Shockingly Simple Sabotage You Inflict On Your Acting Career Daily

There is one simple thing you may be doing that’s hurting your own acting career.


It’s not obvious. It’s sneaky. It’s subtle…It’s shockingly simple.  But it has profound results. And it’s all in the VIDEO below. 

A Little Video Backstory

By now you know I love to make videos for you with tips to help your acting career…Everything from tips about headshots, self-taping, audition technique, getting agents, your mindset …etc.

Some of them come from my years of experience in the audition room, coaching actors on their upcoming auditions, questions I get on my Facebook page or in my email, common mistakes I see in submissions, on social media, etc.

But this one came from somewhere else.

Where This Acting Career Tip Came From

I simply woke up with a burning passion to share this with you. I guess you could say it came to me in a dream.

I actually shot this video around this same time last year. And I woke up today and the thought came to me that I must watch it again. And when I re-watched it, I got fired up all over again and felt a burning passion to share it.

The message in the video is just as true for you and your acting career now as it was then…in fact, even MORE.

Timing is Everything In Your Acting Career

Right now, at the beginning of a new year, as you make plans to have the best year ever in your acting career, you NEED to hear this message.

I hope it changes your daily mode of operation in your acting career a little bit and plants a seed for an even greater success than you’ve ever had before.

The Experiment

In the video, I give you a little experiment to try that will further prove what I share with you when you watch. If you’re game to try it, go ahead. In fact, I dare you.  ;)

I know, I know…I’m being kind of mysterious…Just watch the video now and you’ll see what I mean…

Watch The Video Below


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 Your turn… Did you just have a shift in your thinking about your acting career?  Are you willing to try the experiment? Let's hear it in the comments below!

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!


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86 Responses

  1. Aubrey says:

    Thank you for the awesome tip, Amy! I’ve always loved how upfront you are with how to have an awesome acting career. I have actually started doing that on FB because really there are too many times I see nasty stuff on there. I think I actually have seen a difference when I only focus on the positive versus the negative. Truly an amazing thing, our minds, ya know? :) I always look forward to the webinars you host. Your teaching is helping this actress become a little more brave to chase her dream, step by step.

  2. Susie Q says:

    Thank you! I think this is applicable in life as well as establishing an acting career. One might argue that Algebraic balancing of equations teaches to balance cause and effect of actions. I love you Amy and, as always, you prove that acting skills and life skills are often synonymous.

  3. Iza Kała says:

    <3 Powerful Amy!

  4. Lamont James Brown says:

    Thanks Am’s. Real talk. See you in a bit.

  5. Do you think this works even if it is positive stuff not relaated to the industry? Often on my acting page I share happy news about things not industry related?

  6. Tressielynn Kincannon says:

    Yes, yes, YES! Absolutely YES!!!

    I’ve even read this tip on other sites! Do NOT think negative! Don’t say “I can’t” or “I won’t”!! It’ll get you no where!

    I CAN do this, and I WILL do this! :D Being positive is the only way to go! I’ve only just applied this to my life a few days ago and already I feel a change!

    This is just… Amy, you breathe new life into people! You are an AMAZING woman! Thank you so much for your tips and inspiration!

  7. Thank you so much Amy. I’ve been on a journey toward this and it’s tough at first, as Jeanne said below, but I do feel it working. Thanks for the reminder that I have to keep track of my self-talk. I’m glad I’m already keeping away from the “Complainers”. It definitely helps.

  8. Irene Santiago says:

    Thank you AJB! Thoughts become things.True. Good or bad. I have always know this and I wholeheartedly agree.. I am so glad I have discovered you. You are on FIRE for actors! You go girl!I have gone through good days and bad days. All a state of mind.

  9. Darcy Wright says:

    The law of attraction is so powerful. Thanks for this reminder Amy :) I will share this. I work w a lot of actors at a diner where we perform. There is a lot of negative talk about how we all wish things could be different. It’s important for us all to remember this very basic principle! I know, for a fact, that some of my colleagues are in desperate need of taking this in :). I will also work on it!

  10. Jennifer Yadav says:

    Great advice, Amy. I find this to be especially true when I have to get onstage. Negative thoughts of any kind lead to self-doubt, anxiety, and start to affect me physically. Bad news for a singer.

  11. Kripi Singh says:

    very true … loved it :*

  12. Bruce Clifford says:

    Amy, without even realizing it, I have been through this experiment many times. I made it a fact to only start posting about inspiring positive things and realize only a few friends, like it. When it is the other way around though, as I remember complain about the weather, or complaining about my hometown Philadelphia Eagles it generates a wider response. Just like you said we have become accustomed to this negative drama, and complaining, and woe is me. We are addicted to that feeling. I 100% agree with you, and have been working hard to squash all the negatives in my life, including my own inner thoughts that everyone has that aren’t even true. It’s work but it’s so worth it.

