.
    Same haircut, just combed differently.

  5. Philip Wade says:

    Pop across the pond and this is whayt you will get from my headshot session.

  6. Brad Buckman says:

    So very true Amy. As a headshot photographer, I periodically sit with casting directors and watch over their shoulders, and it’s eye-opening indeed to see how quickly they scan 100 thumbnails, then jump to the next batch. Each photo has to be clean and clear and say so much in a heartbeat, keeping it simple and all about the actor is more important than ever.

  7. rosie gordon says:

    Very helpful article! Going to consider this for my next headshot for certain.
    Thanks !

  8. Alina Zilbershmidt says:

    Very Helpful! Thank You Amy for your wisdom and knowledge!

  9. Nelson.E.Ward says:

    A very good point. Really didn’t consider that CDs are looking a small thumbnails. Would have been good to post some good and some bad examples.

  10. From your headshot I would cast you if our roles were reversed. I like how you walk your talk and have great energy!

  11. Dhilok Modi says:

    Thanx Amy. It never came to my attention. You’re a true mentor…!

  12. Michael Golodini says:

    Fantastic tip, Amy! Gracias!

  13. Lisa Marie says:

    very helpful

  14. Kim Banta says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Amy, that we need to pop at a small size before they ever see our large size!

  15. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    Hey Amy! Great tip! I’ve been using black tops when I was Blond, but now that I’m a sizzling redhead, I’m thinking of a green top. Is this out of the question or should I stick to the sexy black one??

  16. verona Rose says:

    This has been so helpful. I am most grateful. I look forward to my acting journey as a AJB follower.

  17. Jan Cartwright says:

    I’m a photographer who specializes in head shots for actors, and I’m happy to see this video! It’s something I reiterate to my clients all the time when they want a headshot that includes their outfit, their necklace, etc. etc. I tell them that it’s all about the face and how small that shot will be on casting websites! As an actor myself, I always enjoy your videos and find them to be very helpful.

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