The Jim Carrey Commencement Video: 6 Acting Tips Every Actor Needs To Know

The Jim Carrey Commencement Video…You may have seen it flying around Facebook, Twitter or some other social media site. There’s a reason that it’s gone viral. It is chock full of amazing inspirational, life & acting lessons all wrapped up in the gut-busting, face-twisting wrapper of hilarity that is Jim Carrey.

jim carrey commencement video

After seeing the Jim Carrey commencement video shared ad nauseum on Facebook and refusing to watch (just to be rebellious I guess?…Oh, come on, you know you’ve done that too!), I finally relented. And I’m so glad I did.

Although it was jam-packed with awesome stuff, I pulled out 6 key points that every actor should know and apply to their life, their craft, their acting careers. There were so many more but heck, this is a blog post, not a book!

If you’d like to watch the Jim Carrey commencement video in its entirety (and I highly recommend you DO), you can do so at the end of this post (scroll down)

In the meantime, here are the 6 Lessons Every Actor Should Take, Use & Enjoy from this awesome video.

Lesson #1 From The Jim Carrey Commencement Video – Be The Container

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Many times as an actor, you get really caught up in all there is to do and accomplish and prove that you forget why you began to pursue it to begin with. You forget you are a bright, shiny ball of creative light that can never go out.

You forget how it feels to be in touch with that light. With that powerful creative force that beams out of you in every direction. You forget you are expansive and infinite and uncontainable.

You confuse your true self with your limits.

But you are not your limits. Your limits are only that to which you have given power.

You cannot be contained. You are the container.

Lesson #2 From The Jim Carrey Commencement Video – Do What You Love

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Have you really thrown yourself 100% into your dream of being a professional working actor? Is there maybe a little hesitation? Some small (or large) part of you that you haven’t thrown in yet because of the little voice in your head saying you can’t do it.

Or perhaps it tells you you’re not good enough (liar!). Or perhaps there are voices from others in your life saying the same.

Are you using those things (or other things) as excuses not to take a chance and go ALL IN in your acting career?

Remember, you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love…Acting.

Lesson #3 From The Jim Carrey Commencement Video– Create Your Ripple

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As an actor, you have the ability and the capacity to reach others with your voice, your creative spirit, your energy, your light.

The same is true for everyone of course. But for you, the actor, you have an audience that turns to you to receive what you bring to them in the gift of your performance.

You have special access to share something magical with others. And, as you grow in your success as an actor, you have a voice to reach people all over the world with your message.

Why not choose a message that will make people better? The ripple you send out into the world is yours to create. Create it wisely and share it often.

The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.

Lesson #4 From The Jim Carrey Commencement Video – Be The Light

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It’s easy to get caught up in desiring the physical rewards of being an actor – the money, the fame, even just seeing your face on that big (or small) screen.

When you focus on the physical, you can lose touch with the creative force that breathes life into you. You can confuse the real YOU (the true, expansive, creative, playful, joyous being) with what you DO (your job).

Remember, you are not the pictures on the filmstock, you are the light that shines through it.

Lesson #5 From The Jim Carrey Commencement Video – Desire, Work, Let Go

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This is probably the lesson you need to learn most as an actor – learning to let go of the outcome that you want so badly. Letting go of whether or not you will get the job. Letting go of whether or not you will achieve your dreams of being a successful, working actor.

I don’t mean let go of it, as in do something else. I mean let go of the exact way you think it’s supposed to show up. It limits you.

Just get clear on what you want. Allow yourself to swim in the excitement of it as if it’s already here (you’re an actor – use your imagination!). Keep putting yourself in the right places with the right people and taking the steps that are required and let go of HOW it’s supposed to happen.

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Follow Jim Carrey’s 3-step plan for getting what you want:

1 – Let the Universe know what you want
2—Work toward it
3 – Let go of how it comes to pass

In case you need some help, I made these audios for you to help step 3 be a snap.

