Websites For Actors: 3 Burning Questions Answered

website for actors

When it comes to websites for actors, we are really in the wild, wild west.

Afterall, it’s relatively new territory when it comes to ways to market yourself as an actor. So, there’s A LOT of “slap-it-up-on-the –interwebs-and-call-it-a-day websites for actors up there. You know – the ones that are there, so you can say you have one, but which don’t really help your acting career in any significant way.

It’s because of this that I will be answering the 3 most popular questions that you may have on websites for actors.

Websites For Actors Question #1
Do I really NEED a website?

Need is a strong word.
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Do you NEED a website? I think this video answers that question:


Websites For Actors Question #2
What should be on my website?

The following elements are NOT optional. Your website for actors needs to have:

  • Your branded headshot
  • Your resume
  • Your demo reel
  • Your contact info
  • Your social media links

Your Branded Headshot
Your branded headshot on your actor website should be the image that you use most often for most things and that accurately represents your brand and which looks exactly like you when you walk in the door for a casting session. Headshots are the NUMBER 1 most important tool in your arsenal as an actor. You cannot afford to get them wrong. For more help on headshots, please check out the “Unstoppable Headshots” video course.

Your Resume
Your resume should be clear and easy to read and be formatted just as your printed one would with all your credits and training sorted into categories. This is a no brainer when it comes to websites for actors.

Your Demo Reel
Your demo reel should be 2-3 minutes tops and have snippets of your produced work edited together in a way that supports your branding and allows Casting Directors to have a flavor for what you can do or have done. Think of it as a teaser to get them interested in what MORE you have to offer rather than an exhaustive reel of every single thing you can do.

Your Contact Info
Your contact information could be your agent or manager contact. If you don’t have representation, then use a professional sounding email address and a phone number at which you can be reached. I don’t recommend posting your personal cellphone on your website. Get a voicemail number that forwards to your cellphone to protect your privacy.

Your Social Media Links
Include links to your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, IMDB and Actors Access. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instgram and the like are very powerful tools to build connections with powerful players in the business who you should ABSOLUTELY have in your network. You can learn more about why that’s so important by watching the “Social Discover Me” free webinar replay. Put them up if you are using social media (you should be!)

You definitely want a link to your IMDB and Actors Access page as well to give Casting Directors easy access to you there as well.

You want to do whatever you can to be in the mind of Casting Directors anywhere and everywhere on the web at all times. Repetition is your friend.

Websites For Actors Question #3
What should the design of my website look like?

First, you need to understand your type and your brand. Once you have that very specific concept in your mind, create a website that supports it. Besides your headshot, use colors, themes, fonts and supporting images that flesh out your brand.
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Then, they can click around and get to know you even further. But right off the bat, BOOM, they “get” you.

Having a solid branded website (when it’s done well) will eliminate forever the “I don’t know what to do with you” problem that many talented actors have. Solving that problem is critical because it can keep talented actors from getting brought in from Casting Directors who don’t yet know them for jobs they might otherwise have booked.

Want me to expand any of these topics s in another blog? Let me know in the comments below.

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  2. Judy Perkins says:

    Amy I’ve sat through a few of your webinars and always find your advice helpful and eye opening, my issue is the only training I have done is your webinars, I have no training on my resume, would it be in poor taste to put the webinars I’ve attended under training?

  3. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    Awesome as usual Amy! Been brainstorming with myself on just this very thing. Thanks for just the info I was needing to be more clear in what I want.

  4. Ryan Felton says:

    Great stuff, Amy. I recommend http://www.EasyActorWebsites.com. They understand what an actor needs and they help them achieve it. Hope you’re well!

  5. Ahsaan Ali Jutt says:

    Amazing and viral Facebook (Premium – HTML5 Puzzle Game) app to boost your business. Check out live demo here


  6. Peter Estrada says:

    Awsome advice. An accurate, artistic evaluation of oneself is VITAL !

  7. Barry says:

    Thanks Amy Jo – more great tips!

  8. MyTalentNetwork says:

    Hi everyone! I’d like to present you with my new web platform for talent, crew and Insustry Pros that include all of the above and more!! Best part, its free! http://www.mytalentnetwork.com & http://www.indiefilmit.com

    I will be officially launching soon so please if you find any bugs or want to make a suggestion, I’d be honored. Thanks!

