Struggling With Small Roles?

Have Traditional Audition Trainings
Missed The Mark?

When it comes to nailing Co-Star auditions and
booking key small roles, ABSOLUTELY!

Find Out What Hundreds Of Smart Actors Are Already Doing To
Book More Co-Star Roles And Using Them To Get BIGGER And Better Roles

FACT: Most Actors Have Lost Great Co-Star Acting Jobs They Should Have Booked Because They Were Trained Wrong To Book Them

I know you’re thinking “But I didn’t become an actor to do Co-Star roles – I want to book the big ones -- Lead, Guest Star, Recurring, Series Regular”.  Or maybe you even dream of having your name above the title and the whole Red Carpet treatment.

The truth is, you’re probably well-trained and talented enough to do it… And you can get there.

And that’s the next step in your career.

Why Do I Need Training For Small Role Auditions?

You want to book way more of the auditions you're going out on now, right? Okay, so if you're not currently booking a lot of those easy small roles, there's something missing in your training. Here's how you know... Besides not booking a LARGE percentage of your Co-Star or small role auditions, you’ll know that you have a huge gap in your training as an actor if any of the following feels familiar:

Did you ever read your sides and think:

Ever look around the waiting room at other actors and think:

Ever leave your audition and feel:

Co-Star Roles Are The Stepping Stones To the LARGER Roles, IF You Know EXACTLY How To Audition For Them, Book Them, Leverage Them.

Right now, whether you’re in the beginning of your acting career or have been at it for quite some time, you’re going to go out on Co-Star auditions or smaller supporting roles…A LOT (unless you’re a “name” or well-known actor).

If you’re not a name actor and you’re not booking a high percentage of the small role auditions you go out on, you’re missing something.  Something BIG.

That’s why I created the “Unstoppable Co-Star” video course…which I’ll share with you in just a minute.  But first, let’s see if this course is right for you.

FACT:  Small Role Auditions Are Way Harder To Nail Than Larger Role Auditions

It’s true. During my 20-year career in Casting, I saw talented actor, after talented actor come in the room and tank on small role auditions – even while I was Vice President of Casting at HBO.

You’d be shocked by how many amazingly talented actors walked through those doors and absolutely fell flat on their face in smaller role auditions.

It doesn’t matter on the pedigree of your training, how hard you worked on it or even your experience level as a professional actor. Ask any actor and they’ll tell you that the smaller roles are the ones that are the hardest to nail.


It’s simple really.

Because you were never trained to audition for smaller roles.

You were trained to act and audition for larger roles.  Meatier roles.  Roles that have substance.

And there’s a BIG difference between those and the “Co-Star" roles.

It’s not your fault!

The fact is, 99.9% of the time, the training you got did not prepare you for small role auditions.  If you’re trying to approach your small role auditions with the same technique as auditions for larger roles, you’re doing it wrong.

Yes, I said wrong.

There actually is a right way and a wrong way to approach small role auditions.

If You Approach Co-Star Auditions The Same Way As Larger Role Auditions, You’re Going To Fail

And if you don’t have the 5 critical strategies you need to show you what approach to take and when, you’re actually killing your own audition.

You’re using the wrong tools.   Let me illustrate this a bit…

Imagine… You’re on the beach, sand between your toes, the cool ocean waves lapping at your feet.  A cute little curly-haired 4-year-old girl sitting with her family smiles at you and says: “Will you build me a sand castle?”

You, being the kind, playful soul that you are say, “Sure!  I’ll be right back.”

You get in your car and take off.  You immediately hire an architect, get blueprints made.  You wrangle the construction crew.  Soon, big trucks are hauling cement, large steel beams, huge sheets of glass onto the beach, and construction begins.


That’s crazy right?  A little bit of overkill perhaps?

Well, that’s exactly what is happening every time you try to use your existing auditioning training (meant for larger roles) to master a small role audition.

You've Been Using The Wrong Tools And The Wrong Strategies This Whole Time

All you really just need is some sand, a few shovels and a pail.  Perhaps a few molds to make some parts of your castle have different texture.  And, of course, there is the technique you must apply of 5 critical steps to building a sand castle that has a solid foundation that you can build on and get creative with.

