Are Your Self Tapes Getting You Acting Jobs?

Want To Get More Callbacks & Bookings From Self-Taped Auditions? 

Here’s How You Can Create Professional, Kick-Ass Self-Taped Auditions That Are Extremely "Watchable" To Casting Directors (Without Breaking Your Bank)

What I'm about to say might be a little painful to accept, but you've got to face it...

Your Self-Tapes Are Not Getting Watched

I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true.  And you need to know why this happens so you can change it.

And you need to change it fast.

Back in the “old days” of casting, self-taping was sort of an “add on” to LIVE, IN-PERSON casting.  Now, it’s practically taken over.

More and more Casting Directors, Directors, Producers and studios rely on casting from self-tapes…

And the numbers are only increasing.

FACT: Kick-Ass Self-Taped Auditions Are Not “Optional”…If You Want To Be A Consistently Working Professional Actor

That means that as each day passes, Casting Directors are making more and more decisions about whether you get cast in their films or TV projects based off of YOUR self-tapes...So they’d better be good.

Actually, they’d better be GREAT…

Actually, they’d better be KICKING ASS and taking names…

Because they are not only competing with live, in-person auditions, but they are competing with all the other actors who are taking the time to learn EXACTLY how to create professional, kick-ass self-tapes that Casting Directors love to watch.

And you want to be one of them...right?


If you’re asking that question, you’re focusing on the wrong thing and are keeping yourself from getting cast easily from your self-tapes.

Here’s why…

1.    It doesn’t matter if YOU think self-tapes are as good as live auditions or not.

The fact is Casting Directors are using them.  They are happening…A LOT.  And...

If you don’t get on board with it, embrace it and most of all learn how to DOMINATE self-taping, you’re acting career will get left in the dust.

2.    Instead of asking if self-tapes are AS GOOD AS a live audition, ask yourself this…


Since the industry is exponentially moving toward self-taping as the dominant form of casting, and actors get cast from tape every single day, why not focus on learning to create UBER-awesome professional self-tapes and take advantage of them...

...working with the format and dominating it, instead of against it.

FACT: Self-Taping Has Advantages That Can Give You The Edge In Casting, If You Know What They Are And How To Use Them

As someone who worked in A-list casting for a long, long time, I’ve seen a lot of self-taped auditions.  A LOT.

And here are some VITAL things you need to understand from a Casting point of view:

1 - Most self-tapes are poor quality, either technically or creatively…or both
2 -  Most actors have no idea how to make a “watchable” self-tape
3 - Most of the time your self-tapes are not watched past the first 10 seconds



THE GOOD NEWS is now that you know that, you can choose to do something about it.

After all...

You want your self-tapes to GET WATCHED?

You want all that hard work creating your character, rehearsing, preparing, filming, editing and sending to GET SEEN, right?

And not only that, you want it to get considered so you can GET CAST from them, right?

Good!  Here's what how to do that...


  • WHAT does the Casting Director want?
  • HOW can I look confident in my self-tapes?
  • HOW do I make my self-tape watchable?
  • WHAT can I do to give my self-tapes a competitive edge?

Enter the "Self-Taping Domination" video class...

Here is what you'll discover in the Self-Taping Domination video training:

  • "CD POV Mind Hacks" - Get inside a Casting Director's head and discover how to give them exactly what they want to see in your self-taped audition...
  • "Take Out The Self-Taping Mind Trash" - Uncover the common limiting beliefs about self-taping and eliminate them in 30 seconds flat (really!)...
  • "The 7 Deadly Self-Taping Sins" - that make Casting Directors hit the delete button and how to avoid them FOR GOOD...
  • "Lighting & Sound & Background, Oh My!" - Discover this simple self-taping setup so you can create awesome, kick-ass WATCHABLE self-taped auditions (perfect for non-techies)...
  • "The Glow Effect" - This simple tweak to your lighting will make your audition come alive...
  • Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy "Post Production" plan to edit, save & send your self-tape like a pro (even if you are a techno-phobe)...
  • Self-Taping Audition Tweaks - Use these 9 self-taping audition tweaks to give your self-tapes a competitive advantage ...

