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How To Get An Agent or Manager To Work Their Tail Off For You…And Love It!


how to get an agent

“How do I get an Agent who's going to work their tail off for me?”

Have you ever wondered?…

Whether you need to get an Agent or already have one, the one thing you know for sure is that they are supposed to:

  • Get you in the door
  • Get you more auditions
  • Get your more meetings
  • Get your career in a better position than it was when you were flying solo

Yes, a good Acting Agent or Talent Manager is supposed to do all of those things, but the truth is, you may have experienced otherwise. Read more >>

2 Film Audition Tips For Stage Actors – A Casting Director POV

Film audition tips can sometimes be the hardest to digest when you're an actor coming from theatre to film and television. It can almost feel like you have to learn acting all over again…

…Which is crazy because you didn't accumulate all those theatre credits from NOT knowing how to act, right?

film audition tips

But acting for film and television is different from theatre acting.  It just is.

And therefore, auditioning for film and television is also different.  Read more >>

Audition Tip | How To Ask A Question In Your Audition Without Getting Your Head Bit Off

In today's video audition tip I'm going to answer a question I get from a lot of my audition coaching clients…

Is it okay to ask a question in the audition room?


audition tips
The answer seems obvious but it's not.

Vulnerability, Rejection & Acting Coaches…Oh My!

Vulnerability & Rejection.  These 2 words represent running themes that you, as an actor, experience regularly throughout your acting career.

acting coach

Here's the million dollar question….

How can you be expected to be vulnerable so you can give your best audition or performance, when you are also dealing with rejection and judgment?  This is the conundrum we will tackle in this VLOG. Read more >>

Best of  The “Tips On Acting” Blog 2014

When it comes to helping actors, I'm grateful to say that in 2014 a lot of wonderful things happened. The results you have all been getting have really inspired me.

I created a bunch of new trainings to help you be better and book more. I made lots of new video acting tips for you. And, 2014 was the year I launched this Tips On Acting Blog for you.

best of the blog tips on acting

I went back through all the content I posted this year and pulled out what I consider the “Best Of” my blog in 2014. I heard from you that these are the posts you loved best, shared most and couldn’t get enough of. Read more >>

How To Hit An Audition Curveball Out Of The Park

Watch out.  It’s coming.  And if you’re not careful, it will knock you out.

Audition curveballs can hit you hard.  And they’re not only painful, they can KILL your audition.


What Is An Audition Curveball?

Audition Curveball:  When a Casting Director (or Producer or Director) says or does something at your audition that you weren’t expecting and hadn’t planned for that could possibly throw you for a loop and tank your audition. Read more >>

4 Words That Cause Spontaneous Verbal Diarrhea in Auditions…And The Cure

After thousands of auditions over the years, I’ve seen it hundreds and hundreds of times.

Diarrhea in auditions.

Eeew. Really?

Oh, not that kind. This common audition illness does not require Immodium AD or Pepto Bismol or anything like that. The diarrhea I speak of is a VERBAL diarrhea.

You know, the kind where you enter the audition room Read more >>

Why The Jason Momoa Audition for Game of Thrones Stopped Me Dead In My Tracks

The Jason Momoa Audition for Game of Thrones seems to have gone viral and there’s some good reason for it. There are definitely some great lessons to be learned from it for every actor and I will share 5 of them with you now.


Although, I’ll admit, the moment I saw the Jason Momoa audition for Game of Thrones circulating virally on Facebook for the first time, I stopped in my tracks.  Here’s why… Read more >>

Your Self-Taped Audition: The Upload Click & The Waiting Game

Self-Taped Audition. Do those words make you cringe or smile?  Love ‘em or hate ‘em self-taped auditions a part of your acting career…and it looks like they’re here to stay. But what happens after you’ve done it….after you click UPLOAD?

self-taped audition

3 Tips To Become an Actor Without Feeling Overwhelmed


Your acting career is about to take off!…
That’s how it feels when you decide to be an actor. You made that decision; suddenly the world is open to endless possibilities. You can already feel your feet on that Red Carpet!

And then it happens…

The endless possibilities for your acting career that once seemed like a delightful buffet of delicious treats now feels like an endless array of offers, tools, classes, coaches and…well…decisions, decisions, decisions. Read more >>

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