Is there some kind of system, some easy way to know what steps to take to approach a small role audition and nail it, every time?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…



How to Systematically Nail Any Small Role Audition & Stand Out To Casting Directors Without Overdoing It (Even With Very Few Lines)

I coach and train hundreds of actors across the globe, and I knew that after all those years in the audition room of watching gifted, talented actors tank in small role auditions because they were trying to kill a fly with a bazooka, that I had to help.

So I got to work…

This is the "Unstoppable Co-Star" video 2-class series.

Here’s A Sampling Of What’s Covered In This Must-Have Training Series
Class #1

  • "The 5 Keys" Use these 5 strategies so you can always know how to deliver exactly what Casting Directors want (even if there's practically nothing on the page to work with)...
  • "Confidence Over Crapshoot" How to feel absolutely confident and in control, and let go of the idea that your small role audition is just a "crapshoot" or a big gamble...
  • “The 'SPA' Method” The 3-step process to know EXACTLY which strategy to apply to your sides so you can nail it with ease [CHECKLISTS INCLUDED]...
  • "Overcome The Overthink" How to stop overthinking and crush it with only a 1 or 2-line role (even when there's a lot of physical action)...
  • “Large Role Leverage” How to get larger roles from nailing smaller role auditions [STEP-BY-STEP PLAN]...

Here’s What's Covered In The Coaching Demonstration…
Class #2

  • "The 5 Keys" Demo See what it looks and feels like to use the 5 keys correctly demonstrated as you watch me coach real actors through it, using real audition sides, on camera...
  • “The 'SPA' Method” Demo See the process in action as you watch a real life walk-through of the 3-step process demonstrated while I coach real actors, using real audition sides, on camera...
  • "Unstoppable Skill Transformation" As you observe actors get coached through the Unstoppable Co-Star process, watch them transform their auditions into "the bookable zone" so you'll know how to do it too...
  • “Coach 'n Teach" Get real, practical, first-hand knowledge of how to coach yourself through the process, step-by-step, as you watch me coach and then explain how you can apply what you're seeing to your own auditions.
  • …and soooo much more.
Get It Now - Just $197

To make your decision easy, I'm going to remove all risk! I want to guarantee you take advantage of this training series today, and feel good about it.

You're protected by my 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason at all you're not completely satisfied, email my team and we will give you a complete refund. You probably won't want to use it, but you can relax, knowing it's there, just in case.

In my 20 years’ experience in Casting for TV & Film (both as Vice President of Casting at HBO for 14 years and beyond), I’ve not only watched held A LOT of small role auditions both on tape and "in the room"...  And I know what kind of small role auditions get you cast.  Period.

Not only that, but as one of the most sought-after Audition Coaches & Acting Career Experts in the business, I’ve shown thousands of actors around the world how to get in the "bookable zone".  You can have that too.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Here’s what some actors who've been through the Unstoppable Co-Star training are saying...

I took the Unstoppable Co-Star class and in just one week I booked two co-stars just in two really great network shows by doing exactly what you said to do. Thank you!!

John C. John C.

Used Amy's...nailing small roles for latest audition. My agent loved it and said "yes that is what I've been telling you for years." If you haven't done the small role series yet you should. It's awesome!!

Maureen M. Maureen M.

Booked my 1st costar on a show after Unstoppable Co-Star!

Robert P. Robert P.

I just BOOKED another gig!! A great co-star role, working opposite a great old school actor on a new show!...I really love the almost "scientific approach" of this class. It's so beautifully and unbelievably specific. It's like having X-Ray vision and being able to see the molecules and DNA of a script or sides...Unstoppable Co-Star. It's gold...a MUST HAVE!

Edwin H. Edwin H.

There are many other actors who’ve gone through the "Unstoppable Co-Star" training who feel the same...

Actors who are finally able to book way more of the co-star auditions they're going out on...Most of them were going about these auditions the completely wrong way before (and they didn't even know it -- even the more experienced ones!)...