Lesson #6 From The Jim Carrey Commencement Video – Choose Love Over Fear

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There are only 2 choices that you have in life, love or fear. Many times you let fear be the ruler of your life, your acting career, your very being.

You let the voice of fear have the microphone and sing its ugly song in your head and it rules you.

But remember, right here and right now, that fear is a lie. Its only power is that which you give it.

You can choose to create your life and your acting career on purpose by choosing to follow the voice of love. When you allow it to be the ruler of you, you feel joy, you feel peace you feel…GOOD.

You remember why you became an actor. You remember the pure joy of playing pretend and dress up and letting your imagination run wild.

Don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.

So there you have it. 6 important and inspiring lessons from one of the great (and enlightened) comedians of our time.

I encourage you to watch the whole Jim Carrey commencement video here for so many inspiring thoughts and life lessons that you can apply to your acting career.

Watch the Jim Carrey commencement video here:

We will solve all the “How To’s” of your acting career in other blog posts. Today, why not swirl around in the sheer joy of being a playful, joyful, creative actor… Just because you can.

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!

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57 Responses

  1. Veronica Rocque says:

    Amy ! How can I be so lucky having such an inspiring encouraging light in my life ? So be it ! Thanks Amy thanks ??

  2. Analu Cruze says:

    I really enjoyed this blog post. It was encouraging at the perfect moment. Thank you!

  3. Tris Marie says:

    The video is amazing and I was so touched by it! Thank you so much for posting it :)

  4. Nate says:

    Amy, thank you for your posts and emails. Your positivity is contagious. I have faith that the doors will open.

  5. CK says:

    Amy, this address was so uplifting and affirming!! Thanks so much for sharing it! Mr. Carrey’s reflections are spot on! I am experiencing the fruit of my choice to choose love over fear. Thank you!

  6. Arash Mokhtar says:

    Truly insightful, gently commanding and honest. Love it every time it crosses my path. Had a true example of this today. I auditioned for Brian Cox for a project he’s set to direct and actually reminded myself to not “put anything on” and just trust all my preparation and live with its consequences. Again, be myself in all of my glorious mess. I was certainly not contained. And his joyful and supremely (humbling) positive response was absolutely the currency I needed to see and experience in the world today. We have to continue to play. Deep play.

  7. Joe Dignoti says:

    Wonderful advice and very easy to overlook or forget. Love never fails!

  8. zithrob says:

    It’s good stuff, but it’s tough as you get older The scars on your heart remind you of why you are afraid – the pain is no longer real, but the memory is. Like the character Linus, we all have a security blanket we drag around. First words out of my mouth when I got my first professional acting job were “I hope I can keep the house!” I have kept the house, but the dream of being a working actor seems to dangle a little farther out of reach every day. But I keep trying – “Per aspera ad astra”

  9. carleeblackshear says:

    Love that cute little quotes. :) Absolutely Jim! you’re the man! very inspiring. Absolutely interesting to read and inspiring. I can apply this tips in my future career as an actress. hehe :) I also read recently some guide to accomplishing acting and it was full of learning of an aspiring actors. http://www.auditions2015.com/acting-tips/10-must-know-acting-tips-for-aspiring-actors/

  10. This article really helps. Especially to those many aspiring actors/actress like me. Thanks for sharing this tips. I’m constantly searching for some Acting Tips like this one. Great post!

  11. Jeaniene Green says:

    Wow, again, thank you Amy.

    A statement Jim made that resonated with me is that his job is to ‘free people from concern.’ He says for us to ask, “How will (I) serve the world? What do they need that (my) talent will provide?”

    Then I pulled out my notebook and I immediately jotted down what came to mind while seeing myself in action:

    *Super-heroic Love & Support (translates to)
    –I’ll be there for you
    –You’re never alone
    –I will catch you
    –You’re safe
    –You’re loved

    *I am the guard dog who will faithfully watch over you.

    This is what was illiminated within me when Jim put those questions to his audience.

    Again, thanks for sharing this. I’m literally going to sit in meditation right now. I’m feeling boldly inspired.