    App is also on android: mytalentnetwork

    I wish everyone the best on their endeavors!


  9. Frankie Ray says:

    hay Amy thanks for the stuff good stuff for us all

  10. Olumide says:

    Wow!.Thanks a billion on doing this. I’m one of those people who could never decide whether to have a website or not and I’d always taught the social media was enough.

    You’re well appreciated Amy and God Bless you in all you do.

    Bookie Anifowose
    London. UK.

  11. Mark Garrison says:

    once again Amy, great information! are their free website builders out there?

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      Yes, but most of them will have their branding or ads on them, so I don’t recommend them. But, they usually have a low priced option to remove their branding. When it comes to important marketing materials, I recommend saving up and doing it right instead of slapping something up there that’s free or cheap. My 2 cents.

  12. M. Richard Prew says:

    Helpfull, but how does a Character Actor use branding? My ‘look’ varies by costuming. Wether I’m an improv-Insurgent, Cowboy Gang Member, Aging Rock Wannabe or King Duncan…?

  13. Corinne Rogan says:

    Yep, I’ve had one since 2007. It’s good 2 have it, it’s your record. Great thoughts! Thanx. Straight talk A J.

  14. constance mckenzie says:

    When I think of my actor friends I feel as though I can “brand” them fairly easily, but when it comes to branding myself, all that clarity gets quite fuzzy! Any tips for objectively branding oneself? I have been working almost exclusively in commercials – I know my brand there, but not so much theatrically, an area I am now forging into!

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      So weird how you should ask that on the exact day I taught a branding class (Class #1 of Social Discover Me Master Class). Being objective about oneself can be challenging. I’d enlist the opinion of others in a targeted way to get some feedback on how they perceive you. Good luck!

  15. Need a website? I’ve worked with big names and up & coming talent. http;//armenoweb.com

  16. KatieBeth Cesaro says:

    I think its time to hit my brother who designs websites for a living for some freebies!! As always, I greatly appreciate your wisdom and willingness to share. Thanks for caring about us!!

  17. Thomas O'Malley says:

    Phew thank-you, I had always wondered – and no-one actually would comment? I’m a business though, so it’s all promotion – and doesn’t it show how serious you are as a business?

  18. Sandra Linz says:

    Thanks Amy, have a website http://www.saerifae.com/ but need to re-do some stuff after this new info :)!

  19. Jackie Penn says:

    Thank you for the confirmation of having a web site, with the information and material that’s useful to our careers.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Amy. What do we do if we don’t have enough work for a demo reel?

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      That’s a whole other blog Jennifer…too big of an answer for a comment but a GREAT QUESTION! Please use the “Ask The Casting Director” form on my contact page to put that in the hopper for a future post. :-)

  21. Aurea says:

    Thanks so much Amy!! I have a website but I am now super motivated to update it :) thank you!

  22. Lisa Ristau says:

    Yes this did help me! I’m making one for my daughter so I made sure to put the privacy policy up so hackers etc don’t know where to find her since she’s just a kid.
    I haven’t put her resume up yet, that will be done! I also need a demo reel up! Getting the bits and pieces and chopping up may be challenging, but I’ll try to figure out how!
    I didn’t skimp and do the free website that promotes its brands all over the place, my issue is because I have two other websites, they are telling me I need to use my existing SEO, which will NOT work. Or I can pay $60.00 more when they never told me off the bat that it would be a combined issue.
    . I’m going to get on google analytics because they offer SEO and see if I can internally program to get the seo needed.

    Thanks for putting these tips out there!

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      Yes, sometimes this stuff can be challenging Lisa. SEO can be tricky and if you’re truly concerned about it, don’t try to figure it out yourself. Hire someone who knows what they’re doing. However, my gut feeling is that you shouldn’t worry about it at this juncture. It’s probably overkill.

    • Any large amount of SEO is definitely overkill for an actor website. Better to build links through social channels and have people continue to visit you with links from an email newsletter than trying to compete on search engine results.

  23. Vanessa Thorpe says:

    This came at just the right time. I was sitting here updating my website and it’s good to know I’m on the right track. However, I was definitely missing some opportunities based on your info. Well, I’m going to fix that now :) Thanks for looking out!

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