Tired of Having Audition Nerves Kill Your Auditions?

Here’s How You Can Crush Audition Nerves For Good (So They Don’t Crush Your Chances To Nail It In Your Auditions & Self-Tapes)

Are you sick of working really hard on your audition sides, only to get to the audition room, have your nerves kick in and kill your chances to give an amazing reading and secure a callback?

It doesn’t matter if you’re Oscar-winning brilliant when you’re rehearsing at home or with your coach….

If you get into the room that matters most – the audition room – and your nerves take over, they can kill your hard work and creative brilliance, and leave the Casting Director questioning whether you can pull it off on set.

FACT: Most Actors Have Lost Acting Jobs Due To Audition Nerves And Didn’t Even Know It

Not only will the Casting Director doubt you, so will the Producers, Directors and Network & Studio Execs. They will make a snap judgment about your ability to do the job on set and deal with a quick production schedule or a fast-paced publicity campaign if your nerves are an issue.

If you can’t master your nerves in the audition, they lose confidence in you…

It's Not Your Fault…

You didn’t do anything wrong.

You’ve likely fallen under the mistaken impression that audition nerves “just happen” and you just have to deal with them.

Nope. There's a much better way.

Crushing Audition Nerves: 5 Steps To Crush Audition Nerves & Nail Your Audition or Self-Tape… Even While Being Judged

Here is what you'll discover in the Crushing Audition Nerves training:

  • “The Double Trouble” – The two surprising reasons that audition nerves come up and try to kill your auditions (don’t try to eliminate audition nerves without knowing this or you could make it worse) …
  • “The Calm Factor” – How to be totally cool, calm and collected in your audition, even in the face of a judgmental Casting Director, Producer or Director …
  • “Audition Nerves Decoder” – How to tell the difference between “healthy” nerves and “audition-killing” nerves…
  • “Rewriting Your History” – The backward way you’ve been taught to deal with audition nerves in the past (and why it has only made your audition suffer) …
  • “Mind/Body Mastery” – The “Gomer Pyle Simple” way to eliminate sweaty palms, quesy stomach, racing heartbeat and other physical symptoms of audition nerves before they start…
  • “The 5-Step Nerves Crusher” – The 5-step process and how to master it so you so your “audition nerves” never have power over your audition again.

And so much more!

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