3 Tips To Nail Small Role Auditions…Without Being Boring


They are the devil.


Small roles — 1 or 2 liners, featured, co-stars…

Whatever you call them, they can be some of THE hardest auditions you ever have in your acting career.

Even seasoned professional actors with tons of credits have the hardest time nailing these little devils.

There's a good reason for that…which I will explain in the video below in just a sec.

Since we're talking about the video you're about to watch, (excerpted from a live stream I did on this topic) here's something important to take note of…

And it's the KEY to these 3 audition tips working in your favor.

They're not independent of each other.

They work together.

When you apply these tips in unison, you can vastly increase your chances of nailing small role auditions.

Make sure you watch the whole thing because they way it comes together in the Q&A after the 3 tips, gave many actors some big ol' AH-HA moments (and I think it will really help you too).


In this video, you'll get the answer to:

How Can I Book More Of The Co-Star Roles I Audition For?


Now that you've watched the whole video, did you see why so many actors had AH-HA moments in the Q&A section?

This is the stuff that books.

So, don't just watch, DO IT.  Take action.  Apply it.

Learning how to systematically apply these tips can be the difference between you having a frustrating year in your acting career and having a non-stop book-a-thon in your acting career.

Your turn! Have you ever had trouble with a small role audition?  What happened?  Tell me about it in the comments below… :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

P.S.  Need some help?  Want to learn  more about how to nail small any role audition with ease? Check out my “Unstoppable Co-Star” video class and learn the simple 5-step system to rock any small role audition like a pro (and never waste another opportunity to nail it in front of an important Casting Director again).


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22 Responses

  1. I had my first audition at Jennifer Cooper Casting for an additional role for a brand new Quibo series. I could hear the other actors in the audition room and was so unimpressed because they were definitely not creating a character. (Some of them may have gone too far; they literally sounded like they were reading the script :)) But they all were clearly well known to the casting director. I was mystified until I watched your video last night. Now I understand: They were hip to your message and knew exactly what to do — not overdo it. Lesson learned!!

  2. Ese Balé says:

    Always helpful. Thanks!

  3. Cyril R. says:

    Thank you Amy! So insightful and informative. From the different types of small auditions to differentiating between energy and size. Yes we as people are much more than “nothing”…can’t wait to apply these for auditions.

  4. Keith Nelson says:

    Amy, Just did this. It was 4 lines. Guy loved it brought me back a month later and gave me 4 pages of dialogue.

  5. Krystal A says:

    Awesome!! Thanks for the advice!!!!!

  6. Well done Amy! You continue to plant seeds of wisdom that are so helpful for the Actor’s toolbox. Thank you again for sharing your insightt, and knowledge on the industry.

  7. Yury Blinov says:

    Great- too right. I’m high. What a marvelous object you are Amy. Thank you and God bless.

  8. Cindy Shepherd says:

    Thanks for the tips .I loved each one and ready to use this information as I get booked to auditions..

  9. YESSSS!!! I use this evry time out now, just “throw it away”. I booked 2 roles last week an Indie film and a major Cable network Co star

  10. Justine says:

    Wonderful, going in for a co-star tomorrow on a big show, these tips are great. Thank You!

  11. Eryn Rea says:

    Spot on! Thanks Amy

  12. Tressielynn Kincannon says:

    It seems so simple and so intuitive! I guess that’s what makes it so difficult. :-P

    Thanks again, Amy! I’m really looking forward to small role auditions! They can be some great parts!

  13. rosie gordon says:

    Yes,great tips. very helpful.
    I will apply them as soon as I get an opportunity to.

    Thanks Amy

  14. Alycia Grant says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Amy!! You are so right on- it totally takes guts to read that way- and stay away from choices, because you are giving up control & it’s scary! It’s a life lesson too.
    I love your tips Amy!
    Off I go to my co-star audition.. ??!

  15. Great Stuff Amy, as always…
    And just what I was telling my students in their last session at ProEnglish Theater acting school here in Kyiv, Ukraine. Continue to use your advice to augment my teaching all the time…
    Thanks, and keep ’em coming. :-)
    Eric Ross Gilliatt
    Actor, Producer, Acting Coach and CEO/Managing Director of Ukrainian Film Institute Productions ~ Kyiv, Ukraine

  16. Great stuff, Amy. Short, sweet reminders and insights. Stuff we NEED to know and use. You ROCK!

  17. David Griffith says:

    Yes -Great stuff- thanks!

  18. David Griffith says:

    Yes- great stuff!

  19. Shane Noone says:

    That was so useful. Thanks so much for doing these. You’re great!

  20. Thank you Amy Jo! (and Ingrid!)

    I cannot wait to blow you away in the room and give you an “AH-HA!” moment yourself.

    As in, “…”AH-HA, I knew there was something about Susan that caught my eye…I am sooo glad I finally called her in; Dang, I’m good at what do!….”

    I trust myself and my skills and look forward to the day that you do too!

    Sweet Dreams to you~ Susan

  21. Lloyd DeLeon says:

    OMG, Amy! Your 3 tips were 100000000% spot on accurate and true. I was glued to your every word,cause it all made sense. YOU ARE AMAZING. Awesome advice. Thanks. Lloyd DeLeon

  22. That was simply awesome! Thanks!

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