Want To Become An Actor? Avoid This Classic New Actor Trap…

become an actor

I've got a story for you…

Once upon a time, there was an actor.

Let’s call him “Bubble Boy”.

Bubble Boy, like most actors, was passionate, creative and excited to get his career off the ground.

He felt that surge of excitement when he realized that acting didn’t have to be just a hobby, he could become an actor PROFESSIONALLY — he could do it for a living!

Now there was just no stopping him. He was ready.  Because that’s all it takes to be a professional actor.



Oops.  Bubble Boy forgot something…You also need this…


Okay, Bubble Boy realized how silly he had been.

He realized he should probably take an acting class or something.

So he did.

NOW he was ready to be a professional actor.  He had taken an acting class.

He had passion, he had been properly trained with all the information he needed to be a professional actor (after all, he took AN acting class) and so…watch out Hollywood.

Bubble Boy is here!

Except nothing happened.

Bubble Boy was stumped.  He took an acting class.  Why wasn’t Steven Spielberg banging down his door, script in hand, offering him the lead?…Or even a supporting role.

D’oh? Bubble Boy realized what the problem was.  Headshots.

Didn’t he need to get those if he was going to be a professional actor?ACTOR

So he went out and spent $3,000 on headshots. And Bubble Boy was really excited because the photographer told him that he could now be a part of a showcase where “top industry professionals” would come see his work and then his career would take off!

So Bubble Boy got 5,000 prints of his headshots from the photographer’s friend who gave him a great deal …only another $2,000.  He worked really hard on his scene. He performed in the showcase.

But still nothing.  No Spielberg.  No nobody.

And he was out $5,000.

He was starting to think maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

The self-doubt started to swell.  His family started to tell him he was nuts for doing this and he should just “stop chasing rainbows” and get a “real job”.  He sunk further.

Why wasn’t Bubble Boy’s career taking off?

After all, he had PASSION!  He was focused.  He took an acting class and he had headshots.  He even performed in that showcase for all those “top industry professionals”

What’s wrong with this picture?  What’s missing?

Why Bubble Boy Is Stuck?

Bubble Boy has the passion (which is essential).

He does have headshots (also essential).

He did take an acting class (gotta have that too).

However, Bubble Boy knows NOTHING about how the business of professional acting works.

  • He has no idea how to market himself.
  • He doesn’t know how to inoculate himself from self-doubt and dream stealers.
  • He has no idea how the business of Hollywood works and what it takes to become an insider and get work…nevermind consistent work in good projects so he can make a living as an actor.

He was living out his acting career in a plastic bubble… Untouched by all the education, information, skills & relationships necessary to build a professional acting career.

Passion is great.  In fact, it’s a non-negotiable requirement for a successful acting career.  But it’s not enough.

To Become An Actor (A Successful Working One) You Need:

  1. To understand the business of “the business” and where you fit in (context)
  2. To be trained and continue training in a variety of different things (not just an acting class)
  3. To understand basic actor marketing (and some more advanced stuff if you want to move quicker)
  4. To be inoculated from self-doubt and other career-killing mind trash (which will continue to haunt you unless you deal with it)

Is it possible to be successful without one of those things?

Well, you might get “lucky” and get a job here and there. But you’ll have trouble jumping to the next level.

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You’ll keep having the same experience year after year wondering why you’re not getting ahead. You’ll most likely end up stuck in a day job you hate, getting a few small parts a year (if you’re lucky) and wondering why you’re stuck at that level for what seems like FOREVER.

You won’t be a CONSISTENTLY working actor whose career gets better and better over time…which is what you want… Right?

If that’s happening, somewhere along your journey you skipped a step.  It’s coming back to bite you now.  You’re missing some essential pieces.

Don’t panic. This is fixable.

Always remember this:

“You can get wherever you want to go from wherever you are right now”

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So, if that’s you, decide right here, right now that:

  • You WILL NOT be the actor in the plastic bubble.
  • You WILL fill in the gaps of essential knowledge that you’re missing.
  • You WILL invest in your career by taking a beat and examining where the gap is.