And so much more!

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In my 20 years’ experience in Casting for TV & Film (both as Vice President of Casting at HBO for 14 years and beyond), I’ve not only watched  A LOT of self-tapes, but sat with countless Producers, Directors & Network Execs and shown them your self-tapes...  And I know what kind of self-taped auditions get you cast.  Period.

Not only that, but as one of the most sought-after Audition Coaches & Acting Career Experts in the business, I’ve shown thousands of actors around the world how to make those "castable" self-tapes quickly, easily and affordably.  You can have that too.

You Don't Have To Take My Word For It...

Here’s what some actors who've been through the Self-Taping Domination training are saying...

Kevin Kenneth

Having been out of acting for 25+ years, a lot has changed…I just completed the Self-Taping Domination course, and wow, what a Godsend, not to mention keeping me from looking like an amateur at my age to boot…A must-see for any actor who is serious about being a true professional.

Kevin Kenneth
Arash Mokhtar

Your Self-Taping Domination video changed and improved my game immediately. Much gratitude for the tips, knowledge and share.

Arash Mokhtar
Jamie Newell

Worth every penny and worth the time. Has made a great difference in my self-tapes.

Jamie Newell
Joyce Fidler

I used Amy’s how to shoot self-tapes guidelines and got a MUCH better final product than the ones I paid big bucks for last year. Thanks, Amy!

Joyce Fidler
Reaghan Reilly

On Tuesday I did a self-tape after watching this video again…and I BOOKED the job! Thank you Amy Jo Berman!

Reaghan Reilly
Lisa Wright

Amy Jo is fantastic! She's out there everyday with one goal, to help us actors! I really value and appreciate ALL of Amy Jo's webinars and videos, but her webinar on self-taping auditions was extremely helpful. Amy Jo broke the whole process down and made it so less scary and intimidating. I also appreciated that she created a special link to an online site on where to purchase the necessary equipment, again making it so simple for us! I just love "hanging out" with Amy Jo, she's so fun and easy to relate to!

Lisa Wright

There are many other actors who’ve gone through the "Self-Taping Domination" training who feel the same... actors who are finally able to make professional, watchable, kick-ass self-taped auditions and confidently hit the "send" button...Most of them didn’t even know there was such an easy solution to this serious problem...

And now they are confidently hit the "send" button on their auditions, knowing they have made something that is worth the Casting Director's time, just like you'll be after you grab this powerful class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is There A Guarantee?

A. Yep…all my trainings & products have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back.  I doubt you’ll use it…but you can relax, knowing it’s there just in case. You either love it or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

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Q. Will This Work For Me?

A. This training has worked for hundreds of actors. The actors who get the best results apply what they learn consistently. So, if you want to get great results, I recommend you do the same!

Q. Why only $147 for a 2 hour video class?  What's the catch?

A. If you’re thinking “$147 is cheap…what’s the catch?”then here are two reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. $147 off puts this information within the reach of almost everyone… brand new actors who are just starting out (and maybe still struggling) to experienced working actors who want to work more. 

2. It weeds out the hobbyists. I only want serious actors who are either working already or who want to do what it takes to become a professional working actor. Professionals know that you must invest in yourself if you want to succeed…even if it’s just $147.

I also believe that once you experience this class, you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back for more training and possibly even upgrade to the “Audition Ninja” or “Audition Rockstar” training program or maybe even one of the other comprehensive programs I’ve created to help actors succeed on subjects like mindset, auditioning, technique and marketing that I offer to my private subscribers and website visitors.

But that’s it…

No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

I'm excited to share this vital training with you so you can begin to make the kind of self-taped auditions that are ultra-professional and Casting Directors feel good about spending their time watching so you can get better results from your self-taping efforts.


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