3 Little Words That Are Quietly Killing Your Acting Career

We need to talk about your acting career.

Yup.  I said it.  We need to talk.

3 words killing your acting career - actor mindset

You see, often times I write blogs, do videos and give acting tips and auditioning tips based on my experience in the audition room and from my experience as an executive at HBO.  And those tips are all valid, solid, tangible and real.  And they work.  Big-time.

But today is different.  Today we need to talk about the INtangible in your acting career.

The “invisible” piece you don’t want to look at.  So, yeah… We need to talk.

Well, actually, I'm going to talk frankly to you and help you release one of the most deadly phrases you've ever heard buzzing around in the back of your mind.

REMEMBER: Make sure you watch the video below to get the full benefit of this massive mind shift.

I’m talkin' about those quiet (sometimes NOT so quiet), little (sometimes NOT so little) thoughts that swirl around the back of your mind while you attempt to pursue an acting career.   I say attempt because those insidious thoughts are ruling your career and the results (or lack thereof) you're having in your acting career right now.

In particular, there’s one thought that crops up the most.

It has in it, one of the deadliest phrases for any actor's career.

And sadly, it’s the one thought that almost every single actor has had at least once in their acting career (or sometimes once a day, sometimes once an hour, or even once a minute!).

What 3 little words are are quietly killing your acting career?

acting career mindset

Sometimes they come paired with other words:

“I'm not good enough”

“My audition is not good enough”

“My talent is not good enough”

“My looks are not good enough”

Sometimes it comes as a voice from others echoing in your head:

“You're not good enough.”

Sometimes they come as a question:

“What if I’m not good enough?”

“Are you really good enough?”

Sometimes they show up as comparison:

“You’re not as good as he is”.

Sometimes they appear with a double whammy of judgment blended in:

“What makes you think you’re good enough?”

Owie. Kapowie!

Watch this video now so you can begin the process of eliminating this acting career-killing thought.


In this video you'll get the answer to:

“How Are These 3 Words Killing My Acting Career And What Can I Do About It?”

You see, it can morph into many different things.

But the one common trait that each of these nasty thoughts have in common is this…

These 3 words are killing your chances of a successful acting career by their mere presence in your head.


actor mindset

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And it has to stop.  Here.  Now.  And you want it to…right?

Good.  Then, if you haven't done it yet, go and watch the video above. You may need to hear it more than once if you really want to banish that phrase from your mind.

It may be just the a loving kick-in-the-pants you needed to move you closer towards a successful Red Carpet acting career.

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

P.S. If you want to walk in to your audition totally present, relaxed & confident, use these these totally badass audios before you walk in the audition room.

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22 Responses

  1. April Foulks says:

    Had that lil bugger thrown at me yesterday.. mad me mad when I heard it grrr was an instant shut up in my brain & an wow you’re negative today to the person who said it.. Thank you Amy :)

  2. I waited to watch this so that I’d have time to give it more thought. I’m so glad I did. I’ve been wrestling with more “I’m not good enough” in the past few days than I have in months because of my agent, of all people. I asked her to submit me for a job that required “excellent acting skills.” She called me up and asked me (gently, because she’s a nice person) whether I can honestly say that my acting skills are excellent. Well…no. They’re not, not yet. I didn’t want to embarrass either my agency or myself by submitting for a job I’m not ready for…and yet. Enter “I’m not good enough,” stage right. So as always, Amy, your advice arrived at just the right time to do the most good. Thank you!!!

  3. SophiaLouiseRobinson says:

    Thanks Amy, love the straight talk – bring it on! So helpful to actually hear it out loud.

  4. Jasper Thomas says:

    Your blog has helped me. I am not good enough is something that has played in my mind. I look forward to the creating fame and fortune free online training event.

  5. Karen Lewsader says:


  6. Christy Antonio says:

    It’s ironic – I do believe I am good enough as an actor BUT I let the whole audition process get to me. I have been working through your programs and feel I am getting better but I am a work in progress!

  7. msmanning4eva says:

    Another powerful nugget of Gold!! Love it Amy Jo!!

  8. TailorMadeBrown says:

    I replaced them with 4 others! “There is NO competition.” There are enough roles out there for all of us, we just have to go out there and get them!

  9. Karl Bradley Greaves says:

    Loved the curls, the voice is getting smaller thanks for the reminder

  10. Michelle Felice. Hartley says:

    Amy, dead on!! Those 3 words were removed from my brain about two years ago and my acting business GREW!! You taught me about getting rid of negative talk and picking the right head shot. Your emails and videos are the best!!! Thank you awesome Amy!!! I can’t wait to work with you in person!!!! Michelle Felice Hartley

  11. Samuel Stock says:

    …You know this is so good…

  12. Lori Richardson says:

    Amy thank you once again for such valuable information.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Re-minding myself right now! I am good enough!

  14. Even old tips can be valuable today. Shows how still valuable information is now.

  15. Jeanne Young says:

    Your advice ALWAYS helps Amy :) Thank you as always…one can never hear it enough!

  16. rosie gordon says:

    always such great advice Amy! Luv it!! Thx.-as always:)

  17. Lore Burns says:

    Absolutely what I needed to hear, thank you so much, Amy!! I’ve been battling the voice of doubt since I was seven and I’m so ready to kick it out!

  18. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    JUST finished the VLOG & holy Moley are you right on the money!! I have to deal with that bloody “vulture” all the time. I get so sick of it trying to keep me down. Can hardly wait for the Webinar!! Thanks Amy!!

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