Your Self-Taped Audition: The Upload Click & The Waiting Game

Self-Taped Audition. Do those words make you cringe or smile?  Love ‘em or hate ‘em self-taped auditions a part of your acting career…and it looks like they’re here to stay. But what happens after you’ve done it….after you click UPLOAD?

self-taped audition
You’ve followed all the steps to create your kick-ass self-taped audition. Your finger hovers over the upload button for a second. You wonder whether you chose the right take. You obsess a little about whether you could have done better (come on, you know you do) and then you finally make that decision. You click UPLOAD.

Your stomach clenches for just a second and then it’s done. Your self-taped audition is out there…on its merry way to the Casting Director to decide your fate. Yikes!

All that tension…And then the waiting begins.

T H E    D R E A D E D     W A I T I N G.

It seems like an eternity since you clicked upload . You wonder if they got it. If they watched it yet. What they thought. Will you get a callback? Will you get the part? Oh, wait. It was only a few minutes ago.

You lament over your choices. You wonder why you didn’t get coached. You wonder if the quality of your self-taped audition was good enough. You vow to get a better home self-taping setup. How come you haven’t heard yet? Oh, it’s only been an hour.

You go on about your day. You work, you go to acting class, you go to the gym, you stress eat and regret it. You’re wondering…maybe they didn’t get it. Should I check to see if they got it?

Shouldn’t I have heard by now? Oh, it’s only been 4 hours. Darn! It felt longer.

When it comes to self-taped auditions, the waiting game can crush you if you don’t master it. >>Tweet This<<

But just how long should you wait to hear back after your self-taped audition is out there…after that fateful upload click?

Relax. The answer is an easy one.

Click below to watch this video on how long before you hear back after you upload your self-taped audition


You see, the solution is really much simpler than you make it sometimes.

Your turn! What were you thinking last time you uploaded a self-taped audition?  Please share it in the comments below :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

P.S. When it comes to your acting career, there are a lot of reasons to love self-taped auditions (in fact, here are 7 of them). Enjoy!

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17 Responses

  1. Sean O'Connor says:

    Thanks for that Amy. If the Producer has specifically requested that you audition through your agent, does that mean that you are at an advantage and maybe there weren’t as many people in the running?

  2. Levy R. says:

    Amy, these are some really great tips about auditioning. I really like your tips about not dreading the wait and to have something else occupy your thoughts. It can be really stressful waiting to hear back, so the best thing to do is keep doing stuff and stay positive. It seems like if you keep a good attitude it will be better for you in the long run. http://castingfrontier.com/commercial-auditions-los-angeles

  3. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    So far I’ve only sent out 1 so I just sent it & let it go. This was an eye opener that I may still get a response. :-D

  4. Thank you, Amy! Your tips are always helpful and clear.

  5. Gene says:

    It was good to hear that it could take as long as 6 months before you hear that you got the part.

  6. Gene says:

    It was good to hear that it could take as much as 6 months before you hear that you got the part.

  7. Tom Riska says:

    Hi Amy, I’ve become pretty good about not thinking or worrying once I hit the “send” button. About the only time I may scratch my head is if I was torn between “taking a chance” and “playing it safe” (I seldom do the latter…lol.) But my attitude is almost always “it’s out of my hands and into theirs now, if I get it, I get it.” That being said there are times that a random thought will say “you know, you could’ve ALSO considered doing….” Those thoughts are very helpful to me.

    Thank you for the advice, it is ALWAYS helpful to be reminded of the nature of this business and our role in it.

  8. Rachel says:

    Aww thank you Amy for the kick start great encouragement, I needed it… yes definitely it’s better to carry on working on your craft and going for other auditions. It keeps you free from worry and you can be using that time to learn. l understand I cannot wait and hope for things to just happen, have to dig deep There could be a better opportunity out there. One cannot rely on an uncertain project you never know if you never even try.

  9. Aja Wooldridge says:

    Great advice, Auditioning is part of the job, must admit some are more important than others and can sting alittle when you don’t get it. I learned that it’s important to keep stacking auditions in the pipeline.

    The most difficult is when you start getting cast for multiple and run into conflicts. Then you have to choose one or the other. But those are good problems to have :)

  10. Rebecca says:

    Amen! This kind of obsession does not serve! Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Bryce Hitchcock says:

    So true. I self tape a lot. I’m a musician/songwriter and I divide my time between Nashville and Los Angeles. I taped an audition in July. Got a callback in August. Yesterday, 3 months later, I got another callback. You just never know. I had an audition last week and immediately was contacted. That project was moving much faster. Thanks Amy Jo for these videos. Love them! Keep ’em coming!!

  12. Andrea Havens says:

    Amy Jo, thank you so much for the sensible, supportive info! I had almost no hair left to pull out and was considering becoming a wig model. Now, my hair has a chance to flow in the breeze as I walk that Red Carpet. You are The Best!!

  13. Viki says:

    The very first advice we (my kids and I) received when we first started in this biz was to audition and then let it go! And it’s exactly what we’ve done. You’re video hits it on the nose! Love your blog/videos!

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