You’ve Been Dealing With Audition Nerves Wrong This Whole Time…

audition nerves blue girl

They're following you…


It's not a who actually; it's a “what”.

What's following you?

Audition nerves.

They stalk you like the paparazzi on Kim Kardashian!

Relentless, irritating. Audition nerves can ruin everything IF…

…If you don't treat them right.

How do you treat audition nerves right?  Good question.

Before we get to the answer in the video below, let's first get a full picture of what we're talking about when we throw the term “audition nerves” around.


You walk into the building where your audition is and just before you enter the waiting room, you take a breath and try to act relaxed (even though you’re far from it).

And then it begins.  Like it or not, the audition nerves start to creep in.

You sign in and sit down.  So far, so good.

You look around the room at all the other actors – your competition – and there it is – audition nerves.

You start to feel your heart beat a little faster

Your mind races to figure out who is going to be in the room.  You desperately try NOT to hear the actor that’s in the audition room right now reading YOUR lines.

Your heart races even faster.

You start sweating.

Your stomach starts making unholy noises that you pray nobody else can hear.

Audition nerves.

They call your name.  Your audition nerves spike to a whole new level.

You hope you’ll remember your lines.

You hope they can see the depth of your talent in 5 minutes.

You hope you can focus on just the pure joy of acting as you walk in with your stomach in knots the size of Texas.

Audition nerves.

Can you relate?

Now you may not have ALL those symptoms.  You may just have one or two…or some other one.  But chances are, as an actor, you've experienced a version of this.


5 Steps To Crush Audition Nerves & Nail Your Audition…
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It just makes sense. Audition nerves are the most common plight among actors and the biggest destroyer of what might otherwise have been a jump-up-and-down-because-you-know-you-nailed-it situation.

Here's the good news…

Even the best, most seasoned, professional, working actors – I'm talkin' household names – have audition nerves.

But it’s not audition nerves that will kill your audition.  It’s how you DEAL with audition nerves that matters.

audition nerves

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So, the first step you take to “dealing” with them is the most important.  And when you do, you'll want to know the most important step to take to keep audition nerves from ruining your audition.

That's why you must WATCH THIS VIDEO…


In this video, you'll get the answer to:

How Can I Deal With Audition Nerves The Right Way?

Now that you watched that video, can you see how you might have been focused on the wrong strategy in dealing with your audition nerves?



They call your name but this time you feel light as a feather.  You feel excitedYou’re ready, you’re in the zone and you feel awesome.
Audition nerves?  What are they?

You enter the room greeting the casting team and producers as if they’re old friends.

It’s a love-in.

Audition nerves…are you here?

You read your sides and you are so focused, so clear, you are more present than you've ever been

Before you know it you are done and you don’t even remember it.

You were in the awesome zone. 

It felt MAGICAL.

Audition nerves?  Ha!

You exit the room feeling like a rockstar. You know you nailed it. You are one step closer to your dream role.


You don’t have time for audition nerves.

Is this more like a scenario you’d like to have?  Do you realize how possible it is?

V E R Y!

It's not hard when you have the right tools.  Start with this…AWARENESS.

Now that you are aware that the energy you've put into fighting off your audition nerves is the biggest problem, you can take the next step.

The next step is DECISION.

Decide now to stop doing battle with audition nerves so you can stop being a victim of them.

All of that battle makes it impossible for you to be present. If you're not present, you can't NAIL IT.

It's that simple.

Now that you're aware and present, NOW you can begin the process of eliminating the audition nerves themselves.  For some actors, the decision and awareness is all it takes for the audition nerves to melt away.  Other actors require more tools.  When it comes to what works for you, there is no right or wrong.

And, once you choose a process that works for you to eliminate audition nerves completely, you can take back your audition!

It’s yours to own.

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

audition nerves

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37 Responses

  1. Tai says:

    Wow thank you so much. You have do be confident and fully present no matter what!!!


    well it would be helpful to give us TOOLS on how to combat and/or conquer audition nerves. All this video told us is not to fight it…. well what does that mean? How do we not fight it? a suggestion would be useful. i.e. Take a pill? do yoga? meditate? scream in the car beforehand? ????

  3. I have been hit with audition nerves or nerves in meetings. My coping mechanism talking too much when not needed. A lot has to do with mind set really. But for awhile I realize it’s just an alien. I do remember one audition call back from an open casting call I had in Vancouver and it rocked. I was nervous but prepared and everything went away even inadvertently changed some lines. I was so into the nerd character that Hairy Apes became Planet of the Apes. How that came out is beyond me as I literally can’t remember as I was so in the moment. I use that experience as my bar for how I want my auditions to go.

  4. Lisa Panagos says:

    That’s a cool way to look at it. I suffer from this and it’s not fun!!! Once I book a job and am on set I’m a completely different actor. Staying consistently confident at auditions is my challenge. Thanks for your perspective!

