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Actor Headshots: Why Size Really Does Matter

When it comes to actor headshots, size really does matter.

actor headshots size matters
As actors, most of the time you're focused on understanding how the biz of Hollywood works from your own perspective.  But truthfully, you'd get much better results if you understood how Hollywood works from the perspective of the person from whom you want something.

And this is so true for your actor headshots.   And this is why you MUST understand the Casting Director point of view about yours.   In today's video,  Read more >>

How To Turn Your Emotional Acting Auditions From Blah to Brilliant

emotion blog

You're taking a big risk…(and not in a good way).

With what?

Emotional acting auditions.

You either love ‘em or you struggle with ‘em.

But here’s the thing…Even if you LOVE emotional acting auditions, you are at RISK of ruining your next emotional acting audition if you don’t read on… Read more >>

3 Little Words That Are Quietly Killing Your Acting Career

We need to talk about your acting career.

Yup.  I said it.  We need to talk.

3 words killing your acting career - actor mindset

You see, often times I write blogs, do videos and give acting tips and auditioning tips based on my experience in the audition room and from my experience as an executive at HBO.  And those tips are all valid, solid, tangible and real.  And they work.  Big-time.

But today is different.  Today we need to talk about the INtangible in your acting career. Read more >>

Uh-Oh, Your Acting Agent Dropped You…Now What?

Okay, your acting agent dropped you.  It may feel like the end of the world…or certainly the end of your acting career.

acting agent

But it's NOT!

You have two choices in this situation, you can spiral into despair or turn it around.

In this video, you learn how to do that (turn it around, that is.  I'm pretty sure you know how to spiral into despair ;)

Watch this video to see what I mean:


How To Be An Actor When “They” Don’t Support You

how to be an actorKnowing how to be an actor — an actor who is happy, an actor who works and has a life — can be challenging enough.

But when you have people in your life who don't support your choice, it can be even more challenging….IF, you don't have some strategies in place to help you.

The first thing you must do

3 Steps To Use Other People’s Emmy Nominations For Your Acting Career

The Emmy Nominations came out yesterday.  For some of you reading this now, your own Emmy nomination seems so far away.  Others of you can taste your Emmy nomination it like it's happening right now.

emmy nominations

Regardless of which group you fall into, today I want you to learn this one important thing: Read more >>

Acting Audition Psych Out – Uh-Oh…I’m Not Right For This Acting Audition!

Acting Audition Psych Out…It happens to every actor at one time or another.

You get the call from your agent about the acting audition.  You look at the breakdown description for your character.  Your heart skips a beat.  Just to make sure you're not crazy, you flip through the sides and the script to see if there was a typo.  But it's the same.

acting audition

And you realize you got called in for a character that sounds like your polar opposite.   Panic sets in.  How on earth can you play this?  Read more >>

The Jim Carrey Commencement Video: 6 Acting Tips Every Actor Needs To Know

The Jim Carrey Commencement Video…You may have seen it flying around Facebook, Twitter or some other social media site. There’s a reason that it’s gone viral. It is chock full of amazing inspirational, life & acting lessons all wrapped up in the gut-busting, face-twisting wrapper of hilarity that is Jim Carrey.

jim carrey commencement video

After seeing the Jim Carrey commencement video shared ad nauseum on Facebook and refusing to watch (just to be rebellious I guess?…Oh, come on, you know you’ve done that too!), I finally relented. And I’m so glad I did.

Although it was jam-packed with awesome stuff, I pulled out 6 key points that every actor should know and apply to their life, their craft, their acting careers. There were so many more but heck, this is a blog post, not a book! Read more >>

Casting Director Mind Hacks – Choosing Great Audition Material

Casting Director Mind Hacks…What are they?

casting director mind hack

First let’s talk about “hacking”. What is it ? Well, the modern version, according to our good friend “Google”, defines hacking as:

“use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.”

So, then, what is a Casting Director Mind Hack? Read more >>

Audition Tips & One Sure Way To Turn a Casting Director’s Head in the Audition Room

Audition tips that give you insight into what to do better in the audition room, particularly when they come from Casting Directors, can really help you book more acting jobs.

audition tips booked it

Today you will learn what the best source for your audition tips is and then, of course, you’ll get an awesome audition tip. Sound good? Read more >>