  12. Amy Akins says:

    I’m overwhelmed. This was the most beautiful, most valuable, most personal (for me) speech ever made. I’m too full for words!

  13. Prince Shoyelu says:

    Dearest Amy,
    Thank you for sharing this awesome, inspiring and priceless gift. I am convinced, inspired assured and relieved, I mean mentally. I am deeply touched and still hearing those words over and over again. I completely understand. My uncle once said to me “You can be whatever and whoever you wanna be”. I have a great deal of belief and faith.

    25th July 2014 will be five years of marriage to my beautiful wife whom is also my very best friend and buddy. When I told her I wanted to marry her seven years ago, she said yes after six months. We spend months discussing the wedding, the dress, honeymoon and the whole lot. After deciding the theme and date, she asked how much loan are we gonna take out to pay for it.

    I said, honey, I have no intention to take out a loan, my intention is to pay for it cash down with no debt, she asked how much I have save and with the coolest look and sexy voice, I said nothing. At this time we have worked it out to be about £20-£25k which is about $42k.

    I was earning about £1200 a month at the time and she about £1000pm. I honestly did not know how I was gonna afford it but I had faith it will happen. Now thats exactly what happened. I planned my wedding, bargained wholeheartedly and truthfully and even measured my wife and got a tailor in China who made the dress from scratch. The exact picture I sent is what he made. Now that dress cost about £3k but everything including postage and packaging cost me a whopping £185. Honestly! And thats how I paid for everything else including a 5 star honeymoon suite in Dubai and a michelin style chef who charges £30 per head, and we had over 400 guest but it only cost me £2600.

    Total cost = £12k

    My mother-in-laws friend who is a wedding planner said to her “how did they afford a £30k wedding”? Well it was but I got it on discount for £12k by faith; by believing it will happen and did not concern myself with the how.

    Anything is possible for me, you and Amy. We just have to keep the faith, and take positive actions towards our dreams and goals. I have also realised that positive action is sometimes doing nothing but realising something, and that realisation will emerge from the actions you have already taken.

    Thank you once more Amy and for giving us this platform to share. It is a blessing to be a part of this family, this business and this blog.

  14. Bj Wieland-Doucet says:

    Made me laugh & cry! Thanks, I really needed this today!

  15. Neil Mukherjee says:

    Jim manages to give snippets of digestible wisdom based on his personal
    experiences presented through his great inspirational personality and
    comic humour. Thank you Amy for this enjoyable video and thank you Jim
    for your beautiful talk! You are truly an individual who has realised
    that we can all choose to take the centre stage to uplift each other and
    give hope to each other through the work we love doing. You did not
    fear; you went forward-no matter how long it took. There will be many
    who will make obstacles for us. But I have learnt not to let that doubt
    feed into me. I need to learn from my mistakes yet still move on. Thank
    you Jim Carey-You are one man-many faces.Thank you Amy. Do not be afraid
    to fail but continue towards success.

  16. Guest says:

    Jim manages to give snippets of digestible wisdom based on his personal experiences presented through his great inspirational personality and comic humour. Thank you Amy for this enjoyable video and thank you Jim for your beautiful talk! You are truly an individual who has realised that we can all choose to take the centre stage to uplift each other and give hope to each other through the work we love doing. You did not fear; you went forward-no matter how long it took. There will be many who will make obstacles for us. But I have learnt not to let that doubt feed into me. I need to learn from my mistakes yet still move on. Thank you Jim Carey-You are one man-many faces.Thank you Amy. Do not be afraid to fail but continue towards succeed.

  17. Alina Zali says:

    thank You Amy ! That’s the live example how The Secret works ! It was wonderful possibility to find a new side of JC too.

  18. Archie Cogollos says:

    Thank You Amy!!!!!!!!!

  19. Archie Cogollos says:

    Wow!!!….kinda ties in …wraps it all together….The Secret….Believe……Faith….The Universe and Positive Tinking…I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

  20. Noel Miner, now playwright! says:

    Jim Carey’s speech was deja vue for me; confirmation; the stamp of approval. Indeed, there is no one path. There is only total immersion into your passion (but don’t forget to shower or eat or brush your teeth). More important was what was not said but rather what was projected: know your audience; prepare; and pay attention to details.

