Audition Tips & One Sure Way To Turn a Casting Director’s Head in the Audition Room

Audition tips that give you insight into what to do better in the audition room, particularly when they come from Casting Directors, can really help you book more acting jobs.

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Today you will learn what the best source for your audition tips is and then, of course, you’ll get an awesome audition tip. Sound good?

The Best Source For Your Audition Tips

Audition Tips come from many directions but the best ones always come from Casting Directors.  <<Tweet This>>

There. I said it.

Yes, I’m a little biased, having worked as a Casting Director for nearly 2 decades. But seriously, we are the ones who KNOW with 100% certainty what Casting Directors think when you’re auditioning. Right?

And you NEED that.

Yes, of course you can always get some valuable audition tips from others in the industry: other actors, some talent managers, producers and directors. And you should.

But, audition tips from Casting Directors – people who specialize in evaluating your auditions for a living – it just makes sense to listen to them. They KNOW what they’re talking about. They get paid to know.

And they do it all day long. Value these audition tips above all.

There are some amazing Casting Directors out there who give audition tips (besides me) and you need to seek them out too. They are your best source for audition tips. Period.

Really take in these audition tips. Listen to them. Take action on them.
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Which leads to callbacks.

Which leads to that call …your favorite call ever. … The one where you hear the words that make you so happy you practically levitate.

“You booked it!”

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that call more often?

Now you may be thinking: Okay Amy, I’m listening…where are these audition tips you speak of? Are you going to give us one now?


Audition Tips From The Audition Room

In terms of audition tips, this is one of my favorites because I see the issue so often both while in the audition room and also while coaching actors on their auditions.

Here’s the tip: Break Your Patterns!

I did a video about this a while back where I explain the “pattern & rhythm” phenomenon in detail and what you can do to break out of it.



Did that video help you really understand the power of breaking patterns??

Get out of your head and listen. Seems simple but the majority of the time in auditions, I see actors who aren’t even truly there! They are in their head or suffering from a terrible case of “audition nerves“.

Getting stuck in speech patterns in your auditions comes from thinking too much and not being present<<Tweet This>>

You might not realize it, but 99% of actors (that’s probably you) fall into this rabbit hole. You get stuck in a certain rhythm of your speech on a particular line or even on the entire scene. This can easily and quickly get you eliminated from consideration right off the bat. There goes your audition – down the toilet. :(

On the contrary, when you MASTER rhythm in your audition sides, it can make your audition so unique and special that it makes our heads turn – in a good way. That means you get more callbacks and more auditions for other things.

When you learn to break these patterns and master the rhythm of a script, you can really NAIL IT!

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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45 Responses

  1. I liked that you pointed out that you shouldn’t over think your lines during a casting audition. After all, audiences nowadays can spot overacting. It does seem like you should try to be as natural as possible.

  2. Great article! I’m constantly searching for some articles having tips about acting, this article really helps. Thanks a lot! Also try to check this List of Acting Jobs. What do you think about it?

  3. kerry says:

    Always inspiring and extremely helpful :)

  4. Mary Suzanne Ordonio says:

    Your posts always help me. I can’t thank you enough :)

  5. ccvoice says:

    I had to use this practice to do a voiceover for an introdution spot for a radio conservative talk show host . Thanks for always providing tips on what really works. You’re awesome Amy Jo Berman.

  6. viet says:

    Good advice!

  7. Rachel says:

    Thanxx Amy for the amazing tip… some days ago I had this same experience of getting stuck on lines… I appreciate all your tips :-) wow another way to stand out and be memorable in auditions is to have your own unique rhythm.

  8. Rudy Garza says:

    Thanks Amy, great tip, I’ve done that in the past and it helps getting in the Moment. I’ve also done Rote learning. What are your thoughts on Rote?

  9. Ashley Lane Adams says:

    This is a great tip. I never thought of this particular aspect of being on your side of the audition. Thanks! :)

  10. Mark Kibler says:

    Thank you for all of your helpful tips! Your tips help me get those gears turning so I can finally reach my full potential :-)

  11. Tim McDonnell says:

    Great tip Amy, thanks. I’ve a huge audition on Monday for a major TV drama & wracking my brain to figure out what I can do to nail it! Your point is so succint that it could so easily be overlooked but now I’ll be working on it over the whole weekend now in prep. Fingers crossed, this could be a career changer!! Thanks again Amy ;) x

  12. Talya Price says:

    Thank you for all of your tips Amy.

  13. Missy Tracey says:

    Do do do…dodododo Dodo! (That’s you’re awesome jingle in my head :)

  14. Michelle McKenzie-Voigt says:

    Great tip! How often have I left an audition and thought afterwards of a completely different, yet still organic, way of saying the lines! Your advice is spot on and I will try it! Any thoughts, though, on how a different rhythm will affect the character and how that might go counter to the character that’s presented on the page?

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      You still have to work within the parameters of the scene. That never goes away. There are an infinite number of ways to read any scene, EVEN with the parameters set. I don’t recommend being different for the sake of being different. It must be organic.

  15. Folami Fitzgerald says:

    This such a great tip. Thank you Amy! It’s so interesting because halfway through the video I thought “Ok I will purposely say it in a different, less obvious rhythm.” But you save us by telling us not to do it on purpose, but to practice it in so many different ways then throw it away and be present. This is such an poignant concept! One that Seems easier said than done, but I’m sure gets better with practice. Thank you for all the amazing knowledge you so generously share with us Amy!!

  16. Lore Burns says:

    Great tip! It’s so easy to get stuck in your head and that vicious cycle of thinking about not doing that and by doing so getting stuck in your head…doing the work and then letting it go is a powerful tool, I’m grateful for the reminder. Thanks, Amy!

  17. Judy Go Wong says:

    I totally agree with you. My acting coach Stephen Mitchell author of Action/ReAction taught me that and it works and books the jobs!

  18. Delno Ebie says:

    I was taught a long time ago to learn to play the word or words. This is especially important in Theatre, as well as Film/TV. And sometimes it works to play against the word. Thanks for the tips, Amy. It’s always good to be reminded in a fresh way.

  19. So simple, and yet I have no doubt that you’re spot on. We speak on auto-pilot, rather than in character. Thanks for the wake-up call!

  20. Thomas O'Malley says:

    These tips are priceless! Standing out and not being like everyone else is quite a hurdle to overcome, so I appreciate this, I really do! Can’t wait for the next tip Amy.

  21. Monique Robbins says:

    I liked how you said to practice them in different ways and then throw them away and come in and be present/reactive in the room. That way, you will be organic to what is going on. Awesome. Thanks.

  22. Emil Ferzola says:

    So great Amy!!!! I totally agree with making one’s speech as natural as possible. During an audition I also like to be cognizant of my facial expressions as I think this also brings you up to the plus side of the CD, with them noting not just dialogue but the physicality of the character as well.

  23. David Robbins says:

    Always timely, Amy! I just received some sides last night for a video audition and was doing exactly this, thinking “Hmmmm, how many different ways can I approach this content to make it my own and organic?” Wow!

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