How To Get An Agent or Manager To Work Their Tail Off For You…And Love It!


how to get an agent

“How do I get an Agent who's going to work their tail off for me?”

Have you ever wondered?…

Whether you need to get an Agent or already have one, the one thing you know for sure is that they are supposed to:

  • Get you in the door
  • Get you more auditions
  • Get your more meetings
  • Get your career in a better position than it was when you were flying solo

Yes, a good Acting Agent or Talent Manager is supposed to do all of those things, but the truth is, you may have experienced otherwise.

You may be either feeling like your Agent isn't doing enough (or anything at all)…

…Or you may be banging your head against the wall because you've been trying to get an Agent (or a better Agent) and you just want to shout from the rooftops:

“Someone please tell me — how do I get an Agent?”

Here's the good news…

Because I know this is a big source of frustration for most actors (which is why I created an in depth video training class on everything you need to know to get an agent), AND I also I did this…

I sat down with 2 A-List Talent Managers who have been in this business for a LONG time, armed with my questions from YOU and asked…

The result is a four part video series (below) and by the end you'll get answers to a lot of KEY questions you have about:

1.  How to get an Agent

2.  How to find an Agent

3.  How to keep an Agent

4.  How to get an Agent who wants to work their tail off for you

Let's dig in…


In this video #1 you'll get the answer to the question:

“Where do you find talent to represent?”





In video #2 you'll get the answer to the question:

“What would make you NOT represent someone? (aka what you should NEVER say to your Talent Agent or Manager)”






In video #3 you'll get the answer to the question:

“What do you expect actors that you represent to be doing on their own to further their career?” (Do this and they will LOVE you)





In video #4 you'll get the answer to the question:

“How Do An Agent & Manager Work Together For You Vs. Competing With Each Other?”



Your turn! What is your experience like with your Agent or Manager?  Are you having trouble getting an Agent?  What are you going to try when it comes to getting an Agent or working with an Agent or Manager that you learned from these videos? Please share it in the comments below :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet,

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31 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Best agent and management team ever. A dream & vision that is infinite genius. Blessed and thankful every moment of every day. A standard and formula equation of gargantuan success forever. I love you big dream team. You make the universe A light and dance el mucho big love, the best life we live and every day is a gift.
    Johnny Ramirez and Hilary Ramirez
    Ramirez Saints

  2. Nicole Davenport says:

    Appreciate this so much! Truly gave me the insight as I knew I was on Target! Big thumbs Up

  3. Jacqi says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you! For all four videos. You answered many questions I have had for years. I have built a wonderful and inspiring network and have been overlooking that path for getting representation. You are a wealth of info and I am so thankful for you sharing it!!

  4. Joe Dignoti says:

    Great information, as always, thank you Amy Jo!

  5. Melony Lamar says:

    Great videos! I know where to start!

  6. jess says:

    1)Is it okay to ask your manager to help get an audition for a specific show or part you heard was casting?

    2)I just got a manager a month ago and he hasn’t gotten me any auditions, is that okay? does it usually take time? if so how much time should i wait ? and should i follow up if he doesn’t get me anything?

    3) can i ask my talent manager to help get me an agent?

  7. Michael Golodini says:

    I meant goodies! :)

  8. Michael Golodini says:

    What a load of goonies! Thanks a bunch, Amy!

  9. Maria Wilson says:

    The tips were good information and true.
    I was fortunate to get involved with training 1 year prior to having an agent.
    I learned a lot of what your said and it has been working. Having a good relationship with my agent is as vital to me as my family. My agent works hard for me and I am always available. I continue to hone my craft and keep it all communicated with my agent.I always let her know any conflicts, like vacations or family emergency. I don’t take for granted that my agent is totally responsible for my career. I need to own it, It is a business and i must constantly seek to improve,Thanks Amy.

  10. Thanks Amy for All the Wonderful tips, these are valuable gems :) x


    Thank you Amy. I have found all of this information valuable and can’t wait to get started!

  12. rosie gordon says:

    Thank you Amy. yes,these were great tips and quite helpful. I plan on implementing them and finally focusing on my career full force in 2016. This is my dream and goal!

