The Perfect Audition Finale: 3 Ways To Button Your Audition With A Bang!


Whew!  It’s over…

Or is it?…

When it comes to auditioning, there are so many different skills to master and audition tools to use, sometimes it’s tough to remember to use them…especially when you're under all that audition pressure.

Probably one of the simplest, yet the most powerful audition tool that you can use comes at the end of your audition just when you thought it was over… It's this one…

Your “button”.

When you forget, ignore or simply don’t know how to properly use a “button” in your audition, your wonderfully rich and delicious scene that you’ve worked so hard on can fall FLAT, right at the end.

The END!!


Just when you want to leave them with a feeling of ZOWEE-BOOM-POW, you’ve left them with the feeling of…ho-hum-zzz instead.

So let's get to it…Let’s dissect the “button”.

What is the “button”?

It's the final moment of your audition.

But not just the final moment of your audition…It’s the moment that completes it.  (You'll see what I mean when you watch the video)

And when you play your cards right, it can really work in your favor.

When you play them wrong, your audition comes off looking unprepared, unprofessional and well… most of all, unfinished.

In my years in the audition room, I’ve seen many, MANY actors miss out on this simple yet powerful tool.  So, I felt compelled to make this video to show you why it’s important for you so you can create a really strong finish to your audition.

I’ve noticed that in casting sessions when the button is actually deployed, usually only one variation ever shows up (if at all) so I hope you’ll find these 3 subtle variations extremely useful.


In this video, you'll get the answer to:

Why Is My Audition Button Important &
How Can I Use It To Create A Powerful Finish To My Audition?


Now can you see why your button is so important?

Do what you must to make sure you use it  every single time you audition.

And I know that in the past, when you haven't used it, it's not that you’re not purposely refusing to button your audition. That would be silly.  :-p

Sometimes it’s as simple as this…You forgot!

After all, you're trying to hit an audition home run every single time.  And then there’s all those audition nerves on top of it.

Here's what you can do to make sure you remember to include all the important bits and pieces of your audition every time…

Create a systematic checklist of all the steps you need to take for every audition and keep it someplace handy. Then, just refer to it every time you're preparing an audition.  Or you can just use mine. Download the “Ultimate Audition Prep Checklist” for free here.   That way you know you’ve covered all 15 steps to create a standout audition every time.

Easy peasy.

REMEMBER: If you're audition doesn't have a button, it's naked.
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Just think about the 3 button variations. Choose one. Use it.

Rinse. Repeat.

Your turn! Did you learn about the button in your audition class? Did you know about the 3 variations? How have you used it in your auditions? Tell me about it in the comments below… :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

download the ultimate audition prep checklist

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12 Responses

  1. Roy Stagg says:

    Great reminder, Amy! Love the button term, too.

  2. Eryn Rea says:

    Yes, very important. Thanks for the reminder Amy!

  3. Kenneth Council says:

    Thanks, Now I know how to Button it right.

  4. David Nathan Schwartz says:

    So useful as always thank you !

  5. Babs P says:

    Love the term “Button”….you certainly don’t want to leave on open….Great tips Amy!!!

  6. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    Never knew it was called a button before. Thanks for the ‘memory trick’ that I can lock on to. Awesome as usual!! :-D

  7. julia says:

    Awesome thanks a million! If your audition doesn’t have a button, its naked! love that! :)

  8. Mark Resnik says:

    good tip….It’s the follow through .. I would like to think that it’s something I’ve done as a matter of course, but will be much more aware, and make a conscious “button” choice next time…thank you !

  9. SophiaLouiseRobinson says:

    brilliant thanks Amy! I love your tips!

  10. Tara Adamo Marks says:

    Great Tip Amy!! As always SUPER helpful! Thank you, Thank you!! <3

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