  13. Paul Vincent Blue says:

    Thanks Amy … not only good advice for acting … good advice for life … we are what we think

  14. Ericka TheAristocrat Hampton says:

    Amy your so right! Every time you say these things it gets further cemented in my mind! Positive attracts positive. I always try to stay positive even in a stressful situation. Thank you for the message.

  15. David Nathan Schwartz says:

    It’s funny. Some time ago I noticed that all these folks around me were so negative and draining me. I decided that I wouldn’t have that in my life anymore, I would help someone who needed a hand, but not just constantly hear people bitch for the sake of bitching. I told everyone this,told them I would help them find solutions but we have to do more than just complain about things. Suddenly I found myself almost friendless, people accused me of all sorts of things, I was such a horrible friend etc etc etc, all these negative folks exited my life.

    At first I felt sad, betrayed and used.Then I thought, “why would I want to be surrounded by such negativity all the time? This is the greatest gift they and I ever gave myself!!” Lo and behold nature abhors a vacuum , new positive group of people began taking their place in my life.

    Two sayings you reminded me of: ” If there are 50 musicians in a room you get music, 50 actors why is there just bitching?” ” When you curse yourself there are three souls in Gehenna ( the land of shadows) proclaiming “amen!””

    You’re right, keep clinging to the positive/light, Thanks for the reminder. Happy New Year, rock on!

    ps One point about FB, when I post pics or videos of my child I get TONS of likes, I think his job in life is bringing about happiness which he is more than willing to do!

  16. Scott King says:

    Thank you for your great thoughts and encouragements!

  17. Vincent Ticali says:

    Amy….Thank you SO much for this. Thankfully, I am one of the “lucky” ones who have already learned this very valuable lesson. I post and share Positive information. I pass over negative things. Gratitude is what it’s all about. Thanks again for the reminder!

  18. Reaghan Reilly says:

    I wasn’t a naturally positive person. I think in some cultures, we’re just not raised to be. I have learned to look for the positive in everything and your videos, emails and classes have helped A LOT! Even when I’m having a little moment of dispondency, I think – hey, what would AMY SAY? You’ve become my number 1 mentor and I’m very thankful for finding you. The phrase of the moment for me is “like attracts like” – so be what you want to attract! :D xx

  19. La Trice H says:

    Hi Amy! I am one of your newer students (connected with you through the DMB class) and I am absorbing IT ALL…
    NOM, NOM!
    Thank you so much for this video. I just had one of those negative conversations with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. I told him about your classes in hopes that he will hop on board and start hacking away at all that mind trash along with me. I can’t wait to try the experiment and I’m looking forward to the wonderful influx of “positive” that I am choosing to believe is headed my way! Thanks again!

  20. Marilyne Klein says:

    Thank you Amy you are 100% write, it is so important to be positif we will attract all by Doug so, I do not like negatif people waist of time. Sorry but Amy thanks

  21. Buddy says:

    this is so true!! I talk about this all the time!! I was ready to put a offering in the plate with AMEN!! Thank you

  22. veronica says:

    True lol. Well your theory I believe is true bc I am.one of the people who don’t open a lot of the negative subject lines and to be honest….this is the first link I’ve opened in a while. Yeah for positive energy! Thanks for all these videos and tips. I truly believe my time is coming and it’s going to rock!

  23. Mel Roberts says:

    An eye opener that makes perfect sense. I’m glad I took time to listen to your video.

  24. Cynthia Rose Grassi says:

    100% truth! Most passionate video of yours I’ve seen, @Amyjoberman.

  25. Dave Hobbs says:

    One of the best books I’ve ever read is Shad Helmstetter”s “What to Say When You Talk To Yourself”. Very powerful lesson on how to keep positive momentum in your life just by the things you think or say.

  26. Laura says:

    Amy you are my confidence mentor, every time I need to shut up the voices of others telling me no I listen to one of your tips, read a blog etc.
    confidence can seriously boost your career and life in so many ways. Thank you so much.

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      I’m so glad. It’s one of my favorite subject to train on. That’s why I have so many classes and such devoted to it. There’s a real need and I’m so glad you are benefiting Laura!

  27. Brittany Jefferson says:

    I love it!

  28. rocketmannequin says:

    Right on the money!

  29. Lore Burns says:

    Hear hear! Thoughts become things; like attracts like!

  30. Joy Nash says:

    LOVED this so much Amy. Thank you for all that you do!

