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When it comes to tips on acting, the biggest void that exists is actor training on belief. Yes, belief.

As an actor, you need to train yourself in how to maintain your belief in order to succeed as an actor, so you can land squarely on that red carpet where you belong.

Of all the tips on acting I share when it comes to helping you be better and book more, my absolute favorite thing to discuss is in the area of belief, largely because there is such a void.

What I’ve found is that an overwhelming majority of actors spend time focused on finding tips on acting in the area of technique or how to get in those doors you feel shut out of. Both very important for your career.

However, if you neglect belief, you will fail, or you will find success and then lose it.

There are two kinds of belief you need to be aware of as an actor to help you get your feet firmly on that red carpet: Belief from others and belief from you. Let’s break it down:


You might have looked at that title – Belief From Others – and thought: “You mean I have to get people on board in order for me to succeed? Whaaat?”

No. You don’t need others to believe in you. But here’s how you can use belief from others to help you succeed.

There will be times in your career as an actor when you just don’t think you can do it anymore. You’ll consider quitting. You’ll think of giving it all up and going back to school or pursuing another career entirely. You’ll be at the end of your acting career rope.  No “tips on acting” will help you at this point.

This is the time to rely on the belief from others.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how you can use the belief from others – even ME – to propel you closer to your red carpet moment – your success as an actor.

Yes, you may have people in your life telling you you’re nuts for pursuing an acting career. Tips on acting won’t come from those people. They don’t have belief.  And that’s okay.

Stop seeking it from them.  They are not your support system when it comes to belief.  When you continue to go back to that well over and over, you are perpetuating a cycle of self-sabotage.  Stop.  It doesn’t serve you.


Of all the tips on acting I’m ever going to give you, the most important one is this:

In order to become a successful, working actor, you must first believe it’s possible.  <<Tweet This>>

This is probably the biggest challenge you will face in your acting career. I know that you might think your biggest challenge is getting in the door of that big Casting Director or getting your “big break”.

But this is the truth:

Your career-making opportunity will come MUCH FASTER when you believe it willClick To Tweet

Not hope, not pray…BELIEVE.

This can be one of the toughest things to do as an actor, change your beliefs. But it is not optional. In order to hold that golden statue in your hand and give that speech you’ve done so many times in your head IN REAL LIFE, you have to know – KNOW deep down in your gut – that it can and will happen.

Do whatever it takes to develop that belief, whether it’s attending one of my free online trainings, listening to empowering audios, reading books on mindset, hypnosis, meditation, getting a mentor or coach…whatever it takes, DO IT!

Belief in yourself as an actor is THE most important tool in your arsenal.

<<Tweet This>>

Tips on acting (whether it’s technique or the business of acting) take second chair to your belief that you can do it.

And remember, when all else fails, watch that video again and remember that there’s at least one person out there who does believe you can do it…and I’m rooting for you! ;-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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115 Responses

  1. Leslie says:

    My favorite video you’ve done. Thank you.

  2. Victoria Waite says:

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and positivity towards all people on the acting life journey. You are truly an inspiration for all actors and a great motivator!

  3. Amy Jo you are inspiring me in ways which I do not have time to articulate right now!!! And I mean inspiration in what I have come to believe is the true sense of the word, ” to ignite something which is already in side of a person “. Got that from Tony Robbins😃. Thank you so much, see you on this evenings Wicked Confidence webinar!!!

  4. Marion Tovey says:

    Thanks very much for this inspiring video. It is very helpful and motivational.

  5. Doris says:

    Hi Amy,
    You hit the nail on the head! I needed to hear this message today. Thank you so much!

  6. Stephen Lyle says:

    I really enjoyed this. Thanks!

  7. Bernadette Medhurst says:

    THANK-YOU for being so positive !!! You’re inspiration is genuine, and greatly appreciated! Cheers!!!!

  8. Milt Pearson says:

    Amy this is Tony, watched the belief video. What struck me the most was “I don’t care if we haven’t even met I believe in you. In these few days you’ve done more for my career than anything I could imagine. It’s the simplicity that you’ve broken down that I never thought of. Acting is acting but connections, friendships & partnerships are infinity. You’ve given me tools I never even considered & for that I’m grateful. Thx Tony. My profile says Milt Pearson but it’s me. Haha

  9. Winston Smith says:

    When did you get your first golden statue?

  10. Laurie Kirk Fisher says:

    Thanks so much for these videos, they are a constant inspiration and wonderful tool

  11. SirIsaacFalcone says:

    Awesome! This inspires me a lot!! Thank you so much Amy! I like that you motivate me to keep up my acting to achieve AWESOMENESS!!

