Self-taping mastery is not an option anymore. It is a necessity if you are a professional actor.

And getting the CORRECT information from someone with 20 years of A-list casting experience Casting Director, aka a decision-maker, (a person who has watched thousands of self-tapes and cast people from them) about what WORKS and what doesn't is KEY if you want to start booking MORE ROLES from self-taped auditions.

In this revealing video class, you will learn how to create PROFESSIONAL Self-Taped Auditions that make Casting Directors remember you like you were in the audition room. Oh, and you'll learn how to do it simply and easily without breaking the bank.

In this 2-hour video class, you will learn:

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  • CD POV Mind Hacks” – Get inside a Casting Director's head and discover how to give them exactly what they want to see in your self-taped audition…
  • Take Out The Self-Taping Mind Trash” – Uncover the common limiting beliefs about self-taping and eliminate them in 30 seconds flat (really!)…
  • The 7 Deadly Self-Taping Sins” – that make Casting Directors hit the delete button and how to avoid them FOR GOOD…
  • Lighting & Sound Background, Oh My!” – Discover this simple self-taping setup so you can create awesome, kick-ass WATCHABLE self-taped auditions (perfect for non-techies)…
  • The Glow Effect” – This simple tweak to your lighting will make your audition come alive…¬†Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
  • Post Production” plan to edit, save & send your self-tape like a pro (even if you are a techno-phobe)…
  • Self-Taping Audition Tweaks” – Use these 9 self-taping audition tweaks to give your self-tapes a competitive advantage …
    And so much more!

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