Want To Stand Out From The Crowd, Get More Auditions & Become More “Castable”?

Here’s How You Can Discover Your “Brand”, Get On The Radar Of Busy Casting Directors And Become The Actor They Can’t Stop Thinking About

“What Does “Branding” Have To Do With Acting?”

Think of branding as a message you’re telegraphing to Casting Directors (and others on your target list – Producers, Directors, etc)…

When Casting Directors are going through submissions, they’re focused on finding a match between what they want for the role and what is in front of them on the submission screen.

They have that vision in their mind as they look at your submissions.

When they see your submission and your message is a match with their vision, they stop, click and consider calling you in for an audition.

If, your message is wrong or non-existent you could get passed over.

Once you discover how to find your brand and laser-target your message, you can use it to your advantage to move your acting career forward.

What About Talent? Shouldn’t That Beat Branding?

Of course talent is important.  It’s very important. And I bet that you’ve spent a lot of time developing your skills – your craft as an actor.

You absolutely should!

In fact, that’s THE reason why branding is so important, especially if you’ve been working so hard on your craft as an actor…

REMEMBER: It doesn’t matter how talented you are IF they don’t know you exist or don’t know what to do with you once they see you. 

If you want to get the opportunity to show them what you can do, make it easy for them to receive your “message” as an actor…

So they can bring you in and so you get your chance to shine in the audition room and get that role that you’re perfect for.

Branding For Actors: How To Stand Out From The Crowd & Become More Castable

Here is what you'll discover in the Branding For Actors training:

  • “The Type vs. Brand Conundrum…Solved!” – Type is NOT Brand and Brand is NOT Type. End the confusion and get a simple, clear understanding of each (and how to use them the right way)…
  • “Casting Director Goggles” – Discover a simple way to know how Casting Directors actually see you, so you can easily give them what they want (while still being 100% ON BRAND)…
  • “1-2-3-Brand!” – Follow my simple 3-step formula to uncover your brand (even if you have absolutely no idea where to start) [WORKSHEET INCLUDED]…
  • “Find Your Sweet Spot” – Most actors who attempt branding miss this part…and fail. This is the SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR in any actor's branding success or failure. I'll show my systematic, no-fail process to find your branding sweet spot in 5 simple steps [WORKSHEETS INCLUDED]…
  • “I'm Branded…Now What?” – Now that you discovered your brand (and your sweet spot), what do you do with it? I'll show you exactly what to do with it and where to get the best results [CHECKLIST INCLUDED]…
  • BONUS: “How To Attract, Target, Find & Connect With The Right People”  – In this BONUS training mini-class, you'll get my creative targeting strategy to find people, projects and shows that are looking for your exact brand and BOOM!…
  • BONUS: Over-My-Shoulder Branding Hotseat Recordings – In these recorded BONUS BRANDING HOTSEAT videos, watch over -my-shoulder as I walk actors through the process of how to find their brand on the spot so you can model it in your own branding (and avoid the pitfalls and repeat the wins)!

And so much more!

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