    I’ll see you in the class!! :D

  12. Kat Fairaway says:

    Thanks Amy!!!

  13. Johnny Lee Sanchez says:

    Awesome insight and encouragement. Excited to join in on the webinar, and learn some things.

  14. Emily Selden says:

    Belief is number one…Thanks for the great video and words of wisdom, Amy. I’m so glad you popped into my facebook feed.

  15. Thanks Amy, its 8.30am in London, I’ve just got into work and this really touched me. I got very emotional! Thank you, I’ll remember this :)

  16. maybeTRuth says:

    excellent – belief is soooooo important

  17. Vince Blair says:

    I ❤️ you Amy Jo Berman please marry me! ?

  18. AmyJoBerman this is a very inspiring article and could not agree more. Belief, Persistence, Perseverance, and Passion!

  19. Andrea Lily Martin says:

    Crying like a baby here. I haven’t worked since October and the last audition i had was in June and I made a total tit of myself have been so down since and all i keep thinking of is walking away but I can’t do it. I don’t want to walk away. I feel like it’s almost like an abusive relationship sometimes

  20. Maddie Connell says:

    This helped more than you’ll know! Thank you so much! Being under 18, I find it challenging to get into the business because most casting calls are for 18+. Therefore, I often find myself doubting if I can really make it or not but posts like this remind me that I can do it, so thank you!

  21. lucy says:

    I do believe that I belong on the red carpet. I believe I will be on the big screen really soon :-) lucy lopez

  22. Josh Conrad says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Amy Jo. I see my actor friends sharing your quotes, videos, and acting tips on Facebook all the time and LOVE how generous you are with your support and insight on the industry. Belief is a huge component to this business and I was so happy to see you touch on that here. I look forward to your continued inspirations!

  23. Adriana Melo says:

    Thank you :)

  24. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    In that space now. As usual, you & the Universe bring me back to my senses.

  25. Sabine Janssens says:

    I’m not even an actor, yet I always find something usefull/inspiring in your posts!! Thank you :)

  26. ezimonteiro says:

    Thank you Amy…

    I live in Brazil, and want to be an actress… my main issue is that we don’t have a lot of oportunities… but I believe I’ll be able to achieve my dream…I’m a programmer, but I’m always studying acting…


  27. David Clark says:

    This video came at such a good time for me. Having just had some BIG doubts about my abilities after being overly self critical on an audition video! But I agree, if I believe then that’s what matters, and with belief will come results. Thank you Amy, from Australia.

  28. Dottie says:

    I have what I call haters that do not support me in my acting but I am old enough to know that they do not matter. I matter and I continue to pursue the acting jobs that I would like to be involved in. It’s my life and only I can water it to make it grow as needed. There water is not pure like mine, so I do not need their water. :) Does that make any sense ???

  29. […] wild risks like this without the absolute confidence to pull them off is where the “failure” happens.  But when you have the confidence and commitment so firmly in place you don’t even know you’re […]

  30. Barbara Bea Ackles says:

    Thank you so much for the confidence boost. We all need encouragement and to believe in ourselves. You are such an inspiration!

  31. Heather Sultz says:

    Just hearing you say this out loud is so powerful, even though we haven’t met. I needed to hear it today, and do believe it too. Thanks!

  32. marymcgloin says:

    Thank you Amy, it’s nice to know you’re out there and you really care. I believe in me, too. Sometimes it’s just a bit more overwhelming than other times. I love your advice. Thank you.

  33. Amie Sponza says:

    This hit home for me too. Tearing up listening to you. As much as I know Everything Works Out for Me, there are always those moments of doubt that creep in. Thanks for the reminder.

  34. Jeanne Young says:

    Thank you Amy for always being an inspiration and believing in us, and encouraging us to believe in ourselves:) I BELIEVE whole heartedly the path I’m walking is exactly where I’m suppose to be, and the carpet is within my reach! Would you like to walk beside me Amy when the day comes?

  35. Guy Balotine says:

    Really lovely stuff Amy. Thank you. It’s funny, I recently closed a show in a regional theater in Upstate, NY and the role that I was playing gave me that feeling – am I good enough? Can I do this? – The whole way through rehearsals. I felt I was overwhelmed by this part I was playing, I couldn’t find clarity and specificity in the characters actions and choices and felt swamped for the longest time. But then I took a step back and found something, and trusted it, believed in my choices and ability, and had a hell of an opening night and 4 week run.
    I like to think that breakthroughs come when you least expect them, but have worked hard all the time, enough that you believe they will.
    Thanks for your great messages and videos.

  36. Taunya Gren says:

    Of all of the many posts I’ve enjoyed reading from you, this one is now at the top of my list. Thank you.