  5. Peter Estrada says:

    Excellent video. I always convince myself. It’s not FEAR, but excitement about playing in front of a willing audience. Turning nerves intp creative energy !

  6. Tasha says:

    Thank U so much 4 this awesome tip

  7. D Pace says:

    Thanks Amy. And thanks again for seeing me for Game of Thrones. Hope to read for you again some time.

  8. Aaron Malberg says:

    great ideas, Amy!
    You’re so right about awareness.
    I’ve also found that the way we label the sensations we feel have, has a lot to do with how we feel about them
    . For instance, the bodily sensations we feel going into an audition we could call excitement and unbridled joy instead of nervousness.
    Sometimes a simple reframing of our sensations make a big difference in how we manage these “sensations”.

  9. Paul Rousse says:

    I mean…”Amy JO”. Fat fingers!

  10. Paul Rousse says:

    You make so much sense…as usual Amy Ho! Thank you!

  11. issraa farage says:

    Hi!! OMG!! what a great video. Actually, when I was watching this it made me imagine a great addition. But, I got to tell you, I get really nervous, Well not really nervous. Like I don’t shake or nothing. I sweat, yes and I tend to act and talk weird. Its a horrible habit, Like this one audition, the director is telling me you know act like this like your seeing where she is looking at ( it was for a commercial) act confused. I acted like I was confused ( the funny part they told me great confused face and I was thinking because I am always confused hehe). And after they say thank you. Thank you. I say it back thanks for having me ya.. I am awkward. And after I get out of the audition room. The building it self, I feel so exited even though at the same time I feel like crap. I feel so exited because I actually faced my nerves and went in there and I feel like crap because I thought it was worse but it was actually easier then I thought. And I know I could of done a lot better, but because It wasn’t what I expected these nerves get the best of me. So ashamed. But see I learn, but I need to learn to actually not do the same thing numerous of times. This video really gave me the ability to be confident…?? I think. But once I read: you deserve to be on the red carpet, I was so ecstatic. I want that so bad. To be known. To be a great actress. That is my dream!

  12. Ronald Patrick Thompson says:

    Very important message about awareness. Spot on!

  13. Peter Hallin says:

    What about when you aren’t aware of you nerves? When it’s more subconsious? I’ve hade auditions where I have been sure of myself, confident, prepared, I’ve had a relaxing friendly chat with the CD – everything. And some of those have worked like a charm, but equally often I’ve been hit by some nerves just as I stand in front of the camera and I lose my focus and the lines just doesn’t come out as they should, if at all. I drop the imaginary circumstance and become too aware of the situation, the camera et al. And since this takes me by surprise when it happens, I haven’t found a way to prevent it.

  14. Donald Kinsey says:

    Always enlightened when I watch your video’s, Have an awesome day!!

  15. Rebecca says:

    Yes! I’ve been doing this lately and just the acknowledgement of the nerves goes a long way to allowing them to leave.

  16. Khadijah Khadijah says:

    You know what? My problem hasn’t been “Nerves” as much as it’s been preparation? And THAT’s my fault! BUT I wanted to watch it just to hear what you had to say, MAYBE it is my nerves? Thanks.

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      Lack of adequate prep can definitely stoke the nerves. Could be a combo.

    • Claire says:

      Me too! It’s a form of self sabotage, I’m so nervous about getting rejected that I shy away from proper audition prep, so that way if I bomb I can say, well I wasn’t really ready for it anyway, if I’d had time to prep properly I would have nailed it. But obviously going into the audition room under prepared just makes the nerves worse. It’s a vicious cycle.
      I tend to shake a little when I’m really nervous in auditions, so I try to pick audition pieces which I can use that in, with a monologue where the character is either nervous, angry or sad to begin with, so that if I do shake a little it can be attributed to the emotion I’m portraying. Once I get into the piece the nerves tend to dissipate though.

  17. Cliff Smith says:

    Yea, I guess battling nerves just makes it worse. So, it sounds like we should use that nervous energy to help create the moment rather than run away from it.

  18. Barry says:

    Pesky little creatures nerves; they can overtake you like an ocean wave, tumble you so you don’t know which end is up and make you say bye-bye to your audition. I look forward to the antidote!

  19. LeAnne Rumbel says:

    Amy, GREAT VIDEO! Yes Yes Yes, this is EXACTLY what happens! I try to mantra myself that it doesn’t matter, who cares if I audition well, who cares about the job…but it just makes me MORE nervous & more on guard. I know that because my nerves get the best of me, I’ve lost jobs, and blown my audition. My nerves get SO LOUD I stop listening. It’s just horrible. With auditions, I really DO feel I’m going to battle.

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