Casting Director Mind Hacks – Choosing Great Audition Material

Casting Director Mind Hacks…What are they?

casting director mind hack

First let’s talk about “hacking”. What is it ? Well, the modern version, according to our good friend “Google”, defines hacking as:

“use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.”

So, then, what is a Casting Director Mind Hack? It’s using a Casting Director’s mind (a computer) to gain access to vital audition and acting information (data in a system).

You see, when you can “hack” a Casting Director’s mind, you can understand FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE what they need. And once you know that, you can use it to your advantage to DELIVER it to them.

Do you see the power in that?

Understanding the mind of a Casting Director is key to your success in auditions.”
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Let’s take my Casting Director mind for example and see why you should hack in whenever you can.

As a Casting Director & Network Executive for nearly two decades, I have accumulated CRITICAL INFORMATION about auditions, casting and why decisions are made on a micro (audition room) and macro (network needs) level.

Can you see that every piece of information I give you about the business is a voluntary Casting Director Mind Hack?

Oh the LEAPS you can make in YOUR acting career with insider info like that!

There is, however, one way that Casting Director Mind Hacks fail…Here's how you can avoid it.

The one and only way that Casting Director Mind Hacks fail is when you learn them but don’t act on them.

Here’s an example.

Yesterday I posted this extremely valuable Casting Director Mind Hack (audition tip) on YouTube about how to CORRECTLY choose material for your audition. This information came directly from my experience in the business as a person (Casting Director) who has been on the other side of the audition table from you and was in a position to make decisions about hiring you (or not).

WATCH THIS VIDEO and then I’ll show you how to apply this Casting Director Mind Hack CORRECTLY.

Okay, now that you’ve watched, you can see I gave you not one, but two Casting Director Mind Hacks in that video.

Here’s How To APPLY A Casting Director Mind Hack

Let’s take the example of the information you learned in this video about how to choose your audition materials. What super smart actors who are DETERMINED to be successful in their acting careers do with that information is:

  • Immediately evaluate their choice of audition material against what they learned from the Casting Director (in this case me)
  • If it doesn’t measure up, laser-focused determined-to be-successful actors begin the search for appropriate material that will allow Casting Directors to really take in them in and see their talent.

This type of actor will be like a heat-seeking missile and be relentless about finding something great, not someday. NOW. And then they will use it.

The next time they audition (having been properly coached with the RIGHT material), they will NAIL THE AUDITION!

Where Casting Director Mind Hacks Can Go Wrong

Thecasting directorre is one way in which a Casting Director Mind Hacks can go wrong. Let’s stay with this example (choosing audition material), and see what happens on if the mind hack is applied incorrectly.

Sometimes when an actor chooses material (a monologue or scene) they can get kind of “married” to it. They fall in love with it or have decided that it’s “perfect” (or some other superlative). When they get married to their choice of material, despite an extremely valid Casting Director Mind Hack saying otherwise, they find reasons to discount the vital information. They want to justify their choice and don’t want to let it go.

So, they continue to use it and wonder why it’s not getting them results. :(

CONCLUSION: When you get the opportunity to mind hack a Casting Director, and they give you vital information whether on purpose (in this case) or by inference or your experience with them in a room, USE IT. Use it NOW.

The faster you take what you learn from a Casting Director Mind Hack and TAKE ACTION on it, the faster you’ll get to The Red Carpet.

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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6 Responses

  1. Archie Cogollos says:

    The best advice…it’s why I write my own…

  2. Archie Cogollos says:

    Great I loved it…perfect…sooo many times u wanna do a great scene ..because u love…and absolutely…the first thing will be a comparison..to an established actor who did it…not as much focus on u. The attention to ur monologue will be greater if u write it….go to ur strength…and read alot…and find something in a book or article in a magazine or newspaper…or the news a tell a story…and write ur own..which is perfect cause u can edit it to fit ur needs…thanks for reinforcing that thought….ciao b ella…Arch

  3. Very useful thanks Amy. <3

  4. Kharina (Gata) says:

    Yes , it’s true. Select the material for any casting is the more difficult part.

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