  37. Robert Sean-Riaz says:

    ‘Belief’ is one thing we must have to keep going and I believe 2015 will be the year… the year of believability! Thanks Amy, you are a shining light in these dark winter days!

  38. Leena says:

    I’m your fan Amy Jo Berman. You inspire me as an actress and as using inner voice with my strengh.

  39. Benjamin Dane says:

    Wow Amy Jo! It has been a while! Great to see your bright smile and glowing face again. I took a couple of your workshops in L.A. a few years ago. Your encouragement lingers my friend. I am still in the biz! Looking forward to your webinar. Bless ya much!

  40. AJB – Just what I needed to hear right NOW! I have been at it quite a while and had a melt down last week. THANK YOU!

  41. Andy says:

    I’ve realized I’ve been blessed enough to have literally all of my family, friends, classmates, and teachers believe in me. An army of support and belief in me, and that the only thing left to unlock everything is belief in myself. I don’t know why it’s so hard. But little by little I’m getting there and this video certainly was meant to be watched today. Thanks Amy!

  42. María Cid says:

    So touching and wise… Thank you; I believe in you too. :)

  43. Peter Estrada says:

    That’s why Peter stopped walking on water and sank. Ge lost his belief. I know that i have nothing to lose at the audition since i don’t have the job. If i just PLAY i’ll relax and enjoy the acting. Anytime you get a willing audience, you have your opportunity to act, not job seek/auditon.

  44. Mary Suzanne Ordonio says:

    This made me smile. Thank you for motivating me! :)

  45. This was awesome. Thank you for posting!

  46. Amy Jo you rock! LOVE how your acting tips are so often also LIFE tips. I truly thank you for that.

  47. Rebecca says:

    You are wonderful! Thank for this precious pick me up and the constant outpouring of support and advice. Wow.

  48. Demonicego says:

    As a producer who is in the process of holding auditions for our upcoming movie, I wondered if you would ever offer help from the other side of the camera as far as process to find the right actor/actress. I.e. callbacks, pairing, etc.

  49. georgina says:

    Thank you Amy Jo .I love what you say ..
    I have a question , I have an agency in Knoxville for almost 4 years and I have been bless to have opportunities doing commercials and series for discovery channel like snaps this opportunities are every 2 or 3 months , I love what I do and my dream is been one day in a film I am scare to audition since I have an accent my first language is spanish , my agency says I do not need to have acting classes the directors wants to see , “your real you” should I lissen them ?? Also Where can I find more auditions opportunities my agency has maybe 5 per year .. is nothing ..thanks

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      I always advise getting trained. Acting is a profession. You have to learn the ropes. It would be like an athlete with “natural ability” not getting coached just because he has talent.

  50. pfffffffff … fb accidentially made me discover you just now, dear Amy Jo.

    I’ve just returned from a casting workshop in London (I’m a Luxembourg based actress) and feel – how can I say – overwhelmed. Our coach, I believe, was really good and gave us a lot of valuable tips, gave us honest, but tough feedback on our very being, our looks, the material with which we are represented in cyber space (demo reels, head shots, ‘about-me’s and the like) and the way whe stand a chance to successfully sell our talents. But I have to admit, I returned overwhelmed, and rather frustrated.

    Well, this is Europe. The French think b/w shots are great, in Germany it’s a no go. In Lux. we like intros and outros to our showreel, in Germany and Eastern Europe they say it’s like a commercial, you should simply be yourself, not your own PR (wo)man. I was told ‘don’t control everything.’ But I don’t have an agent, yet! So who do you think is selling myself, if not me???

    It’s NOT what film directors and casting agents want to see. They are interested into a glimpse of your soul.

    I totally see that point.

    But I simply can’t afford yet another montage of a reel and yet again new head shots.

    My hair is too blond, too short, the body too boyish, it doesn’t show enough of my feminine side. I see that point, too, however, so far I felt quite comfortable with the way I am :-/

    Anyway, thanks for this uplifting reminder, Amy Jo.

    Hugs from Sabine.


  51. Amahre Palmer says:

    I’ve been laughed at and mocked. I’ve been told I’ll never be successful as an actress, and to give it up for something “more realistic.” However, I am convinced this is my destiny. I believe in God and that talents/gifts He placed in me. I won’t stop, and I won’t allow the sarcasm and negativity of others stop me! If someone really wants something….NOTHING CAN STOP THEM FROM ACHIEVING THEIR GOAL. Amy, thank you for Inspiring us to KEEP GOING!! #OnAJourney

  52. Rachel says:

    Aww Thank you Amy exactly what I needed negative people just make you feel like throwing in the towel… now am feeling more positive and have faith

  53. Maxine Greco says:

    Well, thank you for your emails and videos. Sorting through email, I saw your video. I believe in what you had to say. Belief is the key word. Thanks

  54. David Tucker says:

    VERY positive and crucial tip Amy Jo for us brave actor souls on a journey to win! You always bring the really good stuff just when it’s needed!!

