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The Easy-As-Pie Fix For The Sneaky Audition “Pause” Trap

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I'm going to tell you something important.

Something nobody's had the guts to say to you.


You  have spinach in your teeth.

Metaphorical spinach, that is.

You know what I mean…It's that thing that's right there… But you don't see it.

And yet, that thing is making a huge impact on how the person you're talking to is receiving what you're saying.

You see. the spinach in your teeth that I speak of is just like an audition trap. Read more >>

Want To Become An Actor? Avoid This Classic New Actor Trap…

become an actor

I've got a story for you…

Once upon a time, there was an actor.

Let’s call him “Bubble Boy”.

Bubble Boy, like most actors, was passionate, creative and excited to get his career off the ground.

He felt that surge of excitement when he realized that acting didn’t have to be just a hobby, he could become an actor PROFESSIONALLY — he could do it for a living!

Now there was just no stopping him. He was ready.  Because that’s all it takes to be a professional actor.



Oops.  Bubble Boy forgot something…You also need this… Read more >>

3 Ways To Shine Like A Star In Your Casting Director General Meeting

casting director

Want to knock their socks off?


Casting Directors, of course!

I hope the answer was a big fat YES, because that’s what this blog is all about.

Specifically, how you can knock their socks off in a “general meeting”. Read more >>

Audition Tips | 5 Ways To Standout & Be Memorable To Casting Directors


As someone who’s spent 20 years in the entertainment business as a Casting Director, including 14 years as Vice President of Casting at HBO, I have held a lot of auditions, seen thousands of self-taped auditions, met and hired a ton of actors.

With all that casting experience behind me, and the thousands and thousands of actors that I’ve auditioned and coached, I can tell you this with 100% certainty:

As an actor, there are specific things that you can do that make you memorable to Casting Directors (in a good way). Read more >>

The Perfect Audition Finale: 3 Ways To Button Your Audition With A Bang!


Whew!  It’s over…

Or is it?…

When it comes to auditioning, there are so many different skills to master and audition tools to use, sometimes it’s tough to remember to use them…especially when you're under all that audition pressure.

Probably one of the simplest, yet the most powerful audition tool that you can use comes at the end of your audition just when you thought it was over… It's this one… Read more >>

Are You Being A “Bobblehead” In Your Auditions?…Here’s the “Cheat”


It was disturbing to watch…

And it happened over and over in audition after audition…

And you might be doing it too.

It’s what I call the “bobblehead” audition.

Vulnerability, Rejection & Acting Coaches…Oh My!

Vulnerability & Rejection.  These 2 words represent running themes that you, as an actor, experience regularly throughout your acting career.

acting coach

Here's the million dollar question….

How can you be expected to be vulnerable so you can give your best audition or performance, when you are also dealing with rejection and judgment?  This is the conundrum we will tackle in this VLOG. Read more >>

Best of  The “Tips On Acting” Blog 2014

When it comes to helping actors, I'm grateful to say that in 2014 a lot of wonderful things happened. The results you have all been getting have really inspired me.

I created a bunch of new trainings to help you be better and book more. I made lots of new video acting tips for you. And, 2014 was the year I launched this Tips On Acting Blog for you.

best of the blog tips on acting

I went back through all the content I posted this year and pulled out what I consider the “Best Of” my blog in 2014. I heard from you that these are the posts you loved best, shared most and couldn’t get enough of. Read more >>

Why The Jason Momoa Audition for Game of Thrones Stopped Me Dead In My Tracks

The Jason Momoa Audition for Game of Thrones seems to have gone viral and there’s some good reason for it. There are definitely some great lessons to be learned from it for every actor and I will share 5 of them with you now.


Although, I’ll admit, the moment I saw the Jason Momoa audition for Game of Thrones circulating virally on Facebook for the first time, I stopped in my tracks.  Here’s why… Read more >>

3 Tips To Become an Actor Without Feeling Overwhelmed


Your acting career is about to take off!…
That’s how it feels when you decide to be an actor. You made that decision; suddenly the world is open to endless possibilities. You can already feel your feet on that Red Carpet!

And then it happens…

The endless possibilities for your acting career that once seemed like a delightful buffet of delicious treats now feels like an endless array of offers, tools, classes, coaches and…well…decisions, decisions, decisions. Read more >>