And now they are confidently auditioning for co-star roles, knowing they're giving the Casting Director's exactly what they wanted to see and getting great results, just like you can after you go through this powerful class series.

Get It Now - Just $197

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend you attempt to audition for another Co-Star or smaller role without the 5 keys – aka the right tools for the job…especially if you’ve already tried and failed and lost out on roles that you should have booked.

I mean it…

Don’t Go To Another Co-Star Audition Until You Watch This Class Series

As someone who has held countless casting sessions for everything from 1 line to starring leads in films and series, I know what the differences are, I know how to communicate it and I’ve already done all the hard work by putting it all into this simple 5-step system.

Before I put these 5 keys together into this must-have video class series, this training was only given to my private coaching clients, but now I’m making it available for all actors who want it.

So now you don’t go it alone!

Seriously, you can go see another bad blockbuster film and eat some stale popcorn or you can:

  • Nail your audition (by knowing exactly what strategy to apply and how to execute it with ease)…
  • Give Casting Directors confidence in you (by showing up relaxed and easing into the work without a second thought)…
  • Avoid losing another great stepping stone role that could have led to a much better role because you blew it by trying the same tired big role strategies with bad results…
  • Show your Agent and Manager that you are bookable by increasing your booking ratio exponentially on smaller roles (so they want to push you for the larger stuff next time)…
  • Avoid kicking yourself for hours, days or weeks after you blow another audition for a Casting Director you were dying to impress because you didn’t have the right tool for the job…
  • Become the actor that all your friends are jealous of because you’ve become a non-stop booking machine now that you’re able to easily nail small role auditions and gain the confidence of Casting Directors so they start bringing you in on bigger stuff…

The choice is yours…

Click the “Get It Now” button and discover the 5 critical keys to NAIL SMALL ROLE auditions …

Get It Now - Just $197

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is This A Live Class?

A.  It’s a recorded 2-class video training (approx. 5 hours of content) including strategy training using the 5 keys, as well as on camera demonstration of the techniques with actors using actual small role audition sides, downloadable checklists and more.  As soon as you complete your order, you get instant access to all the content in our private membership area where you can watch or listen to it as many times as you like, on your own schedule, at your convenience.  

Q. Is There A Guarantee?

A. Yep…all my trainings have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back.  I doubt you’ll use it…but you can relax, knowing it’s there just in case. You either love it or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

Q. How Long Will It Take To Get Access To This Class?

A. Immediately.

Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide, and it explains how you can access the class inside of our private members area.

Q. Will This Work For Me?

A. This 5-step system has worked for hundreds of actors. The actors who get the best results practice these techniques consistently. So, if you want to get great results, I recommend you do the same!

Q. Why only $197?

A. If you’re thinking “$197 is cheap for 2 classes and 5 hours of training"…what’s the catch?”then here are two reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. $197 puts this information within the reach of almost everyone… brand new actors who are just starting out (and maybe still struggling) to experienced, working actors who want to work more. (And at $197, you hopefully won't have to work an extra shift, or break open your piggy bank.)  😉

2. It weeds out the hobbyists. I only want serious actors who are either working already or who want to do what it takes to become a professional working actor. Professionals know that you must invest in yourself if you want to succeed…even if it’s just $197.

I also believe that once you experience this class, you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back for more training and possibly even upgrade to the “Audition Rockstar” training program or maybe one of the other comprehensive programs I’ve created to help actors succeed on subjects like mindset, social media and acting career marketing that I offer to my private subscribers and website visitors.

But that’s it…

No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

Get It Now - Just $197

"If you approach co-star auditions the same way as larger role auditions, you’re going to fail. It's time to change your strategy and start booking!"

- Amy Jo Berman
Casting, Auditioning & Career Expert For Actors

I'm excited to share this vital training with you so you can begin to nail your small role auditions regularly and increase your callback and booking ratio...even leverage those small roles to get brought in for the BIG ones...Oh yeah! Let's do this!


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