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The Easy-As-Pie Fix For The Sneaky Audition “Pause” Trap

audition trap blog fix

I'm going to tell you something important.

Something nobody's had the guts to say to you.


You  have spinach in your teeth.

Metaphorical spinach, that is.

You know what I mean…It's that thing that's right there… But you don't see it.

And yet, that thing is making a huge impact on how the person you're talking to is receiving what you're saying.

You see. the spinach in your teeth that I speak of is just like an audition trap. Read more >>

How To Nail Your Audition When You Get Bad Direction

nail your audition with bad direction


You're at a big audition…You're uber-prepared…

You know you can nail it…So you read and then…

You hear it…

The words coming out of the Director/Producer/Casting Director's mouth…your adjustment…and it's…


Ugh, you just got ridiculously bad direction and are expected to make the adjustment…brilliantly…

Yikes! 

The Audition Sides Mistake That Drives Casting Directors Bonkers

audition sides mistake electronic sides with border

Big audition mistake, BIG audition consequences.

Seems logical, right?


Sometimes the smallest audition mistake can have the HUGEST impact.

Like this one…

Are You Being A “Bobblehead” In Your Auditions?…Here’s the “Cheat”


It was disturbing to watch…

And it happened over and over in audition after audition…

And you might be doing it too.

It’s what I call the “bobblehead” audition.

2 Audition Tips To Master The Last Minute Audition “Sides Switcheroo”

What is an audition “Sides Switcheroo”?  It goes something like this…

You get the sides.  You work really hard on them.  Maybe you get coached.  You've got this!  You feel good about your choices. You are thoroughly prepared and ready to go in and give it your all. The audition is just a couple of hours from now.  Lots to do before then…and suddenly your phone rings. It's your agent…

Guess what? There are NEW sides and they want you to read those instead of the ones you've been working on.  Ugh.

audition tip sides switch

If you’ve been auditioning for a while, then you know what I’m talking about. If you're newer to the business, then it's best you learn how to master this now because it happens…often. Read more >>

Audition Tip: How To Master Transitions To Make Your Audition Stand Out

Weird Fact: Audition tips about audition transitions are scarce.

audition tips audition transitions

I know. I looked.

There are tips on so many other things when it comes to acting — self-taping tips, mastering a crying scene in auditions, how to not psyche yourself out in auditions, etc.

But nada on transitions…until now.

Self-Taped Auditions: What Casting Directors Really Want To SEE

During my career in Casting, I've seen A LOT of self-tapes. And, as most Casting Directors these days, I've cast directly from self-taped auditions from as well.

self-taped audition

However, the one thing that just kills me about self-tapes is all the could-have-been-great-self-tapes that you got terribly wrong… And so, you lost your shot.


While there are a lot of reasons to love self-taping, it's easier to love if it produces results for you…aka BOOKINGS.

In today's self-taping audition tip video below, you'll find out the number one thing you must get right and, more importantly WHY… Read more >>

How To Get An Agent or Manager To Work Their Tail Off For You…And Love It!


how to get an agent

“How do I get an Agent who's going to work their tail off for me?”

Have you ever wondered?…

Whether you need to get an Agent or already have one, the one thing you know for sure is that they are supposed to:

  • Get you in the door
  • Get you more auditions
  • Get your more meetings
  • Get your career in a better position than it was when you were flying solo

Yes, a good Acting Agent or Talent Manager is supposed to do all of those things, but the truth is, you may have experienced otherwise. Read more >>

Vulnerability, Rejection & Acting Coaches…Oh My!

Vulnerability & Rejection.  These 2 words represent running themes that you, as an actor, experience regularly throughout your acting career.

acting coach

Here's the million dollar question….

How can you be expected to be vulnerable so you can give your best audition or performance, when you are also dealing with rejection and judgment?  This is the conundrum we will tackle in this VLOG. Read more >>

Shockingly Simple Sabotage You Inflict On Your Acting Career Daily

There is one simple thing you may be doing that’s hurting your own acting career.


It’s not obvious. It’s sneaky. It’s subtle…It’s shockingly simple.  But it has profound results. And it’s all in the VIDEO below.  Read more >>

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