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2016…Will it be the best year ever in your acting career?

That's my hope.

That's what drives me — what INSPIRES ME to keep creating more training, blogs, videos, livestreams, webinars and classes to help you.

As I look back on 2015, I'm grateful to say that a lot of wonderful things happened for so many actors I've worked with.

The results from my private coaching clients and my students have been astounding.

The results I've heard from all of you who've told me that you've applied something I've said or done in my blogs, free training classes, live streams or videos that have helped you be better, be happier and book more than ever has been astounding.

You have inspired me beyond measure.

So, I went back through all the blog content I posted this year and pulled out what I consider the “Best Of” my blog in 2015. I heard from you that these are the posts you loved best, shared most and couldn’t get enough of.

If you missed any of these, now would be a great time to take stock and draw from this content whatever you feel would help you the most in the coming year of your acting career.  Enjoy!

The Best Of My “Tips On Acting” Blog 2015

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How To Get An Agent or Manager To Work Their Tail Off For You…And Love It!


In these 4 videos, you get direct answers from A-list talent agents on how to get an agent and also how to get an agent to work their butt off for you.

Actor Headshots: 3 Things Most Actors Get Bass-Ackwards


Actor headshots are THE most important tool every actor has yet most just don't work. Are you getting these 3 things bass-ackwards? Find out in this BLOG

Shockingly Simple Sabotage You Inflict On Your Acting Career Daily


There is 1 simple thing you may be doing to hurt your own acting career. It’s sneaky and subtle, but it has profound results. Watch this video for the fix.

How To Get Casting Directors To Follow You On Twitter


Want to get Casting Directors & Hollywood influencers to follow you on Twitter? In this video you'll learn the 1 BIG thing you can do to help that happen…

The Perfect Audition Finale: 3 Ways To Button Your Audition With A Bang!


One of the most overlooked parts of your audition is the “button”. Watch this video to find out why & how you can master it using these 3 subtle variations.

3 Ways To Shine Like A Star In Your Casting Director General Meeting


As a Casting Director, when I did general meetings with actors at HBO, there were 3 things we wanted to see. You'll get them all in this video acting tip…

2 Audition Tips To Master The Last Minute Audition “Sides Switcheroo”


Ever go to an audition, handed new sides? Uh-oh! In this video you'll get 2 critical tips to be ultra-prepared and nail it anyway…

Self-Taped Auditions: What Casting Directors Really Want To SEE


In this self-taping audition tip video, you'll find out the number one thing you must get right (and WHY) so your audition doesn't get deleted.

The 3-Step Cure To Break Audition-Killing Patterns In Your Audition Dialogue

Ever get stuck in speech patterns in auditions? In this BLOG , you'll get my 3-step cure to break audition-killing speech patterns so you can nail it!

What I Know About Actors

what i know for sure about actors
This is a very powerful post that I recommend reading first in case you happened to miss it during the holiday hubbub. As you begin to prepare for the BEST YEAR EVER in your acting care, let it inspires you and ignite the fire in you… or at least bring a little smile to your face.

I hope you enjoyed this “Best of” blog.

Your turn!  Which post did you enjoy? What would you like to hear more about in 2016?  Please share in the comments below :-)  I love hearing from you!  You inspire me :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet,

P.S. I will be doing my annual New Year’s Day free LIVE webinar this year where I will share my plan for you to UNLEASH YOUR MAGNIFICENCE and go “Beast” in your acting career in 2016. If you want to be on (and trust me, you do), click the image below to register now.  BEAST MODE: ON

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7 Responses

  1. Thank You Amy for these Juicy Hunks of Awesomeness !!!! Here is to SUCCESS on every level !!!! :) x

  2. Tressielynn Kincannon says:

    First off: Happy New Years, Amy!

    I certainly feel a change ahead in the next year! I have felt so much more confident, relaxed and ready since I’ve started taking in your tips! I have tons of notes ready to be put into action and I feel like I can take on the world!!

    As for what I’d like to see in 2016? Perhaps a blog about set jargon/lingo/vocab? I’m a bit new to the film side of the industry and get a little confused with their terminology versus theatre. Some are the same, some don’t exist and some have totally different meanings!

    I know being on set is a great place to learn, but there’s also some off-set lingo that gets a bit confusing.

    I’m trying to think of anything else, but I seem to be drawing a blank at the moment! Anything you decided to share with us, I’m sure will be valuable information!

  3. In the coming year, I want to be more conscious of being conscious.

  4. Happy New Year amyyyyy!!!

  5. Becky raisman says:

    I love your job and can you show examples on what makes a good audition self video? How to stand out can you give tips?

  6. Love your blog! I share it on my social media pages all the time. You can never stop learning, picking up tips & tricks in the acting biz

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