How To Be An Actor Without Getting Scammed

How to be an actor without getting scammed…It's something every new actor should know.  There are many unscrupulous “Hollywood” scammers out there.

how to be an actor

It's tough enough trying to figure out how to be an actor, you certainly don't want to get burned in the process.

Here are some important tips to allow you to identify and avoid “Hollywood” scams. 

Watch the video on “How To Be An Actor Without Getting Scammed” here:

I hope this video helps you avoid a potential pitfall.

If you're newer to the business and how to be an actor is all you can think about…Good!  Focus on your passion and never lose sight of it!

If you'd like me to post more tips on how to be an actor without getting scammed or just how to be an actor — a PROFESSIONAL WORKING ACTOR, please let me know in the comments below.

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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22 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    People are trying to help me but I am attacking them .

    Sometimes it’s difficult for me because I don’t know how to communicate what’s really going on over here .

    Fellow coworkers might know . At the pizza place .

    I was saying what I was saying , but that was not if this makes sense what I was saying .

    Maybe .

    Because of context and who am I responding to ( last , this time ) , is this connected to that , ok so this was the last very very harsh harsh criticism , ouch , is this connected to that ….. and etc etc etc …..

    I don’t know if you were here working at the same pizza place , if that would make more sense .

    Ah , he’s attacking me , why ?
    I think he doesn’t know you very well ( yet ) . He doesn’t know the correct language to use , these are more like “ sound bites “ than what’s underneath the wolf-iceberg .

    But likely he would be nicer and less afraid of everyone outside his immediate vicinity ….. if he just knew how to communicate better .

    He’s not very good at it now . He probably sees the world a lot , a lot different than you do .

    Imagine trying to train a feral cat to properly drink tea , something like that .

    That’s what he’s really like ….. but he would -like- to be more sheeplike . He would prefer it , but when he says “ this can be Hell , “ maybe he is talking about the everyday is different every moment is different immediate dangers over here . Sometimes he messes up anyway , and he pays for it , he really pays for it , boy does he pay for it , a lot .

    ( Ok , he thinks , again ….. how did I mess up now ? )

    Wolves survive better over here anyway . Maybe different in LA .

    Maybe he’s confused .

    Or maybe there is no way for him to communicate what is really going on over here ( please check w/ his coworkers , if they seem trustworthy enough to you ) , but he wishes there were .

    All is not what it seems in Santa Rosa , unfortunately . He might apply that to himself . Beware ! Unless you and he can “ mind – read “ or something like that , but that /sort-of /I think /might take some time . Could take a lot of time .

    He likes the movie , “ Watchmen , “ in a way the film itself seems sometimes true to / describes his life .

    He likes Rorschach …..

    Maybe it’s how he sees the world sometimes . He thinks it keeps him going . He thinks it seems to work so far .

    He believes things that other people might think untrue . But they seem to work for him . So he keeps on believing .

    He’s sorry for attacking good people .

    His perception sometimes ….. depends on how much he really knows others .

    I hope that makes sense

  2. Keith Lopez says:

    Thank you Amy, Always good information:)

  3. Thank you, Amy! We need to be more careful! :)

  4. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    Wonderful tips!! Ran into several of these folks when I was starting out a few years ago. I was lucky to find my manager back then. He was a really nice man.

  5. Talya Price says:

    There is a famous song from the 1960s that goes: “My momma told me, you better shop around”. And that is very true. Shop around for talent agents, photographers, acting coaches, etc. Never settle for less nor settle for one option. YOU make your career, not anyone else. Really good video, Thanks Amy.

  6. Galen Yuen says:

    Always check out everyone: Photographers, talent agencies, casting directors, etc., by doing a Google search such “Joe Schmoe Agency, ripoff”. You’d be shocked by how many complaints come up on Ripoff Report of unscrupulous entertainment businesses there are out there.

  7. Beamer says:

    Being here in Michigan where ‘Agents’ are more limited, it’s easy to fall prey to the scammers. Being new in pursuit of a career for my child has been a bit trying and we learned a $200 lesson just recently. This video is so relevant and helpful. Thank you! My lil guy does deserve the ‘Red Carpet’!! ;)

  8. Ajay Jhaveri says:

    Thanks again Amy. I have been in the photo business for 25+ years retouching and printing headshots for Actors. I have seen my fair share of Actors getting scammed by photographers or so called photographers. Of fault of their own except that this is never taught to them. I have created a free consulting service for Actors looking for photographers.


  9. ozgenre says:

    It’s the same in Australia. It is illegal for an Agent or Manager to charge any $ up front. If they do – you can have their license revoked through the Department of Fair Trading (or the equivalent Department in varying Australian States and territories).

  10. Stevie Parker says:

    ALL of your posts are important and relevant. Please never stop!!!!

  11. Archie Cogollos says:

    Once again…your all over it like hair on a gorilla….this will help the 100’s of newbies…they actually should be taught this in high drama and college/university classes.doesnt have to be a whole course…but as part of the intro to acting…there should be a course on the business of show biz….maybe you should do this on that level too!!!!!!…thx again…Ciao..Arch

  12. Amy Jo’s video sums up THE TRUTH nicely. Never pay to play. Sadly, the same scams are run on the entire career spectrum of show business: take this class, buy this book, attend this seminar…and you’ll be working in Hollywood in no time at all. None of this is anything more than a parasitic industry preying upon the hopes and aspirations of those seeking a showbiz career. A particular gripe of ours are all the “Learn to Write for Movies” courses out there. Pure nonsense.

    The reality of what it takes to start and sustain a meaningful career in front of or behind the cameras can be heard on our iTunes podcasts at http://wherehollywoodhides.com/

    Take a listen, drop us a comment…and deal with reality!

  13. Dennis Michael Saker says:

    I meet new actors all the time and my advice to them is NEVER, EVER pay to meet casting directors or agents and managers. When someone asks for cash up front, that is the biggest smell of a scam.

  14. Richard Allan Jones says:

    Good start and advice to both new and established actors looking for any way they can “make it” in this business. I would add “name” training studios, agents and managers as well because their approach/style may not be right for you. Pull out your i-pad, and research before you invest…and not on the person’s website…look for google or yelp reviews. Use your meager resources wisely and pick up freebies where you can…like this wonderful information series by Ms.Berman.

  15. Wade Dienert says:

    Imagine that, crooks in the film industry, preying on the desperate-needy actor. I hope the “new” actors listen to your advice Amy before they get scammed out of too much of their money. These guys are everywhere. They really give a black eye to the whole process. It is a shame…… :(

  16. Silvia Busuioc says:

    Thank you Amy. Unfortunately it happens and not only Hollywood, everywhere… Lots of scam like you mentioned and worse happening in Italy too…

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