If you’re at the beginning of your career, this is a critical time for you.

Don’t be Bubble Boy.

Get the ALL the essential information you need to get started on your acting career the RIGHT way.  Make that promise to yourself right now.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.


If you made that declaration, then you have burst that plastic bubble and you are one step closer to The Red Carpet!

Your turn!  Have you ever felt like “Bubble Boy”?  Or ever felt like you don't know where to start in your acting career?  Please share your experience it in the comments below :-)

You DESERVE The Red Carpet,


P.S.  New to professional acting?  Join me for the upcoming Discover Me Blueprint free web-class and learn the 8-steps your need to know to become a professional working actor …the right way.

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45 Responses

  1. vincetta says:

    Hi Amy just viewed your YouTube video and I must say u r truly like a breath of fresh air a wonderful inspiring bright spirit and I am glad I came across u. I believe everything happens for a reason and at this point in my life I am in need of some positive encouragement especially in the area of my career which I pretty much gave up on before relocating here to LA. I have been in both category a and b at different points in my life in my career. Studied theater for yrs all thru high school knew who I was and what I wanted to do at a very young age but didn’t have a clue of how to get started professionally and make a living (ha..didn’t know I could make a living at it… so naïve) just knew this was what I loved to do; so I know that passion u speak of. However I think I have been stuck in b and frustrated for way to long as life continued to happen to me ugh…. Would love and need to get back to that good feeling I once knew. Listening to u makes me feel that maybe there is still hope after all I’m not dead yet right? So maybe I should give it one last try. Been here3yrs just connected with an agent Lisa Berman (just curious any relation ?) so I am once again trying to put myself out there and c what happens hopefully this will begin to pan out. wish ne luck looking forward to learning from and being inspired by u plan to definitely attend webinar. hey what is the best way to make sure I don’t miss it? Any idea of upcoming date and time at all? Or just keep checking email ? Hopeful. Vincetta. :)

  2. Analu Cruze says:

    OMG, Finding Amy is like a jar filled with candy! I’m excited and I’m ready. O.k. One step at a time, breath Analu, and Learn. ❤️


    Shoul I start taking acting classes.How
    much do I take?And after acting lessons what do I do.How do I fill in the blanks in my resume.If I only take Acting Classes how do I audition in movies or shows.PLEASE HELP

  4. Bruce Blain says:

    Being “ready” and being “good enough” to move up to the next level are
    two very different things. Being ready is a lot like admitting you’re an
    alcoholic, only you truly know when that is, or isn’t.

  5. Your seminars and knowledge have helped me so much! Since I started to work on my mindset and net-working helping others and creating as much value as possible I now am working like crazy, making money got an agent calling ME up wanting to work together and getting referrals from casting agents for more work. The journey has just begun and a lot of challenges ahead but boy what a difference!

    Will soon book a 1 on 1! THANK YOU!

  6. Angela White says:

    Amazing Blogs and Tips AMY!!
    I missed the Discover Me Blueprint Lesson. Love to do it when you are having another one !!

  7. I lived in a bubble but for a different reason due to negativity in my house growing up. Layers have been peeling away since I left school and love working in entertainment as it is a healthy job compared to some other jobs. Sooner or later the bubble has to burst. So why not do it now rather than wait!

  8. Octavus Gylze says:

    The knowledge & information you share Amy is priceless! I just wanted to say thank you. For all of the insight that you share. It is truly inspiring & life changing. I cant wait to learn & study more. -Octavus Giles

  9. Jeanne Young says:

    Oh shoot…guess I’m going to have to listen to the recording of this one.

  10. Jeanne Young says:

    Amy, I don’t care how much experience I already have…there is nothing of yours I won’t try, as you have influenced my life in such positive ways. With your guidance and my willingness, I am getting more work in shorter periods of time then ever before:)

  11. Ericka Hampton says:

    Your so wonderful Amy and everything you say is just inspiring to me. I’m pretty much at the begining of my career and I may be young but my passion will not deflate. I know I can do this by listening to people who know better then me. I’m building my network and one day I hope to have a serious conversation with you about my career.