  13. Kenneth Council says:

    Thank you Mrs. Berman, these 4 videos gave me a greater understanding of Talent mangers and agents, are looking for in new Actors.

  14. veleka says:

    I do every bit of what you talk about, Amy, and my agent loves me. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Lilian says:

    What about foreign actors? How too get a good agent if you still have an accent? Most of agents here don’t wanna represent actors who have an accent…

  16. Well.. I skipped tip 1 started on tip 2 than 3 which then the answer surprised me so went to Tip 1 and onto Tip 4 which is why I came here. Tip 3 and 4 were really awesome and answers unexpected. The question on Tip 4 was not what was mentioned at beginning which is “How to get an Agent who wants to work their tail off for you?” but loved the answer to the question in it’s place. Tip 3 answer was unexpected as I thought one answer might be the obvious which is take acting classes. Loved the answer very much!

    PS In back of my mind was wondering the question about well if I have an agent do I really need a manager? And you read my mind for some reason as answer of one reason having also manager came out in answer to Tip 4..

  17. monie lee Perez says:

    I love all this information! Unfortunately, I have been having a horrible experience with my agent here in Texas. Besides the fact that she takes 20% (non union) and up to 35% for SAG projects, she ignores my emails, evades questions about payment and doesn’t even live in Texas (she lives in LA) and is always out of town, and unavailable to meet face to face and always demands you to pay her for jobs, that she did not book for you. Right now I am dealing with an issue where I was to be paid 1000$ for a job, and ended up with a paycheck for 120$, all while telling me I need to schedule an appt for new headshots with her. I am getting ready to report her to the BBB and TX Film Comm. It has been such a hassle and very discouraging.
    Fortunately, gosh, this experience has been priceless and has taught me about some of the scams and shadyness of certain individuals
    and to be wise and really research the heck out of things, which I would have never known before, so for that..alright!!!!! :)

  18. Dija Henry says:

    Amy thanks for sharing this awesome information! Very inspiring stuff.

  19. Karin Naylor Knebl says:

    Amy, you always have fantastic information. This has been very helpful!

  20. Jermaine A. Gamble says:

    Great stuff as always Ms. Berman.Thanks.

  21. dramagrl says:

    Thank you so much Amy! I just landed my first agent with help from your awesome videos :) Now that I have an agent, will I also need a talent manager?

  22. john says:

    very helpful advice.

  23. Jasper Thomas says:

    The 4 videos are helpful. I learned not to over share and complain. I also learned that Agents and Managers accept referrals from their clients so I should be friends with other Actors. You are my source to being a serious and knowledgeable Actor. Thank You.

  24. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED all 4 tips!! So spot on. Had a great manager in LA before he retired. Since I’ve resumed my career in the Atlanta market, after a LONG hiatus, finding a new agent/manager has been tricky. I’ve heard of several good ones here but getting to them is considered next to impossible. I’ve made a few friends with writers, Directors & production cos. What is the best way to leverage these connections?

  25. Anita says:

    Hi Amy, would you say it’s necessary to discuss with my manager before signing with a theatrical agent?

  26. marypoppings says:

    Thanks for the advice! But sometimes I prefer NOT to research too much about the agent/casting director because then I become nervous and try too hard. I prefer just thinking “I will do 100% every time no matter who this is”. What do you think about this?

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      If it’s getting you results, then great. If not, then you may want to consider another approach.

      • Lorren Cotton says:

        Hi Amy, I’m in LA looking for an awesome Theatrical agent… any suggestions? I can also do local hire in Chicago.

        • Charice says:

          Omg!!! Lorren I love your work with black&sexytv! How is L.A treating you? I ask because I am an aspiring actor and have been told NY is a better market for me because I’m “urban”

          • Lorren Cotton says:

            Hi, Charice!

            Thanks so much! As for NYC being better, I don’t know about that. Is say look at WHAT’S being cast from there. If you think that fits you more than sure. But I’m banking that LA had more opportunity overall theatrically, so this is the place.

          • Charice says:

            Thanks for the advice and keep being awesome ☺

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