  31. Lauren Hart says:

    Thanks for a wonderful video Amy! Such an important message and way to kick of 2015!:)

  32. Thomas Nash says:

    Thanks Amy, absolutely true and one of the most important lectures not only in ones career, but also regarding life itself. Negativity attracts negativity, complaining leads to people who complain, which normally means not very successful people. But if you have a positive attitude, you attract more positive people and events and circumstances. And over all, complaining and being in a negative mood and repeating things that didn’t work out doesn’t feel good, whereas thinking and talking about the positive aspects feels good and encouraging. A very good video for the new years beginning.

  33. David Walker says:

    Good Stuff!! Thanks Amy!

  34. Indiana O'Callaghan says:

    You’re so right Amy…..I totally believe in this although I don’t do it all the time!!! Thanks for the reminder!!!

  35. Drew Schneider Falcone says:

    Tell us how you really feel? haha. Great stuff. Simple and true. Tune your radio (Mind) into the channel (energy) you want to listen to (live with). The universal law will bring to you what you are being/feeling. Yea, I got this from listening to your vids, by the way. Keep ’em coming!

  36. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    OM!!!! What an eye opener this VLOG is! Didn’t need to do the test. The truth smh!! :-/
    Have been working on this already but am putting it into major hyper – drive NOW!

  37. veleka says:

    You’re awesome, Amy Jo

  38. Murphy Hayes says:

    I know this, and have made great strides in putting it into practice, but this is a perfect time to be reminded! You are the best AJB!

  39. Tye Evans says:

    Such a good reminder for 2015! With a good attitude, we can all make 2015 the best ever. So, here we go!!!

  40. Heath Hudson says:

    I hear the negativity at auditions and on set all the time, people complaining about their agent “not getting me anything!”. From my experience, it’s my agent’s job to get me an audition and it’s my job to book it… I’m a big fan of doing what I’m told, my parents beat that… I mean, my parents taught me that.

  41. Denice Duff says:

    100 percent truth Amy!!

  42. Jeanne Young says:

    Amy, I just love you:) I am actually a walking example of how this really does work. No matter what I am going through in my life, my thought process makes all the difference in how I feel about it, how others react to me, and what is drawn to me… like attracts like, it really does. Is it sometimes hard to keep that positive state of being, sure, but, I have found the more you no only practice it, but LIVE it, the more you really do feel that way and it starts to becomes second nature…it gets easier. When you live in this state, a more positive flow of energy comes to you without even having to work at it as hard…such as opportunity, a better relationship, better job, etc.. Amy gives us some really great tools to use and apply throughout our daily lives, and it works! That’s why I Iisten to CFF in my car over and over again…I miss or forget things and it reminds me. I have little post it stickers all over my wall in front of my desk at home with all of Amy’s little sayings and ‘questions’, as well as other positive quotes I love. I look at them ALL the time as a reminder and it instantly makes me feel better if I am having a moment. In these last several months I have had more success in such a short amount of time then ever before. I just was offered a role in a pilot today! WOOHOO!

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      That’s so awesome Jeanne! It’s been such a pleasure watching you devour all the information and really APPLY it. It’s not a surprise to me that you’re having great results…just a DELIGHT!

    • Randi says:

      I always try not to engage in negative activity and if I am present for it, I shake it off. This business is way too tough to allow negative thoughts and vibes into us and our creativity. Great video Amy, we owe so much to you!!!

  43. Toni Kelly Fazio says:

    Amen! I love your passion. Your hair is stunning too!

  44. Cindy Myskiw says:

    I always try to say positive things. Even for my friends that are actors I try to show them the positive things when they start being negative.

  45. Bang on! This is such an important principle- I wish everyone knew about this!

  46. Mamito Kukwikila says:

    You are sooo awesome! Thank you for this great tip! I’m gonna walk into my audition this afternoon with this wonderful message in mind :-)

  47. I have tried this experiment Amy. For the most part I agree with you. I pretty much always post positive stuff but I tried something a little negative and yes I did get alot of comments, actually had a few people arguing with one another. I ended up deleting that post. As far as the positives I get some smiles, laughs, nice comments but I can not yet say that it is making a big impact….time may tell. Thanks for the words of wisdom. As always your the best.

  48. Joseph Rich says:

    Amy, you are awesome. I try to explain to people this simple concept, yet it is so far from their minds. Like attracts like, hence why I found you and your work you are putting out for us actors.

    Happy to have found you, and I hope you continue putting out such great material. Thanks so much, and happy new year!!

    ~Joseph Rich

  49. Bryn Berg says:

    Amen!!!! Thank you!

  50. Tony Burden says:

    I completely concur. I actively discourage negativity on my social media feeds

  51. Great Tip! Then again…all of your tips are awesome! Thanks Amy Jo! :)

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