  55. marymcgloin says:

    I agree with you. And I thank you. And I believe in you, too. You’re a very inspiring coach. :)

  56. lizellie says:

    Amy, your speech was truly inspirational. Thanks for that. I have a few in my life who are seriously jeolous of the projects I work on. They mock me because I am not a star and say that nobody will ever see the films I’ve participated in. I have to constantly tell them that I do this because I have a passion for portraying others and entertaining the public. I show off my films with pride and continue to push for bigger and better projects. Hoping to get a compliment for the work I’ve done and they do nothing but bring me down. So thank you once again for your support. I will definately book mark this posting. Love ya gurlfriend. You are the greatest.

  57. Christopher Seivright says:

    Thank you Amy! Thank you! You almost made my eyes fill up with water. Needed this. Probably more than I let on or even realize for me.

  58. KTB says:

    Thank you Amy Jo! I appreciate the pep talk’ I have an audition coming up next week and I intend to use this information. Thanks for believing in me; I know now I can do it!!!!

  59. Sandy Issa Balat says:

    It’s always great to hear this!

  60. Matt Jain says:

    Thank you Amy for the encouragement. Belief is powerful and that you believe in actors (us) is an inspirational boost.

  61. Jahna Houston says:

    The missing link for me, Amy :-) This post started my day, and I can’t shake it’s resonance :-) Thank you for the passion you have for helping actors! I feel and appreciate you :-)

  62. Ashley Joyce says:

    Wow. This hit close to home and brought tears to my eyes this morning. Thank you Amy! We all need some more belief in our lives.

  63. Kerry Hurst says:

    Thank you Amy Jo :) I really needed this.I had a huge let down on Monday and listening to you and reading your blog has given me a massive boost :)

  64. Perry Ray says:

    Thank you. I just finished watching a film and had that moment of self doubt and thinking I can do that but when will it all fall into place, and then I checked my email and the first thing I saw was this link,it really reassured me that I make it & I believe you can run 2 extra sprints next time :-) cheers

  65. Jovanna Ortiz says:

    Are you kidding me Amy? WOW, WOW, Wowww!!! I have a “Believe” quote on my wall and you have just established and reignited its priority!! So Many Thanks;)

  66. Kristine Fambrough says:

    This is so very true, and even though I know I sometimes forget it…so thank you for this post…just in time as always.

  67. Violet Maw says:

    Love this video. Something so seemingly simple and small, can actually be huge and so important. Love it!

  68. sajal says:

    I like it as theatre actor some time dificult to maintain that.its a chalange within himself to motivate everyday and keep faith strong.

  69. Heather Bodnar says:

    Love this! Thank you!!!!

  70. Charles says:

    Straight to the point! You always deliver Amy Jo :) and I say this, and I’m sure others will totally agree with me on this ” You are very much appreciated ”

  71. JR. Laveta says:

    Thank you Amy for your ever timely advise you continue to put out…Very much appreciated.
    Living on the other side of the world (Australia )
    it’s always very much needed to get great advice and guidance from someone who’s got their finger on the industry pulse.
    Please continue on with your good works, your efforts are highly valued.

    Ps: I take you with me to auditions lol

  72. Peter Estrada says:

    Thank you SOOO much for the reality of your message. I follow you not just for your valid info, but often we see eye to eye with a person of your passion and we know these things to be TRUE, but it’s so helpful to have you repeat the info so strongly that it makes you not JUST a teacher, but a great coach ! I teach the same way. I have had had instances in my life where i should have been dead. This has served me well in realizing how precious my time/energy is. My goal as a teacher(and performer) is also to inspire. BLESS YOU !

  73. Peter Hallin says:

    Completely agree on this! I have also found that if you believe in yourself, others will automatically start doing it too. And so it becomes an empowering circle so to speak.

  74. MaryannStrossner says:

    Thank you ! Just what was needed !

  75. Amanda says:

    I’m with Wesley, I needed to hear this today. Perfect timing.

  76. Wesley says:

    I needed to read this article. I was at the end of my acting rope until I saw this. Thank you

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      I’m so glad I could help Wesley!

      • Mark Resnik says:

        if I’m not mistaken, you are partly responsible for inspiring the creation of the Facebook page..Industry Insiders… Please check out my vlog entry on there which should be posted tomorrow. No, not as polished as an Amy Jo video.. but…..and thank you for what you do.. don’t YOU ever think it goes unnoticed….warmest regards..

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