How To Avoid 21 Sneaky, Hidden
Audition Traps That Cost You Acting Jobs…

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Here’s How You Can Vastly Increase Your Chances of Getting A Callback… and Turn An Unseen Audition Land Mine Into An Slam-Dunk Audition Win

Are you sick of putting a lot of hard work into preparing your auditions only to feel let down when you thought you did well but didn’t get a callback?

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting tons of auditions or only a few here and there…

Ask any actor and they’ll tell you that it’s only getting more and more competitive to book acting gigs (the ones that pay anyway). And if you’re passionate and serious about making your living as a professional working actor (now or someday soon) you don’t want to waste one single opportunity you do get in the audition room to make a GREAT impression on the Casting Director.

There Are Sneaky, Hidden Traps In EVERY Piece Of Audition Material You’ve Ever Had… But You Missed Them

That’s right…

If you knew how to find those dangerous, hidden audition traps, you could apply the fix and give a highly competitive audition and have a much higher callback ratio.

Highly Competitive Audition Skills Are Non-Negotiable If You Want To Be A Consistently Working Professional Actor.

As an actor, you are in one of the most competitive professions there is.
Are your audition skills competitive enough?

Answer these questions to find out:

    • Have you ever gotten the sides and felt unsure as to the best way to approach them because of a difficult piece of business, or emotion written into the material?
    • Have you ever felt like you were perfect for a role, but somehow you just could not figure out how to NAIL your audition…so you just did the best you could and crossed your fingers telling yourself it was good enough?
    • Have you ever auditioned for something where you thought you did GREAT and you were practically a walking-talking copy of the character description, but STILL not gotten a callback?

If you answered YES to even one of those questions, you have most likely fallen victim to one of 21 sneaky, hidden audition traps in your sides.

This Is Your Chance To Compete For The Best Roles… And WIN


The Ninja Way To Master Auditions By Spotting Sneaky Hidden Audition Traps


Here’s A Sampling Of What’s Covered In Class No. 1

  • Audition Trap “Glasses” – See the glaring traps in your sides that you couldn’t see before (you’ll be shocked at what you missed)…
  • 21 Trap Street  Discover the 21 specific audition traps that you have probably already fallen into (if you haven’t, you will unless you learn this NOW)…
  • Audition Trap Clusters – Discover the 4 unique categories of audition traps and and how the 21 specific traps can work in clusters to sabotage your audition (and the fast fix to avoid this quickly)…
  • The Four Letter B-Word”  – The trap that your acting teachers actually trained you to fall into which kills your auditions 98% of the time (and the fast fix to stop it in its tracks)…
  • 11 Case Studies from actual audition sides filled with traps you never saw coming or didn’t know how to fix (and the fast fix for each and every one… [SAMPLE SIDES INCLUDED]..
  • Audition Fast Fix Checklist that virtually guarantees your success in finding and avoiding audition traps for any audition…[WORKSHEET INCLUDED].

Here’s A Sampling Of What’s Covered In Class No. 2

  • The Audition Fast Fix  Demo – See what it looks and feels like to use the Audition Fast Fix strategies correctly demonstrated as you watch me coach real actors through it, using real audition sides, on camera…  
  • Unstoppable Skill Transformation  –  As you observe actors get coached through the Audition Fast Fix process, watch them transform their auditions from audition victim to audition ninja,  so you'll know how to do it too…
  • Coach ‘n Teach  –  Get real, practical, first-hand knowledge of how to coach yourself through the process, step-by-step, as you watch me coach and then explain how you can apply what you're seeing to your own auditions.  

Seriously, chances are you’ve already fallen into audition traps (MULTIPLE times) and lost out on acting jobs you might have had a shot at (and you probably didn't even know it).

So, please don’t waste one more precious, hard-earned audition opportunity trying to figure it out on your own… Especially since I’ve already done the work for you by creating this extremely specific, detailed guide for you to follow…

I mean it…

After You Take The “Audition Fast Fix” 2-Class Training Series…You Can Clearly See Every Trap In Your Sides And Know The Fast Fixes

If knowing how to avoid traps and give an UBER-competitive audition so you can get great feedback and book more jobs is important to you…

Click the “Add To Cart” button and start discovering the sneaky, hidden traps in your next audition NOW…



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Here’s How You Can Vastly Increase Your Chances of Getting A Callback…and Turn An Unseen Audition Land Mine Into An Slam-Dunk Audition Win