  21. Prem Chand says:

    jim carrey is hugely under-rated as an actor. They classify him as just a comedian . His performances in Truman Show,Number 23 and Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind were nothing short of amazing. Agree ?

  22. As always you are full of gems. I actually never caught this but will need to check it out. I am so glad I am on your email list even a friend who I talked to awhile back about you is following you too. So I must be doing something right.

    My favorite one is Letting Universe know what you want and working toward it. I came across this from Janet Bray Attwood.. Intention Attention and No Tension. Easy formula I like to follow. Will tweet to you the three individually!

  23. Rebecca says:

    I adore you Amy! Thank you for posting this video and for filling it out with your own thoughts and reminders. We are here to play! Hip hip hooray!

  24. Wade Dienert says:

    Good stuff Amy. I especially like #2. Life is too short to not do what you love.

  25. Rich Bryant says:

    Thank-you Amy Jo this information is so invaluable! There is a lifetime of learning in Jim’s speech. I can watch this over and over again! Jim has proven that if you have faith, believe that you are the universe will indeed conspire to help you! These lessons should be commandments… as for me recited everyday and etched in the pillar of greatness!

  26. kerry says:

    Brilliant! Like me Jim Carey opens himself to the universe. ..such an inspirational man…thanks Amy for the six valuable points :)

  27. Ronald Patrick Thompson says:

    My soul is not contained within the limits of my body, my body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul.

  28. Jodie Harwood says:

    I don’t think you understand who you are dealing with, I have no limits! Wow. A dog you have in your mind that is going to eat you and an actual dog that is going to eat you…love it! So many parts of this stand out for me. This is one that will be watched again and again. I have a new found respect for Jim Carey. Thanks so much for sharing! This one is a treasure.

  29. Deborah Smith says:

    Such an inspiring man and thank you so much for pulling out these nuggets for us Amy! I watched it a few weeks ago, but his lessons were highlighted again in your blog. I am going to save these images and continue to look at and learn from them. Thanks always for your inspiration Amy!

  30. Thomas O'Malley says:

    My mind is spinning with a speechless joy actually – I’m not sure whether I can be coherent? All through my life important people have said that I can’t do it, when I know I can! We must have faith in ourselves and forget these horrible opinions, just have faith! Thanks Amy for sharing the words from this wise man x.

  31. Billy says:

    I worked with Jim a long time ago. It was his first drama, a TV movie(Doing Time on Maple Drive). The first couple of days in rehearsal he was a little shaky with the material, and I’ll never forget-at one of the rehearsals-he announced to all the actors that if anyone felt his work wasn’t up to par that to please tell him, help him! Wow, that took a lot of guts and complete humility. And btw, the transformation he made over the next few weeks was astounding. First day of rehearsal everyone was worried, but his final performance was brilliant-he stole the show. When I saw this amazing transition I knew this guy was going to be a star! He truly is enlightened.

  32. Terri Davis says:

    Fantastic thanks for sharing

  33. Tony A Riendeau says:

    I love love love it… 4, 5 and six the best points.. I grew up with Jim Carreys, watching him on living color an SNL then the mask.. people say I’m the next Carrey physical humor an expression. Are my best parts am the ugly word of over actor, I just let it go..and shine.

  34. Talya Price says:

    This is great. I love Jim Carrey. I know that I am on the right path in my acting career. I am going to write these tips down in my journal. Thanks Amy.

  35. Dawn Benge says:

    This is the voice of reason!!! I loved it! Thank you….

  36. Marilyn Meck says:

    Hey Amy, thank you for putting his speech into specific points, it really helped me understand it better. Did you know that Eric Worre, author of “Go Pro 7 steps to becoming a network marketing professional” said “We are not responsible for the outcome, we are only responsible for our actions” which is just like what Jim Carrey was saying in lesson #5

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