Why Do Casting Directors Call You In?

Ever wondered why Casting Directors call some actors in and not others?

And most importantly, what can YOU do to be one of them?

When you have this insight into why Casting Directors make the decisions they do, you can use it to take the actions in your acting career than can enhance your chances of getting called in for more auditions.

So let's get started.

In this video, you'll find out why Casting Directors click on one actor's submission over another actor's and you'll get 3 things you can focus on to help you be one of them.


In this video, you'll get the answer to:

Why Do Casting Directors Call You In?


Now you know the process that Casting Directors are going through when they look at submissions, and how they make their decision to bring you in.

And, you also know the three things you should focus on to increase your chances of being one of them.  You may even be inspired to try this quick and easy branding trick to help.  Great!

Just remember, all THREE of those things are KEY.

They are the trifecta of success for any actor, so make a decision to focus your efforts in those 3 areas and your acting career will be a whole lot more fun.

Your turn! Was this acting tip about why Casting Directors bring you in helpful?  Tell me about it in the comments below… :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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19 Responses

  1. Teresa says:

    Hey Amy your tips are always super helpful and to the point so thank you. I agree with another comment above, I just wish I sometimes knew what I could have done better in an audition room or at least got the tape somehow so I could improve myself.

  2. Irene Muccia-Slater says:

    Great stuff. Thank you.

  3. Earl says:

    Information is helpful!

  4. Leon Deavers says:

    Loved it!

  5. Dan Kairis says:

    Great info as always.

  6. Jerry Dykeman says:

    I love this . So I sent in a Video submit thought I did good, but didnt get picked, I kind of feel bad on this.

  7. Shawn P Simmons says:

    Thanks Amy, Very informative as usual.

  8. Delilah Andre says:

    Wow that’s excellent info, THANKS! My agent and manager have some photos of me on Actors Access that I don’t think are unstoppable and a some that are. I’m thinking of possibly taking off the ones that I think are okay. What do you think?

  9. Brian Cutter says:

    WHAT?!? They’re not calling me in because I’m pretty?!? Dammit, I shaved my legs for that headshot, too!

    Seriously, good information. I don’t take rejection personally; I just wish I could get feedback so that I can use it to improve.

  10. Caly Downs says:

    I found that very helpful for me because I am new to acting so now I know what to do and why they call me in thank you Amy jo berman -caly

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