  12. Calli Avery-Faith Jennings says:

    Very helpful! Thank you! :-)

  13. Robert Sean-Riaz says:

    Hi Amy, there have been times and there still are times when I feel like this. It can get very frustrating but I shall soldier on until my legs give way.

  14. Robert Sean-Riaz says:

    Hi Amy, there have been times and there still are times when I feel like this. It can get very frustrating but I shall soldier on until my legs give way.

  15. Yes, yes, yes! I’m stuck. Looking forward to your webinar.

  16. Jessie Nolen says:

    Amy once again you took me closer to my day on to Red carpet.

  17. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    EVERY one of your Blogs & Vlogs is amazing Amy.
    I keep all my notes from the ones I’ve taken next to me on the bed. When I’m down or feeling “less than” I grab one of the webinars notes & go back over them to get re-charged.
    Atlanta is starting to boom so I’m blessed with great opportunities. Keeping the faith is my biggest “speed bump”.
    Again, thank you for the helping hand. :-D

  18. Lara Devika says:

    What about an agent or manager? How does one go about finding a good one? That’s probably another webinar for another time…
    My passion for acting has recently been rekindled and I’m ready to take steps in pursuing it. I just want to do it right. I’m glad I found you, Amy :)

  19. Amy Jo this blog entry is a little spooky in how nail-on-the-head it hits where my acting career is at right now. The Bubble is a frustrating place to be but I’m ready to pop it. What you say is so true: “You can get wherever you want to go from where you are right now.” Amen. Time to start focusing on the steps that need to be taken to push past the Bubble and move into my career. Can’t wait for Thursday’s webinar. Thank you!

  20. Cynthia Marissa Leal says:

    What’s the more advanced actor marketing you mention in your article? I think that’s what I’m missing.

    • AmyJoBerman says:

      If you’ve been around for a while and are still stuck at a level, I’d recommend a one-on-one career consultation. It will be much more efficient for you at this point and save you loads of time. Feel free to email my office and they’ll give you the specs: asst@amyjoberman.com

  21. Scott Hodges says:

    I have been acting for 24 years. I have done over 40 Theatre productions, and over 30 films including shorts and features. I have lived in NYC twice. A total of 5 years. I have lived in my car in downtown la for 3 months, and lived on a couch for 3 months in California. I have a new film that came out recently in netflix where I play a solid character. Also a movie 10 years ago out on dvd where I play a lead. But guess what, I am still an actor in a bubble. I am poor, and work jobs I hate. Why? Because I suck at the business part of the industry! Here is the kicker, I have no agent! I know too many actors who have an agent, but cannot act to save their own life! They can book an extra role, but cannot book a meaty part, like actors like myseIf who can. I am still an actor in a bubble. If this can help, and not rape me of money, and my soul, I am in!!!!!!!

  22. Viki says:

    I just gave this very advice to a friend of mine, who’s kid has been acting for 7 years and hasn’t booked much…..the kid is in the bubble you speak of! All of the pieces of the acting puzzel have to come together in order to work! As usual, well said Amy!

  23. Rayan Abdul-Baki says:

    Will this help if I want to nail the role of Pumbaa/Simba/Timon or Scar one day on Broadway in the Lion king?

  24. For a long time, I thought I’d be stuck doing community theatre. But branching out and taking calculated risks is paying off. Professional theatre and film companies are starting to pay attention to me. Bigger roles are coming. I learned not to let living in a relatively small market hold me back.

  25. Maxton Jones says:

    I’m definitely kind of feeling that right now. I’m in Indianapolis and although there are acting opportunities, there just doesn’t seem to be that many to go around. I jump into everything that I possibly can but feel stuck because I can’t apply for a lot of roles that fit. I want to move to a bigger market by next summer but want to make sure that I’ll be prepared. Any advice?

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