How To Get Casting Directors To Follow You On Twitter

twitter for actors follow

She's following you…


Your MOTHER, that's who.

As an actor, if you don't know how to use Twitter the right way, she may be your only follower.


If you want to change that, and learn how to get Casting Directors, Directors, Producers and others of influence in Hollywood to follow you, there's one BIG thing you can (and should) do…

In the video below, you'll learn that “thing” (and several actionable ways to make that happen).   

It's All About The Right Training

Twitter for actors can be somewhat confounding because, unlike acting technique or auditioning classes, there are few reliable sources to teach actors the right way to use Twitter (or any social media) in a way that attracts the right people to your acting career.

Without that training, often times, you may fall in to the same classic trap that you fall into when you're trying to get Casting Directors to like you on Facebook by posting too much or posting the wrong things.

…Things that actually repel the very people you're trying to attract.

So What's The Answer?

That's what the video below (which you'll be watching in a sec) is all about.

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NOTE: If you've had your head in the sand about using social media for your acting career, it's time to get it out and learn how to use this VITAL resource to move your career forward.  It's really not optional anymore.

So, here are your options:

Option A:

Try to figure out the powerful ways to use Twitter and other social media platforms on your own, without proper training, getting nowhere fast while wasting your time, getting frustrated and watching others get the acting and audition opportunities you should be getting…


Option B:

Make a commitment to find out what works on Twitter, Facebook, etc., and use it to your advantage to create powerful relationships, get more auditions and more opportunities while developing a following that makes you more appealing to those who would cast you.

If you chose Option A, then watch this video, because if you're going to white knuckle it and learn this stuff on your own, you might as well start here

If you chose Option B, then watch this video so you can find out what it takes to create a following on Twitter.
twitter for actors
Okay, okay, you caught me…I want you to watch this video on using Twitter because it will help you either way.


In this video, you'll get the answer to:

How Do I Get Casting Directors To Want To Follow Me On Twitter?


Now that you've watched this video, you'll notice that you've started to think differently about using Twitter.

Those suggestions on what to post to attract people of influence to you are only the beginning layer.  It's not hard to master Twitter for your acting career…

Seriously, you CAN do this.

In addition to being a powerful way to have some control over your acting career and create more auditions, opportunities and acting jobs, it can actually be creative and fun IF you are willing to let go of your blocks about it and learn it.

REMEMBER:  For every actor who wants more opportunities, the time to learn how to use Twitter (the right way) is NOW…

>>>Tweet This<<<

Here are the facts…

You're an actor who wants more acting work…

You're reading this blog…

You know social media is a big deal…

And you know that learning how to use social media the right way so you can get more auditions, book more jobs and harness the power of it for your acting career (without wasting a lot of time) is what you need to do next.

If that makes sense to you, here are your action steps:

twitter for actors step 1

Open a Twitter account (if you don't already have one)

twitter for actors step 2

Create a list of influential people you'd like to work with (your “target” list)

twitter for actors step 3

Start following people who are on your target list

twitter for actors step 4

Make one post a day using what you learned in this video.

twitter for actors step 5

Expand your education quickly so you can get your Twitter (and other social media accounts) working for you as an actor.

Oh, and I almost forgot…

For great acting & auditioning tips & inspiration, follow me on Twitter  :-)

Your turn! Are you on Twitter?  Are you afraid of it (it's okay, I won't judge)?  What's your biggest fear or frustration when it comes to using Twitter for your acting career? Tell me about it in the comments below… :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

twitter for actors

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